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Dear Australia and New Zealand,December 1, 2011

I have maLife in StitchesAusFinaliled you an early Christmas/Hannukah gift! It's the Down Under release of my collection of essays, A LIFE IN STITCHES! Out today! (Okay, I think it comes out next week for the Kiwis, but today is the day in the country with kangaroos!) It took many, many trips to the post office, and I've run out of packing tape, but I hope all your bookstores are pleased with the new delivery.

HarperCollins Australia ordering links HERE and you can get it digitally HERE.

(Unrelated aside -- as a half-Kiwi myself, I've noticed that many Americans think New Zealand has kangaroos and/or Koala bears. It does not. It DOES however, have, well, Kiwis. Both countries have many indigenous knitters. You can often spot them in the wild, leaping over fences and scurrying along at the sides of country roads, needles clenched firmly between their teeth, racing toward the nearest yarn shop. (We have them over here, too.))

And look! Our own Knitty Amy Singer's quote is on the front cover! WOOOT!

I hope you enjoy it. xoxo Rachael



I love the cover! I love both covers, ours and theirs! So different, but both great.

I would love to be shipped Down Under or to NZ for a little trip. Maybe you could save a big box and some packing tape for when I have a little free time.

Congrats on those editions going out!

How exciting! Love seeing the different covers!

How did NaNo go? Did you get the 100,000 words you hoped for?

Just got back from my first trip to NZ and brought back some lovely yarn and several pairs of possum and merino socks!! What a beautiful country...and so many sheep!Hope to meet you in this neck of the woods sometime.

I already have that book thanks to Amazon and husband who was visiting daughter in Macon. I read it immediately and thoroughly enjoyed it, even the Mum stuff which of course made me cry as I have lost my Mum as well. Then zoomed through Wishes and Stitches, might I say I lingered on the hot scenes. Does that make me sound bad? Can't wait for next book, daughter is writer and can't wait to see her in print.

I just finished "A Life In Stitches". I LOVED it. I been knitting over 40 yrs. I love the covers. I can't wait to read the other books too.

Did you know that you were reviewed in the NZ national most read weekend papers last Saturday.(In the glossy section - the magazine part that all writers want to get into). You have a fantastic PR team working for you. Well done!!!

I just finished your book last night, and loved it!

I loved this so much I'm reading it for a second time already!

I just this minute finished reading it, loved it, then had to come immediately and check out your blog(maybe you'll come visit mine, there's a little knitting there) My library had it. I thought Digit was black, he sounds a lot like my very sassy kitty who is black, and you look different to how I imagined. All good.

Btw, I'm in the country with the kangas and koalas

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