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My Bed of NailsDecember 5, 2011

It's time for Rachael's Favorite Thing! Kind of like the defunct Oprah's Favorite Things, only mine is singular and there isn't one under your chair. I'm sorry about that.

This is what I'm lying on twice a day:

BedofnailsIt's called the Bed of Nails acupuncture pillow, and I stumbled across it completely by accident.

See, I get neck and shoulder pain a lot. That's fine, we all do -- stress blah stress -- but my neck pain can quickly morph into a migraine (and often does). It had gotten to the point where I was almost not knitting at all because the tension in my neck would knot up tighter and tighter as I went. Also, the more I work on computers, the tighter the tension gets, and both my jobs require lots of screen time.

So late one night, out of desperation, I was prowling Amazon, researching things that came up when I searched for "neck pain."

This mat came up, along with the pillow. I thought, Who would be that crazypants? Those look sharp! Then I noticed all the 5-star reviews. I read, with amazement, as people said this actually helped their pain.

I've given it almost two weeks now.

This helps my pain.

This cray-cray pillow of (seriously) sharp needle-like plastic bits has helped me to the point that I've had about four ibuprofens in two weeks (instead of four every four hours).

Full disclosure: it hurts to start out. Yes, it does. I only got the pillow since my pain isn't in my lower back, and MAN the first time I used it I wondered if it was worth it. Then, about five minutes in, my neck started to warm up. Then my whole body relaxed. I can't explain this, it just worked. After fifteen minutes, I had to have Lala help me up, and then I tottered off to bed where I took a mammoth nap.

After about a week of using it, it gets easier to lie on -- any pain there is is gone within 60 seconds. Then the heat starts, and then the relaxation. I'm lying on it once during the day, and just before I got to sleep, 15 minutes each time, and I'm sleeping better than I have in SO long. It has literally chased away every headache I've gotten. (I don't know if it will chase away the hormonal migraine that I can never get away from. I'll keep you posted.)

I love it. Oh, that endorphin rush and the resulting warm happiness! I'm buying another one for my work locker so that if I forget it I'm not without it. Best purchase I've made in a very, very long time. Read the reviews. I bought the pink one, Bed of Nails brand, but all the brands look really similar. (Amazon links are mine, as always I get a teeny proceed from click-buy-throughs.)


Rachael, as if I didn't love you dearly already! This looks amazing. I, fortunately, don't get migraines, but always carry all my tension in my neck and shoulders. I'm ordering one immediately!

Well hot damn! I just ordered the pillow and the mat (Amazon credits made them even cheaper) - if I get even half the results others do, it'll be a win for me. I've been in PT for neck/shoulder issues for 2 years and have had tension headaches(10-days long) for the past 35. Thanks for the recommendation - can't wait! XO

I am so buying this. Your description sounds like JUST what I need in my quest to Conquer the Migraine once and for all.

Two words. I want. Ok a few more. I want that pillow!!!! I have chronic neck pain from being hit by a car in the early 70's. Any thing that can relieve some of the pain I'll try!!

i'm just sitting here, saying "really?" over and over again at the screen. am thinking about it.

signed, your sister in neck pain (though thankfully not as bad as what you had, i think)

Wow! Thanks for posting this. My migraines always have a neck pain component (along with several other enjoyable symptoms.) Definitely going to order one -- although not in pink.

Well that's Armin's Christmas present sorted. Thank you!

Color me fascinated! I've been having some serious neck/shoulder stiffness over the last few months and this sounds like something that could help.

All right, I'll give it a try! If it gets you knitting easily again, that's worth so much more than $20.

Wow, I have to try this. I just had a bad migraine this weekend and my shoulders and neck felt like someone was cudgeling me in my sleep. Maybe, maybe this will help! Also, thank you for mentioning that it will hurt at first. I'll try to hang on.

Argh the physio told me the other day, who I am seeing for neck related migraine, to stop knitting!!!!!!!!! Then I read your post sent link immediately to daughter who has now ordered one to bring me back next week. I am also going to rearrange furniture to try a different chair I am really not prepared to stop knitting. Today I dyed some merino red/orange/yellow to knit a Hitchhiker scarf so this had all better work.

Oh yeah. I ran over to Amazon and bought one for my daughter who has migraines from storing stress in her neck and shoulders. Thanks for the info. Who knew one of my fav knitting, authors would also be a font of health info.

I have a co-worker that has chronic neck and back pain from a bad car accident a few years back. When I saw this I thought of him and mentioned that I had seen "this great acupuncture pillow and mat on a blog I read." He was fascinated by the idea and asked "what blog?" Ahhhhhhhhhh. Hummmmmmmmmmmm. "Well, it's called yarn-a-go-go." He sat there and blinked for about 10 seconds and then asked "how do you spell that??" To cut to the chase, he ordered one immediately. I told him if it didn't work for him, I would buy it off him!

OK, this seems totally crazy, but since I'm sitting here reading your blog with a stiff and painful neck, you have convinced me to try it. I just ordered one! I get several headaches a week, and would love to find a real solution.

Wow! What an interesting concept. Looks really cool! I might have to try one out!

I dug up your blog as I'm posting a review for one of your fun reads this week and I wanted to link over to you and here you are, and man, this does look CRAZY, but it also looks fabulous and fantastic and whatever other f-words I can think of! ;) I might have to get one. I always have neck/shoulder pain. I might be crazy enough to give it a go! Thanks! :)

Well, I'm going to give this a try -- so glad I stumbled across this recommendation! Thank you!

Ok, I ordered the pillow and mat and it just arrived at my office. My boss actually tried it out before I did, and now he's off to order a couple for his family! Thanks for the recommendation, I'm going to get a lot of use out of this!

You know how many times in the past week I've longed for this pillow since reading this? Chronic headaches, stress, etc. I welcome some relief :) Thanks for this! I'm ordering now.

Today will be Day 3 of voluntarily stabbing myself in the neck--in 2,000+ spots. Thanks! ;)

It really does seem to help my neck pain/tension, which is the most frequent cause of my headaches. (It's been a long time since I got a proper migraine--I've downgraded to frequent tension headaches, but less owie still = owie.) I'm still experimenting with the best timing/environment/length of torture, but...wow. I didn't realize waking up *without* neck tension would feel so novel. :/

Just ordered the mat and neck pillow based on your recommendation!! It's awesome in that painful way;). Currently sitting with my feet on the mat doing some reflexology!:) thank u

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