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The Gift of the Magi (But Without the Ironic Sense of Doom or Loss)December 26, 2011

So on Christmas Eve, Lala and I sat down to open our presents from each other. I gave her a nice little stack, and waited in anticipation for my prezzies.

She put one in front of me.

She opened some, and yay! She liked what I got her! I opened mine -- it was a cute sheep tee-shirt (this one, in fact). I loved it! Awesome!

But then she said, "I'm really sorry but I don't have anything else for you."

I goggled.

"I mean, I ordered you something but it didn't make it to the house."

Now, I've been working on not being passive aggressive. It's a bad, ugly trait, and I hate it when I get that way. So I took a deep breath and said, "Oh. I really like this shirt! But I have to admit, I'm disappointed. I planned your Christmas presents early, and I've been working on things for a while, and while I appreciate you've been busy, I have to let you know that my feelings are hurt."

She took it well. "Yes," she said. "I can understand that."

Fast forward to her brother's house. Our nephew Isaac was opening presents (okay, he opened one present, a book, and didn't have any interest in opening anything else. He loved the book). Lala gave me a box. Oops. I started to think that maybe I'd been played but then I opened the box, and I KNEW I'd been played. She totally shocked me and got me something I've never been able to justify purchasing for myself. 

A WOOLEE WINDER for my Ashford Joy. Dude! 

Okay, for those not in the know, attaching a Woolee Winder to your spinning wheel is like moving from a 1962 Fiat to a 2011 Lamborghini. The Fiat you have to futz with every few feet. You have to lift the hood. Add coolant every ten miles. Adjust the take-up, using hooks:


Whereas the Woolee Winder Lamborghini? It takes up BY ITSELF. We're talking SPEED, baby. I'm so excited about it I'm blogging before I use it, because I love to prolong anticipation. (Seriously, I cleaned the house before sitting down to write this blog.)


"I had it mailed here," she said. "Not to our house. You know all those studies I was doing? I used that money."

I was overcome. She did good.

Then I gave her her other present (and Isaac's too), so at least I didn't feel too shabby:


Hee. (It's the Mangyle pattern for her, and I just kind of made up his as I went along.)

And NOW I'm off to spin. I'm a little nervous! But I love to drive fast, so BRING IT.


You are adorable! I, too, fight the demon of passive aggressiveness. I admire your stand, well done. ;-) and yay for fancy knitting stuff!

Awwww, Lala done good! I've looked at the woolie winders every year when I go to OFFF, but I figure stopping every once in a while is better for me ergonomically. I'm more likely to get up and move around when I pause to move the yarn from hook to hook. If I didn't have to stop until the bobbin was full I could sit for hours, which ends up really hurting my back. Maybe I need a wheel that I can dedicate to spinning bulky (instead of the lace weight that I traditionally do on my Schact), and a woolie winder on it... Or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to get another wheel.

Glad your christmas was merry! And congrats on tackling the passive-aggressive monster. It's a hard one to master.

Way to go, Lala!! You should have known that she would have gotten you something fabulous... although, kudos to you for punching the passive aggressive monster in the nose - that was awesome.

I know nothing about spinning but being a Top Gear (UK version only please) maniac, I totally understood the Fiat reference and read it in Richard Hammond's voice... it was ace!

Happy Christmas, Rachael - sounds as though you've had a great one.

Well played, Lala, well played.

And thanks a *lot* for the link to that shirt. I have now fallen down the rabbit hole of Threadless. Again.

I'm SO jealous! I want a Woolee Winder for MY Ashford Joy! What a wonderful gift! Ha ha! She really got you.

Sneaky Lala!

Awww, great story! Now don't get a speeding ticket with that Woolee Winder!

Very well played, indeed!

Oh that clever Lala! Enjoy the Woolee Winder! I got one a few birthdays ago and it's fab.


Oh she is wily that lala. Nicely played.

That's great! Please put up some spinning posts so we can see it in action :)

Whoa, what an awesome gift. (the tee is nice too)
I have always wanted a Woolee Winder and have admired them often. I suppose I'd have to actually get my wheel out and spin if I had one, tho.
Nice job by Lala and good on you for your reaction.

Good on you! I, too, got a Woolee Winder for Christmas. Dad helped pay for it. Well, actually, I had saved 2/3 and gifted the rest from money Dad left me and said it was my Christmas gift from him. I believe he would have approved, as he loved hearing and seeing the things we made over the years.
Now to get it installed-like you I am reading the pages of instructions.
And then the fun begins-especially since an Australian friend gifted me some rovings.
Wonder what my wise guy will bring me on the 12th day of Christmas.


AWESOME gift!!! (Can you get her to talk to my husband sometime?)

Ha! You must have wanted to eat your words! Well done Lala :) Great gift.

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