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Congrats and TravelsJanuary 11, 2012

Congratulations to the winner of Sweet Shawlettes, LindaW! I've emailed you, letting you know. Thanks, all, for playing along! (By the way, if you leave a comment I don't automatically sign you up for my mailing list. That would be cheeky. If you DO want to be on my ever so sporadic mailing list (from which I do draw random winners or random things from time to time) the link is there to the right.)

And now I'm off to have more wicked fun. The amazing Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania brought me, Juliet Blackwell, and Sophie Littlefield out to talk to their graduate students in their MFA program (they have a wonderful one, Writing Popular Fiction). We spoke to them about revision (oh, I could wax eloquent for DAYS about revision) and gender bias in publishing (which made for a fascinating conversation even if I stuttered a bit. I've never been on a panel and seen so many raised, waving, eager hands).

Here we are on the dais, about to try to sound smart.


I look tall! I'm not, but I enjoy the illusion. (Also, new haircut! You like?)

Today we're still in Greensburg. We're actually all going to get some writing done, and go to an alumni lunch and take our lovely hostess Nicole Peeler out to dinner. I feel lucky and grateful and sometimes completely gobsmacked that I get to hang out with friends like these and talk about what I love to do.

(I have to tell you one thing--there was a darling woman there, Symantha, and I recognized her. It turned out that I'd met her at Stitches West two years ago, before my first book came out. She'd been so excited to see the book flier I'd been passing out then, and it turns out I was the first real author she'd ever met. It convinced her that authors didn't live in some fancy castle in another world, and that she could try to be one, and it's part of the reason SHE is now in the program at Seton Hill. That thrilled me to my handknit-clad toes.)

So we'll write today, and maybe I'll knit (I'm LOVING the Fountain Pen shawl -- how had I not seen this one before?) and be with friends, and I'm happy.


Love the new haircut!!

Seton Hill is the place that had Mr. Rogers and the Dalai Lama together; go here - http://old.setonhill.edu/forward/Forward_Fall2003.pdf - and scroll to page 7 for one of the best photos ever.

the new 'do is lookin' SO great.

Dear Rachael,

I am thrilled to have been selected as the winner of Jean Moss's Sweet Shawlettes book. Thank you!! I am very excited to receive and begin using the book and am grateful to you for making this possible. As soon as I post this comment and leave a Tweet, I'll be heading out to my LYS to look at yarn for Evergreen, which I think will be my first project. Oh, I'm absolutely giddy!!!

It is wonderful that you once again crossed paths with Symantha and learned of the significant, positive influence you have had on her life. It's one of those warm, fuzzy things that doesn't involve yarn! :)

With gratitude,


Love the new do! Congrats on the panel participation, you definitely look like a smarty-pants-professional-author! :)

(And no clue how I missed the Fountain Pen shawl, either, but it's now in my faves!)

Love the new haircut.

I've been thinking about the Fountain Pen shawl for years. I own the magazine in which the pattern was published but I hate knitting from charts. I'm not really sure why because I followed cross stitch charts for years without difficulty. I'm a fountain pen collector should I really should get over my fear and tackle the shawl. I know I'd love it.

Love your new haircut and you definitely do look tall. Fountain Pen Shawl is pretty - how appropriate for a successful writer who maybe uses a fountain pen! :-)

You're so inspiring. I've been enjoying Robyn Carr and didn't realize that I was reading romance!! Do you like her stuff? Now, I have to read your stuff because I'm an official Romance Reader after 50 years of reading, some of us are late bloomers.

New 'do is very becoming.

You look great, the trip looks fantastically fun, blah blah blah. ;-) Let's cut to the Fountain Pen Shawl!! How could you bury that amazing shawl for the last thing?! It's gorgeous!! I can't wait to see your FO. What color are you making? Deets, chica!

(Your hair really does look cute.)

Cute hairdo and shawl/scarf. Bet you wowed them.

OMG! I MADE YOUR BLOG! This has made my day. I'm gonna go call my mom and geek out like the fan girl I am.

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