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Fountain Pen ShawlJanuary 30, 2012

Shawl3Hello, my name is Rachael, and I'm addicted to knitting lace.

I always swore it would never happen. I am NOT that knitter. I can't see the order in the stitches (like I can with cables -- I can knit cables underwater in the dark. Though, really, I don't like to do it that way).

But it did. I blame Cassie and Romi the most. Enablers, both of them, of the highest order. Cassie taught me that stitch markers are your friend (tiny rubber bands! You can get them on the hair product aisle, 300 count, like four bucks. They're awesome) and Romi taught me that lace can be nothing short of entrancing (her designs are magical).

This is the Fountain Pen shawl. When I saw the name, I HAD to knit it, right? (I'm still one of those writers who loves her fountain pens, pretentious as they may seem. I just love the angle they make on the page.)

You can see why it's called that here: see the shape of the nib?

Photo on 1-29-12 at 4

And in the nib's breather hole is a nupp. (That's just a fun sentence to write.)


I, unlike many knitters, like nupps. But I'm a loose knitter, so that makes everything easier (if you know what I mean, BA-DUM-BUM).

Ravelry link here. Yarn: Holiday Yarns Skinny Ewe, one skein, on US5.

I am seriously looking forward to wearing this in Italy.



Your shawl is beautiful. I'm learning lace now. I had a bad experience in the past(tried too hard a pattern with no chart reading skills) and wrote off lace for years. I'm giving it a a good go now though. I knit tight so blocking will be way necessary I think.

Lovely, funny, I am not a lacey type girl, but can knit lace quite well. I much prefer the look of cables, but can't knit those worth a damn.

I love it! It looks so right for Italy!

Wow!! That is really amazing and looks like a lot of work!

Perfect for a writer.

I like little lace projects but a whole shawl is daunting. Did you use life lines?

Two wonderful things: fountain pens, and lace shawls. Lovely!

I used lifelines two times, both at the beginnings of repeats where I was scared I might run out of yarn (didn't even come close...)  :)

I am loving the color. It is a great lacey knit for sure...

Beautiful! It looks so soft and luxurious.

BTW - Your hair looks awesome that length. :)

I too, am a loose knitter. (Now THAT was a fun sentence to write.) But not lace. I'm a strictly stockinette girl.

lovelovelove. you are just the cutest. ever. the end. xoxo

Now now, fountain pens are not pretentious. My husband only uses fountain pens for the same reason you love yours. It is merely stylistic ... choice! I also know what you mean about that particular shawl. I fell in love with it because it really looks like a fountain pen nib!

Here's another one that is also perfect for a writer, the ink spot shawl (ravelry link)

Ooh - tiny hair bands as markers - genius! Thanks for the tip...or is it a nib?

Your shawl is beautiful Rachael! I made the Fountain Pen Shawl also but yours looks so much prettier. I love knitting lace and am always attracted to lace patterns over anything else. Again, so beautiful! I can already picture you on a Venetian boat making your way through the great city on the water!

Lace is fun and your shawl is beautiful. I really like the name too :-)

Gawjess! So happy you have caught the Lace bug. Expecting LOTS of pictures from Italy.

Love it, love it, love it! I, too, got sucked into being a lace junkie a couple of years ago. (Hint: the Conifer Shawl pattern on Ravelry has lace and cables both, bonus!)(Second hint: the Lifeline concept is appropriately named.) Super Hubby is an enabler, for Christmas he gave me the pattern e-book of the Lord of the Rings designs - some freakin' amazing shawls in there!

Happy YO, YO, YO

Love the shawl! I have this in my fav's because I too have a thing for lace and fountain pens! I have a fistful of FPs, but my favorite is my Grandfather's big, black power Waterman, circa 1906! Thanks for sharing and keep us the great lace knitting and writing. (madcityknitr on ravelry and a fan from the first book!)

Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous. Sashaying around Venice in that gorgeous shawl. So awesome. You did a wonderful job knitting this.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Italy is making me "green" - wish I were going! It will be a fantastic trip. Everytime I think of the Central Park Hoodie (CPH) - it reminds me of your previous trip to Italy.

No. No. No. Fountain pens are not pretentious. They are well crafted tools that can be repaired and refilled. Writers like us who use them aren't adding ink sticks to landfills and we can pass our writing instruments on to future writers. One of my favorite fountain pens was a gift from my grandfather to my grandmother in 1943.

Your shawl is lovely and I hope you enjoy draping yourself in it on your trip to Italy.

Love that shawl and you wear it so well, also love the hair I just did the same thing to mine but I put purple streaks thru it, you only live once may as well enjoy it
Have a ball in Italy it is fantastic


I use to feel that way about lace and now I am in love with lace shawls. After designing my first one, I was hooked. Your Fountain Pen Shawl is gorgeous. Perfect color.

Beautiful! but wait i'm confused i thought you already went to Italy? anywho look forward to seeing more photos with you in the shawl:-) stunning!

LOVE it! I haven't done alot of lace knitting yet...just a little on a couple hats and socks. Someday I will try it. You are an inspiration for sure. Beautiful!!

It turned out fantastic.

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