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RainJanuary 23, 2012

I love rain so much. I'm one of those people who would be actually, truly happy in Seattle. I wouldn't mind only seeing the sun every once in a while. Bright sun and blue skies make my sensitive eyes hurt, anyway. And it's not like I'm super outdoorsy (surprise!). Give me a chair by the window and my computer or a notebook (and best of all worlds, a cup of coffee thick with cream), and I'm a happy girl.

I'm going into a three day weekend (my schedule is never like the rest of the world's) and I'm hoping the rain keeps up. I dislike driving in the rain, because Californians believe that either their cars will float away on any puddle bigger than three inches across and slow to six miles per hour on the freeway or they think that rain doesn't matter and go their normal ninety. But everything else? Sitting on the couch? Lying in bed? Lovely. Oh, and the best? Sitting in the cafe, writing, watching people come and go, shaking off their hoods and umbrellas, greeting friends and laughing.

So today, I wish for the sound of rain to accompany my writing (and hopefully, my nap). There will be cats for laps, and blankets for shoulders, and oh, it makes me happy just thinking about it.     


I'm that way when we have a snowstorm. Hunker down and knit:)

Yes, what is it with California drivers and rain? I'm a bit stunned since I've moved here. It's like everyone forgets how to operate a car.

I made sure my window was cracked last night so that I would hear and smell the rain. I think what I miss most about living in North Carolina are the summer afternoon cloudbursts--dark skies, loud rain, thunder. And me with a book. Heaven.

Wow. Sounds like you might be one of the few who could cope with a British winter! I've even heard Canadians moan about the lack of light over here. Enjoy your 'weekend' - you definitely work hard enough for them!

On board with you, rainy, drippy, foggy, are my favorites... I am currently wintering alone on the Klamath River in Humboldt County, with 3 dogs, a wood stove and a lot a great reading...oh, lentil soup and carrot cake!

I'm loving the rain here in So Cal too and so glad I don't have to go anywhere. Just me my dogs, cats fireplace going and time to play with my new Kindle Fire, so excited! Have a wonderful weekend.

Oh, I love a good hard rain too. And a stormy day at the beach. And Venice!

Being a rain-loving Vancouver, I sometimes use this on the days it forgets to rain:


Sounds so cozy!

Not a big fan of rainy days. Maybe if I had maid service with a tended fireplace, hot soup or chili, and a clean house. Naps in the rain are good. But going out in it; unless it is summer, not so much. For me sunshine is invigorating, especially if I am not at work. Enjoy the days. Since I am far away(Michigan) I can hope that you get rain.

And squirrels not noticing they're standing right where the awning drips, and shaking themselves with the most indignant look: hey! Stop that! But they don't move away because someone else might get a better spot under the birdfeeder if they do.

Glad to know I'm not the only one whose eyes are much better with the soft shaded skies of the rains.

Come on up! We've got plenty of rain and (fingers crossed) you can celebrate good news with us:

I love rainy/snowy days, especially if I don't have to go out. We're on our second day of non-stop drizzle here in the middle. I really want to stay in my little cottage with my cats, my spinning wheel, my knitting and the good coffee, and watch out the window for the hawks. My winter's nesting instinct is pretty strong.

Alas, I am at work with a cube wall in front of me and just a glimpse of the sky from the fifth floor. And the coffee here is undrinkable. At least I can knit a couple of rows while I'm at lunch.

Be careful what you wish for there, missy. I am currently in Seattle and let me just say, I am so over it! I loved the rain forever but about 7 years ago, it started wearing on me, and now I am ready to head for parts unknown that have more sunshine that more other places (Az, NM, TX, MS??. I am also not an outdoorsy sort, but I am so tired of being cold. Yes, thank you, I WOULD like some cheese with my whine!

I live in New Jersey, but I also love the rain, always have. It is so cozy inside and the sound of the rain is soothing to me.

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