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EXTRA YARN GiveawayFebruary 1, 2012

ALERT! This is important! There is a new kid's book in town, and it's AWESOME.

Extra Yarn


What happens when a little girl find a box of yarn THAT IS ALWAYS FULL?

Yeah, you want to know, right? It's pretty great. You'll love it.

And I have one to give away! Just leave me a comment below to be entered. (You know I never add commenters to my mailing list, right? That you have to do for yourself, up there in the upper right. But I do give presents from that list from time to time, too. Just sayin'.)

Because the author also lives in Oakland, I was able to drive to his house and knock on his front door until he answered (I knocked a really long time), and then, while he glared at me from his handknitted bathrobe, I asked him a few questions.*

1. First of all, where do I get a box that holds an unending supply of yarn? (No, really. WHERE?)

Oh that's easy. They're usually out in the field, just to the right of the old fence by the house with the barrel out front.

2. Do you knit?

No, but I did darn this sweater!


Interviewer's note: Nice job!

I probably should have put 20 Hipstamatic filters on that shot to make it feel cozier. I'm quite proud of my work, but to your readers that picture probably looks like one of those horrific botched plastic-surgery photos you see on gossip blogs.

3. Now that you're a New York Times bestselling author, will you take me up in your private plane?

Sure, here it is:


4. OAKLAND REPRESENT. What's your favorite thing in Oakland? (Interviewer's note: Mine is Mountain View Cemetery. No, it's not creepy! I swear! It's gorgeous! A great place to walk dogs or steal character names.)

That's a good graveyard. And it's close to Fenton's, for when all that death makes you feel like an ice cream. I think my favorite spot in Oakland is the Paramount Theater. It's a spectacular art-deco movie palace, and on certain Fridays they show classic films. Five dollars gets you an old picture, newsreel, Warner Brothers cartoon, Coming Attractions that may or may not come to the theater, and, of course, Dec-O-Win, a raffle presented by gentlemen in tuxedoes and ladies in evening gowns. My life dream is to win that raffle. I even tried bribing the staff by paying fifty bucks for a box of Red Vines. It didn't work. Those people have a lot of integrity.


So, thanks, Mac! And readers: leave a comment to be entered to win (I'll draw on Sunday morning) or just go buy the book at your favorite bookseller. You won't be disappointed.

* This is not technically true. But he does live in Oakland. Or at least he says he does. (What if he said that to all the reviewers? Yeah, I live in Tulsa/Peoria/Brooklyn. That would totally WORK.)


Put me in for the book! Failing that, I'd love that box of yarn ;) Think you could hook me up? :D

The book sounds awesome!

What a fun interview! Looks like a gorgeous book.

Now all I can think of is where to find my own box of yarn....

I know the perfect little brother and sister pair I would give it to - after reading it myself, of course.


I love all books about yarn!

This book looks great - thanks for the giveaway!

Oh I totally want to read this to some yarny little ones I know! Thanks for the opportunity.

My 3-year-old grandson would love this one - please enter my name too...

That looks like a fantastic book. Thanks for the giveaway (pick meeeeeeee!)

oh hai! twitter friend jlms qkw here, and would love an unending box of yarn, and the book to share with my kids!

That book looks awesome!

we haven't seen digit the gerjiss kitteh in a long long time. he's still okay, I trust?

Sweet! What a cool interview! I have a very specific little girl that I may need to get this book for, if I'm not chosen to get a copy, that is :).

That sounds like an awesome concept for a kid's book - I'll have to look for it to add to my collection. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Oh, I really, really want that book. And so does Elfling. (Who has started telling people: "When I a woman, I can knit my OWN hat.")

That sounds like a cute book that I could use with the reading students I tutor.

A book about knitting for children?! Yes please! many of my knitting friends have decided this is the year to pop out a new generation of knitters; clearly at least a few of them need this book.

my favorite place in oakland is the area around my alma mater, Calif. College of the Arts at Broadway and College. I used to love walking up along College to check out the CCA galleries, grab a burrito and do some window shopping

I'm betting whenever she pulls a skein out, one or two more magically appear and she will never, ever run out of yarn.

My girls would love that book! If I don't win I will definitely go buy a copy.

I cannot for the life of me think of anything better than never ending yarn!!!!

Hope I'm not too late to sign up for the giveaway - the book sounds so great!!

This is the third time I've heard about that picture book this week. I definitely want to get it for my elementary school library.

I have no favorite Oakland spots as I've never been there- but an endless box off yarn is always good! (does it help that I grew up in Okland Mills? No?) Keep on writing! I'm enjoying each book more and more! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Ooh yes, I'd love an endless box of yarn :)

Awwww. Love the sound of this book. I'm having a "wish I made that" moment. Second best thing would be to have and enjoy it! Thanks :)

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