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Mutant February 27, 2012

Just a brief hello to whinge. I'm sick, people. Just run-of-the-mill flu sick, but I haven't had a cold or flu in so long I'd forgotten how crappy it feels to feel this crappy. 

Deep, innit? 

But THIS JUST IN: I just found a flashlight and took it in the bathroom and looked at my throat. I swear to god there are little prehensile* tonsils back there. 

Do you know how I jumped backward? Now, it's probably just that I'm sick and my throat is SUPER swollen. But I know from tonsils. I had mine out in 2002. And then again in 2007 after I had month-long bouts with tonsillitis for that went untouched by antibiotics. Yep, the regrowth can happen. Okay, I've only ever heard of it happening to my dad and my uncle, so apparently it can happen to Herrons, but tonsils regrowing twice? (Edited to add: I just googled it and there are quite a lot of people on the interwebs saying What the hell? Mine came back, too! Sneaky buggers!)

Anyway. I'm taking to bed as soon as I can (can't go there quite yet, but soon). And I'm going to think very clear, non-tonsily thoughts. 

* Lala reminds me that: You know that prehensile means they can be adapted for grasping or holding, right? Cause that's super creepy and probably means you're the host for some invading extraterrestrial species. Just sayin'. To her I say, My tonsils are much like Digit's extra toes. They both get stuck in the bedspread and make us grumpy. 


OMG!!! I had never heard of that happening!!! I always get strep throat and I hate it! My doctor said that I probably needed my tonsils out but that I wouldn't be able to find a doctor that would remove them unless I was chronically ill all of the time. I just can't imagine having my tonsils removed to just have them grow back! Yeesh!

I hope you feel better soon!!!

Oh no! Just the other day I was telling someone that I knew a person whose tonsils had grown back, and they were like, "No way!" And I was like, "Way! She had to have them taken out twice!"

Here's hoping there's not a third round. How awful! But I think just the threat of it means you get ICE CREAM, amirite? Strictly for medicinal purposes, of course.

You know that prehensile means they can be adapted for grasping or holding, right? Cause that's super creepy and probably means you're the host for some invading extraterrestrial species. Just sayin'.

Smartass. I updated the blog for you. 

No! No more tonsils! Ever since I read about your tonsils growing back, I've been afraid mine would. They've been gone 30 years, so I don't think it's likely, but still.

Oh, and they say dairy products create scar tissue. So no ice cream. Very sad. (Do they still say that?)

Nuthin creepy about tonsil-toes. Nope.

I'm sorry your are sick and subject to recurring tonsils. My doctor diagnosed me with tonsilitis last year, which was very confusing given that my tonsils have been gone since 1981.

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon.

A quick FYI, the author and illustrator of Extra Yarn will be at Copperfield's in Petaluma on Sunday.

This is so disturbing on so many levels. They come BACK!?
Now I have to go home and find my flashlight and a mirror.

I had mine out at age 5 and again at 21( totally sucks as an adult). You have my sympathies. Chicken soup and Sorbet

That is just plain weird! I had mine out at 23, and I'm 51 now. I still get sore throats, but mine "happen" in my uvula. Actually woke last week, swallowed once, and knew my uvula was the size of my pinky finger. I have slender fingers, but not uvula slender.

Like that description?

Feel better, I finally am!

Your tonsils are growing back? Are they like in-grown toe nails or something? Do you have to keep cutting them otherwise they'll hurt?

(I've got odd feet.)

Love the banter with you and Lala up there.

Oh MAN! Bummer!
Now if you could harness your power for good, like regrowing limbs or spinal cord injury rehabilitation...

So sorry you're feeling poorly, but giggling over here that Lala's pet name for you will likely now be tonsil-toes. Romantic, yes? (snort)

Hoping you feel better soon!!!!

Ugh! I'm right there with ya! I have the same thing going on right now! It's no fun!

Kay-rap. Not fair. I'm sorry, R.

there's only one answer for tonsils like yours. aliens. your tonsils are an alien species with ebola aids. stop yanking them out, it just pisses them off.

I'm so sorry you're sick... but even sick you are one hilarious blogger. I felt bad that I was laughing at your story when I remembered you were sick... but you had me laughing so hard! GET WELL SOON!

I'm sorry you're sick. I hope you heal quickly and that your little proto-tonsils are just lymph nodes being weird and they shrink back to tiny oblivion as soon as you are well.

OMG me too. I had them out the first time when I was 4 and then when I was 10. A doctor told me a few years ago my tonsils were swollen and I just about died. I thought it was the way they did the procedure in the old days coz I'm 59.

I just heard about someone going through menopause (or at least having similar symptoms for a similar amount of time) for a second time, and thought about you having your tonsils removed for a second time.

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