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Nothing in The House Spicy Cabbage SoupFebruary 29, 2012

I just made the best soup, and as is my wont, I'm jotting it down here, because I guarantee if I don't, I'll never remember this. 

I'm still sick--this flu has beaten me to a sweaty, gibbering pulp (seriously, some people throw up every time they get the flu? I cry. I'm a crier. The more I cry, the more feverish I know I am, and the more pathetic I know I am. Luckily, I rarely get sick because no one wants to see me sitting in the bed WAILING over the fact that I'm out of Kleenex). 

Lala's out tonight and I could have had the chicken she made, but I wanted something garlicky to burn away my sore throat. And we have practically zero in the cupboards. But I pulled this together (almost magically!), and it is DELICIOUS. Seriously. Cabbage is rather a new thing to me--I thought it was stinky and bad. But it's not stinky, cooked like this: it's delectable, sweet and delicate. Mmmmm. 


Nothing in the House Spicy Cabbage Soup (to Cure What Ails You)

Heat 3tbs olive oil in a pot good for soup. Chop half an onion or a shallot and 3-6 cloves of garlic (I used the shallot and 6 cloves), cook and stir until the garlic starts to darken. Add 4 cups of water (or stock! I had none), a teaspon or so of salt, red chili flakes to taste, and pepper. Bring to boil. Add two handsful of chopped cabbage (I had the prechopped bag from TJ's), bring back to boil. Cook ten minutes at simmer. Add 1 tbs+ tomato paste and whatever else you like (I added a can of sweet peas which turned out to be a stunning addition), cook fifteen more minutes or so, till it tastes delicious. Serve with a dollop of plain yogurt or sour cream. 

Okay, now I'm exhausted from working so hard and rather than overdo it, I'm going to sit on the couch and maybe eat a little more of this stuff. Enjoy. 


I was wondering what do to with this cabbage in my fridge! I don't even know why my husband bought it. We only buy cabbage in the summer for cole slaw. Now I have something new to try.

I always make vegie soup when I'm sick, even when I can hardly stand at the bench to chop. Weird, huh? And I also like cabbage stir-fried with a sprinkling of caraway seeds.

Feel better, sweetie. Wish I was nearby. So much soup I would bring you. So much soup.

Yesterday when you tweeted that you had nothing in the house but garlic and cabbage, I was going to recommend that you make soup. Then I didn't do so, of course, but I'm glad for you that you figured it out on your own and made something very delicious!

Please feel better. Are the animals helping?

It sounds wonderful. Soup is always my favorite thing on sick days. Sure hope you feel better real soon!!

You must be feeling a little better if you had the strength to make soup. Me? I'da sent out for thee Chinese variety.

Also? I haven't gotten the flu at all since I started submitting to annual flu shots. Free at evilMart each autumn with my insurance card, and though I hate needles, that one doesn't ever hurt.

*I* just discovered cabbage, too! And I love it! AND I have half a head in the fridge ... which I can use to make this soup. Thank you! And I hope your flu goes away soon, poor little you!

I'm glad you're feeling better. Slowly but surely my entire off has been felled by that cold/flu grunge epidemic.

The cabbage soup sounds wonderful. When I've got a cold I love the hot and sour soup from our neighborhood Chinese restaurant. Just adding a little vinegar to it really clears out one's sinuses and makes you feel human again.

You aren't the only one! Finding myself suddenly sobbing is usually when I first notice I have a fever.

Hey, sounds good, I can smell it from New Hampshire. I have to tell you that I finally read one of your books, Knitting a Heart etc. Enjoyed it and picked up my knitting again for the first time in a couple years. That's what's good about today, hope you're better and thank you for all you bring to the world!

Quick and delicious! I added some lentils for a protein boost, and some kale that was just lying around. Hope you're feeling better!

Any kind of soup is the perfect food for the sick people. This was my first time hear this cabbage soup and I know that this is a healthy food. Easy to prepare and the ingredients are simple.

Perfect! I'm home sick today and have all ingredients. I'm going for the cabbage soup. I think . . . last time I was sick I read one of your books. Hmmm. . . might be worth a trip to Copperfield's to pick up another of your books. I need a good read!

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