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For Fear the Hearts of Men Are FailingMarch 8, 2012

or as I like to call it, the longest band name in the world (says she whose book is title How to Knit a Heart Back Home). 

Lala's on this album! And in this video! They're funding their new album (titled The Wonderful Clatter, which is so great I wish I had thought of it) on Kickstarter. They're quirky and a little (a lot) weird and I love their sound. And I think this video is kind of adorable, especially Lala's last line. 



Done! Can't wait to hear the album!

Done & doner. Now to see them live...

Okay, I'll buy in. Sounds good.

They sound so good! And that giant bottle of beer in the video made me giggle every time it popped up again.

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