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More March 18, 2012

Today, I wandered. I got lost countless times, which still surprises me. It's like getting lost in Oakland -- I feel as if I know it so well, and then I turn around, and I can't find my way out. But by getting lost, I found a great grocery store (hard to find sometimes here) and a few glasses of spritz in squares I've never been to before. 

I'm going to try to put up new pictures every day or two at Flickr, if you want to go visit there. It's easier to load them there than here (the internet connection is spotty, and I swear it shifts with the wind). 

One for you from today: 


And some knitting: 


(This place, where I bought two spritzes, has the best bathroom view, perhaps in the whole world. Will try to sneak a picture another day. I'm the MASTER of toilets in Venice, I'm telling you.) 

And perhaps one more video to show you what Venice sounds like: 



I love it! I also loved your quick little smile shot. :D

Did you go alone? Why did I think Lala went with you... either way, it's beautiful.

A handful of students and I are reading a kids' novel that's set in Venice. Love that you're there seeing what we're reading!

Thanks for the virtual visit! I haven't been there in such a long time, you make me want to go back. (Not this year, this year it's Ireland- back again!)

Love it! The church bells remind me of when I lived in Munich...I miss them sometimes. Thanks for jogging the memory. More...more...more, please :)

I have this irrational fear of going somewhere and not being able to speak enough of the language to find the bathroom. Do you speak Italian or are you more fearless than I am?

Love the nun shot!

Oh, I'm so jealous. Was there in October and have been dreaming of it since. Venice just gets in the blood. No way to explain it. Stand on top of the Rialto and take a deep breath of Venice air for me!

You have inspired me to renew my passport. I love your apartment and the view is to die for.

Thanks for jogging the memory. More...more...more, please :)

Oh, thank you for this. I think Venice is the sexiest city in the world and wish I could be there. The video made me smile with happy memories.

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