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VisionMarch 13, 2012

So I've been having trouble looking at computers and reading lately -- just vague, annoying eye strain, but my computer glasses with their four-year old prescription weren't helping, so I went back to the eye doctor. 

Am I the only one who thinks the whole getting-glasses thing is really woo-woo? I have to tell the doc which image is clearer? Doesn't she know? I can NEVER tell (and I tell her that). Based on me saying, "Um...maybe the first one? Or maybe the second?") she writes me a prescription? 

Anyway. I suppose I can accept that. What's harder to accept is that now I have to wear them all the time I'm in front of a computer or reading. This is, of course, ALL the time. So I need some cute frames. 

Luckily, we live in the future. I got my prescription in my hot little hand, measured my own pupillary distance (because I'm a knitter and I'm good at using a tape measure to measure difficult distances), and ordered a couple of glasses from EyeBuyDirect, hitting a BOGO offer, scoring two pair for $50. Total. Dude, that's $25 each, including prescription lenses. I love the internet. I ordered some kind of funky ones (I think -- I barely remember) because you know what? They were $25. I'll show you those when they come. 

I also ordered 5 pairs of Warby Parker glasses to try on at home (free trial!). These are more expensive, at $99 each, so I need help choosing. I think I know which pair I want but I want to hear from you, please, in case I'm really off the mark.

Poll below. 












I love & voted for number 3! I also love number 5. You look awesome in glasses.

I'm with Marrije! I love,love,love pair #3, and pair #5 were a pretty close second. xo

Maybe I don't know cute, or maybe it because I'm not seeing them in person, but to me those frames are wearing you.

R- I just did the same major glasses frame switch. Took yo along, which was foolish- do you know anyone who can glasses shop with a spouse without fighting? Anyway --I think you should stay away from the colored frames. They make your face look quite red, and they take the foreground (oh! Look! It's rachael's glasses.) and you are lovely so please don't hide behind them. xo

I absolutely adore #5 on you. #1 was a close second for me. So cool!

I did this once a few years ago -- so fun! I'm the type that has to be 2" away from a mirror without my glasses on to see what I look like in glasses! Very hard for me to tell and there are very few people in my life getting that up close & personal.

I chose #3 -- #5 was my #2.

I'm getting new glasses next week. I LOVE getting new glasses. They're a fun accessory and really help me to show my personality. oh, and they also help me see better lol.

I voted for #2 but I'd have to say that these glasses all seem a bit large for your face and a bit too dark -- maybe you are going for that "look" but if you are looking for glasses that flatter you, I'd keep on looking!

I really love the shape of #2 on you, but not the color ~ maybe bright red?


I tend to be a little competative.

I feel the same way at the eye doctor! When they start flipping back and forth over and over I feel like it's when someone repeats the same word over and over, you can't tell what's right anymore!

According to advice given in Glamour magazine, glasses should not be wider than your face (all of these are), the top line of the frame should match your brow line (see pair #1, perfect) and should compliment the shape of your face (see pair #5). I agree with everyone who said these glasses are wearing you. This advice may be contrary to your nature, Rachel, but go for something more understated. Let people see your face, your eyes, your smile, not your glasses. You need to go to the store where they sell glasses, try on everything in the store and enlist the help of a knowledgeable sales person as to color and shape. Think of it like you are buying jeans. You want what looks good on YOU, not what looks good on a model.

I picked 5, they look great! I have to go through the same process - my current glasses are being held together by epoxy. Yup, there's a look. So, maybe I'm not the one to ask....

I picked 3 because they looked to me like they would match Lala's hair.

lawheezer has good priorities.

Another in the "glasses wearing you" brigade!
Also check that the top of the frames aren't in your line of vision. My current frames are driving me nuts for that reason, and I find I wear my sunglasses a lot when outside simply because my vision isn't obstructed by the stupid frames - and they were chosen with sales assistance (not all sales people can be trusted - please put function over appearance!). My vision is so poor that without corrective lenses I am close to blind, so I'll be taking my camera with me when I next buy glasses.
Rant rant.
Really, you probably look fine in all five frames - photo colours looking a little strange on my monitor. I prefer 1 or 5, for colour and non-obstructiveness, but that could be my fuddy duddy nature!

Not the yellow. PLEASE not the yellow (or that orange? Well, orange is just yellow in disguise)

Why yes, I DO have issues with yellow? Why do you ask?

The big advantage of #5, to my eye, was the fact that your eyes were much more visible!

I have never been a fan of yellow but I like #2, #5 being second. I love your hair, just needed to say that, too.

Hmmm...maybe #2 but I think your lovely face needs smaller frames.

(The lipstick, however, is perfect.)

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