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Colette CrepeApril 8, 2012

Once a year, whether I like it or not, I get sewing fever. This year, it seems like there are more awesome patterns out there than ever. I chose Colette Crepe, and boy, I'm glad I did. I love this dress. 


It's a wrap-around, no zip/button dress, and it was, facings aside, very easy. And fast! Three hours to prep/cut, 4.5 hours to sew. For me, anyway, that's fast. Admittedly, there was a moment when we were due at a dinner party, and I was standing in the kitchen in my underwear, ironing the hem I needed to sew, but that's the kind of race I like. 


You can see by this shot I'd moved the vacuum cleaner. (Classy!) 

Closer shot of fabric: it's orange and tiny white dots on dark blue, with an orange sash. 

Photo on 4-8-12 at 11.18 AM #3

Angle of shot is weird and makes me look like a woman in a comic-book. Oh, well. 

It has POCKETS! 


and it's just fun: 



Too cute! And you are rocking it in your cowboy boots.


(And now I want to sew something. Hrumph.)

Oh I want one!! SO very pretty and feminine... qualities you can't find in the store any more.

Love, Love, Love!! And especially the red cowgirl boots!

That's a really cute dress, and you look awesome wearing it. I'm with you on the sewing bug. Mine hit again with a vengeance.

Silly me, though, instead of choosing a fast, easy pattern, I fell in love with Vogue V8333, a couture-tailored jacket that has 106 steps (including hand-stitched buttonholes) and had me digging out the index cards to write down all the stitches, techniques and terms that were unfamiliar. (Hair canvas? Padstitch? Huh?)

The irony is, once I dug into my fabric stash for the gorgeous eggplant suiting I've been saving for Just The Right Pattern, I found... that I'd already bought V8333 some years ago. Well. At least I know I LIKE it.

It's beautiful! You're beautiful!

Love the dress! It makes me wish I had the time and skill to sew more than a button back onto a shirt!

Love the dress, fabric/color and also the fab red cowboy boots! Hope you had a Happy Easter.

Boot perfect!

it's fantastic, girlie!!

I'm in awe of people who can sew! I have made some attempts in the past, but I just don't have the patience for the kind of precision that sewing requires.

And look at that - a garment of women's clothing with functional pockets! Back when I had to dress up for work, I used to complain bitterly about all the non-functional pockets we get stuck with!

You should totally use that first picture for your e-harmony profile! I mean, except not. Don't do that.

Love this dress! Pockets are great!

Looks great! I also know what it's like to try buying "5" more minutes from your significant other to finish what you hope to wear out.

great dress, You make me want to sew better.

You look like you're having fun. Does just being in the dress induce insane euphoria?

Gorgeous!! I definitely have stitcher envy (I flunked sewing back in the days of Home Ec classes, they frown on it if you sew yourself to your project). Perfect dress, love it!! (and wow, I bet a Lemonade Vodka sweater knit up in orange would be perfect over that if there's a chill.)

Oh, that's an excellent dress. Looks like you did a great job too. I'd so be standing in my undies ironing when time to go rolled around. Makes life more interesting. Yeah, interesting, there's a euphemism for you.

Your dress is super cute!
And I'm with you on the 4.5 hours of sewing being fast.

It must be said: Nice knockers. :-)

That's so cute! I love the back; so pretty :).

Aaaand now I have a desperate need to learn to sew. Thanks. :-P

It's a lovely dress and it looks wonderful on you!

Awesome dress by you and looks so fabulous on you!

Just wondering why you are rocking the grey? You look so much younger as a brunette/red head. Plenty of time to look older in our life times but you my dear are too freaking young to look old!

Not a slam in no way shape or form, just reader wondering why you are sporting the grey far before your time? You are so young and alive! So wondering why the grey..

I seriously love that dress! So pretty! Well done!

You are fearless! How did you manage to make it fit first time?! FAB!

Spent two days feeling awful for my comment to find you sporting the red. Gah. You are gorgeous whatever you do yarnagogo! You exude such happiness, spunk and enthusiasm for life and seeking out adventures. My hero :)

FABULOUS DRESS!!! I am in the "i need a dress" mood, and this one just might do the trick. I tried on about a zillion dresses on over the past two weeks and nothing, zero, zip worked. Thanks for the link!!

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