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Dear Australia and New Zealand: April 12, 2012

I have a new gift book out! The Little Book of Knitting Wisdoms: 


So Eliza and I came up with this together: she came up with the quotes, and I, um, wrote them down for her. Yeah, that's it. (They're compiled from the first three Cypress Hollow novels, so America, don't despair that you can't get the book here.) (If you really want it, I think you can go HERE and request to be notified when they get it in stock.)

I'm excited about it. I love that my character Eliza Carpenter has become Someone (because, to me, she's always been pretty darn special.) 


Hurray for you and, um, Eliza!!

Cannot wait to see it!

Yay! Do you know if there will be a digital release?

Anytime I've read one of your books I think I'd love to have Eliza's patterns and damn, wish I'd met her when she was alive. Then I remember, oh yeah, she lives in Rachael's head. I'm thinking living in your head must be a blast sometimes.

That is sooo crazy-awesome....i am 7 pages from the end of Wishes and Stitches (just couldnt keep my eyes open last night) and was thinking about emailing you and asking where all the phrases at the beginning of each chapter came from, andif you had thought of compliling them! As with all your other books, I will look forward to getting this one too!!

I wanted to tell you about Eliza from the very start, but I got side-tracked. As you might know, I taught school for 44 years. I remember a lot of my students and have run into them over the years but ELIZA was one of my shiny pennies. She was funny and silly and smart and wise...she would ask the most off the wall questions about subjects she had been thinking about. She didn't follow the crowd and if all the girls in 3rd grade were wearing puppy dog pigtails, she would wear her fabulous hair in a a thick fish bone braid down her back. If she wanted to shoot hoops with the boys, she did. At 8, she was totally and completely Eliza. When she grew up and became a teacher, I was tickled to death to be teaching with her. She was uniquely and totally herself as an adult as she was when she was 8.
I am so glad that your Eliza is the same way. Having an Eliza in your life helps make you more true to yourself, as well and it is a dang dandy thing. I hope your Eliza continues to be Someone, doll.

That is *so cute*. Especially with what is now my permanent mental image of Eliza - racing down the dune, crutches akimbo! (Not sure akimbo can be applied to anything other than elbows, but hell, now it is.)

How cool! Congratulations!

I found and purchased this just last Sunday in a little bookshop in Subiaco, Perth WA. I freaked out when I saw it - cause I feel like I know ya!

Dear Rachel. I love the "little book". So good to have an Aussie release! Hope you are well and truely on the mend xxx. Judith (Notknittingsox)

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