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Good FridayApril 6, 2012

Why, yes, yes it has been. Non-religious me got home from work, took a nap, went and bought fabric for a dress from Verb, and then went to kayak Lake Merritt with Bethany. As you can see here, I had a terrible time. 


I've decided this: For my 40th this year, I'm going to learn how to sail. The Lake has lessons, CHEAP, and it's real sailing with tricky winds and tiny little sailboats. Then someday I'll take my show on the Bay, but until then, I'll be happy tacking around the lake of the city I love. 

Tonight I'm gonna tack seams, instead, and try to make a dress. The internet buzz about spring sewing has infected me, and it's all I can think about. More to follow. 



Whoo hoo! I used to sail every chance I got on Lake Washington..... Great 40 th birthday goal!

Ooh, what a perfect way to wrap up the week! I am not religious enough to observe Good Friday, either. My good Friday was spent in a Master Naturalist class, dissecting owl pellets and keying out unidentified animal skulls, then some strawberry picking and barbecue eating ensued.

You remind me that I should take my dusty kayak out.

Sounds like a wonderful time happy b-day!

Happy Birthday!!

Sewing, you poor thing. Send out a smoke signal if you get tangled up in thread. I understand you are CHOSING to sew, I just don't know why?

I want to have some terrible times like that! Looks painful. The sewing around the web has me going too, digging out my piles of fabric and dusting off the sewing machine too.

OH yeah. Having such a terrible time sailing I see.

It's such a shame you can't cut loose and have some fun.

Terrific goal on the sailing lessons - you'll have a blast! Not to mention at parties you can toss around such cool words as "jib" "fore" "aft" "tack" and learn very useful knots.

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