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Wow. May 11, 2012

Thanks to all of you for being so patient. The randomly drawn winner of California Revival Knits is: Stephanie Ivy! (You've been emailed.) 

Edible Arrangements - how does it stay so fresh for so longggg?

I had my surgery. This is the way I thought it would go: Surgery last Thursday. I'd be groggy but adorable upon waking up after a short hour's nap. Lala would take me home and I'd eat jello and broth and sleep a little more. Then Friday I'd rest and be sore, and I'd be writing in bed by Saturday (I have a book due in three weeks to Australia). Then I'd recover gracefully, tapering to ibuprofen within a day, writing and receiving visitors, napping when I felt like it, watching the flowers grow in the planter boxes outside. 

This is how it went: Five hour surgery. Reaction to anaesthesia. Did very poorly in the recovery room. Tried not to vomit for, oh, twenty-four hours. Tried to taper to ibuprofen within a day, was yelled at by everyone who loves me. Went back on the Vicodin which I HATE. Then I spent the next six days staring stunned out the window at the flowers growing in the planter boxes outside. There was no writing. There wasn't even Twitter or email. Nothing existed except stunned silence. And tears. LOTS OF TEARS. 

At one point I figured out I wanted a smoothie while Lala was at work. I dragged myself from bed and started making it, not noticing that the blender we haven't used in years had broken at some point, and the milk was running out of it all over the counter, into the drawers, and on the floor. I sobbed. I cried harder than I have since Mom died. I was literally CRYING OVER SPILT MILK. I blamed the hormones (which scared me -- I'm very into the hormones working at this point). Then, a couple of days ago, I went off the hated Vicodin and suddenly stopped crying. I hate that drug SO much (but I'm allergic to codeine). 

I'm feeling so much better now. Still can't sit up for very long, but I can manage the pain with the prescription ibuprofen, and I actually put on clothes today. Real clothes! I can pick up tissues off the floor all by myself. Last night I figured out how to lie on my stomach (a real accomplishment -- I haven't been sleeping well because I'm a tummy sleeper). My emotions are steady. 


Digit (and our new, perfectly-timed bedroom windows) helped with speedy healing.

I'm going to manage an outing tomorrow if I'm feeling up for it (a good, writerly outing which includes a bed I can borrow, the best kind of outing). 

And while I was having a bed picnic with two beloved friends, the UPS man brought me my favorite recovery tool: 


New "barefoot" running shoes (like Vibram Five-Fingers but without those crazy toes that I can't get myself to wear) from Merrell, Pace Gloves. I can't WAIT to wear these, first to walk, then to get back into running. It was a challenge even to get them on to get that shot. But they fit perfectly, and I leave them at the foot of the bed as inspiration. 


I'm glad your back...sorta. I remember something very similar happening to me. It takes a lot out of you -- no pun intended. Just go about twice as slow as you think you should. Mark my words.

your=you're. Grammar police in my head won't stop.

So glad your feeling better! I've noticed your twitter feed has picked up the last few days.

I've been sending you healing thoughts as I've been sewing bags made from fabric from New Zealand. Maybe you'll be sent one ;)

Glad to hear you're feeling better. The first week after my hyst was the worst as well. Take it slow, but be sure to keep moving! Use those spiffy new shoes and take short walks. Slow and steady wins the race!

Oh, girlfriend, sorry to hear that it was such a rough ride (why, oh why do we think it won't be?) but glad to hear you're on the mend!

Take care and try not to do too much too soon. Easy to say, right? :) All the best in your recovery and always.

I've been wearing Merrell Pace Glove shoes for over a year now and I LURVE them. I'm not a runner, so I just wear them like tennis shoes. They're easier on my feet when I'm walking. I even ride the bike with them. (I have ginormous platform pedals, so they work with minimal shoes.)

Heal quickly and well! I should only get better from here on out, I hope.

I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm just home from Venice (fab trip!) and just saw your original post about the migraines and surgery.
In 2000 I had fibroids, a cyst, and one of my ovaries removed -- all I can say is if you're off pain meds in one week: BRAVA! I was in the hospital for 5 days post-surgery and had my first experience with Morphine... loved it! LOL Oh, I also had a bad reaction to the anesthesia -- and puked all over a really bitchy nurse. Oops!
Do what you can, and every day will be better. Listen to your body!

Glad you're feeling better mamacita. Sorry it's been so hard! Love to you from us.

Hi Rachel, I'm glad you are feeling better. I really hope the surgery takes care of your migraines. I hate headaches, mine are not period related, but they stay for months. I hear you on Vicodin, too. That stuff makes me way to emotional, glad to hear I'm not the only one, doctors look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them. Take it easy and let Lala take care of you. I love the pink shoes! hugs.

Hope that everyday you notice that you feel a bit better and can do a bit more. In the meantime, take things easy while you can. Hope that you mend fast, and well, and that you feel much, much better soon. hugs --

I hope things improve greatly from here on in. I can't stand Vicodin. It makes me itch, and not sleep. But it will get better and you will feel better, and in a few months your parts will start to feel like they are where they belong again. After mine, it felt to me like they put my bladder back weirdly. It was really uncomfortable. I do realize it was probably just the swelling and healing, but I felt, in my head, like my bladder. Then one day I realized I stopped noticing it and I have felt great ever since. I puked all the first day right after, as well.
Best to you, lovie.

There are other drugs besides vicodin and codeine, if you're still having pain. Hope your recovery from here is smoother.

Glad to hear that you are mending, even if it is slowly. I remember my mom after her surgery when I was a kid. Even to an 8 year old it didn't look like much fun. I hope that you are relying on your great family and friends - just don't push yourself too much!

Sending you virtual healing hugs ((((( O ))))) Hope you will be feeling like yourself very soon. Don't rush things, take it slowly. Sounds like the first week was pretty nasty. You are on the mend now and we will have "our Rachael" all back together again soon! Take care.

I've been thinking of you. So very glad to read this post, so very sorry it has been rough. Take time and be good to yourself. xoxo Grace

I'm sorry it's been such ordeal, but surgery usually takes the starch out of one's tail feathers for bit. Heres hoping for a speedy recovery!

hhhooo take care!!! Take this: you take that experience for your next novel. All the experiences are all about! But you have all my empathy. Take care...

Love you! *hugs*

Ugh, how awful! But the long term will totally make it all worthwhile!

I love you, and your new lack of internal parts. I'm sorry recovery sucks. Pretty sure you're as graceful as they come, and judging from all of the comments above, you're right on track. Date as soon as you're up for it. I miss you like crazy. Sending love. xo

Glad you are on the mend. I too, was terribly emotional the first week or two. I think that's pretty normal.

Take it easy and I love your new shoes!!

I didn't realize you'd had such a rough time!! You always sound so chipper in your tweets. I'm really glad things are better now, but I'm so sorry you went through all that!!

So glad that you're on the mend, even if I didn't win. Taking care of ourselves is so hard for most of us.

When I had shoulder surgery last June, my mom took me to her house and wouldn't even take me home for 4 days. She didn't even ask, just popped pain pills in my mouth every 4 hours around the clock for 2 days. She arranged for my eldest to feed the beasties for 2 weeks, until I had permission from the doctor to feed them myself. It wasn't fun, but it was so worth it, and I hope your surgery works for you and the migraines become a distant memory. Healing wishes coming your way!

I'm so glad you're feeling better. I hope full recovery comes quickly and you're out there running in those great new shoes.

FYI: I recently had anaesthesia, in my case for eye surgery. On my sister-in-law-the-doctor's advice I told the anaesthesiologist and he obligingly added something to the drip line at the end of surgery and "Voila", no nausea, no vomiting. Wonderful. Just in case, heaven forbid , you need to be knocked out again for something. Just saying...

Glad you're feeling better, and those shoes look great! You'll be out and about in them in no time I bet. Just watch out - too much too soon is a known problem with them, and you seem a teensy bit prone to it anyway! :-D

I definitely feel bad and empathize with the "reality" of surgery, but LMFAO over the "crying over spilt milk." Remember, we laugh with you, not at you. :)

Glad each day is getting better!

I'm sorry the op and recovery weren't what you expected. I do love how optimistic you are even about having surgery. A very lovely quality in you. Feel better speedily.

Your shoes are fab! I'm scared of no padding though (I'm on minimal padding myself). It'll be interesting to hear how you like them as you get running.

P.s. I'm also a tummy sleeper and was jacking up my neck. Ikea has a foam shaped back/side pillow thing for like $15 if you want to try it sometime. I really can't believe I like it.

I'm glad your recovering little by little. I know it sounds silly and trite but just take it one day at a time and you'll be back to your old self before you know it.

Glad you're on the mend! It just takes a while--"they" don't tell you that(!), but another week or so and you will probably be back to normal--at least I hope so. Your feel look very charming in those cute shoes.

Sorry--meant to say your "feet"!

Sooooo glad you're feeling better. I'll bet Digit was a happy camper that he had you just about to himself. And yeah, be gentle with yourself for way longer than you think you will need to, even now. I send you hugs. p.s. love the shooz!

BLURGH. Glad you're finally feeling better! I bet the chocolate-covered strawberries are helping :)

I hope you're back to running soon!!

Love! Hugs!

And that sure was a cute recovery picture you anticipated. Awww! I'm sorry it sucks so much instead.

When my mom had her hyst a few years back, I was almost 9 months pregnant and my sis had just torn her ACL. We all went on a shopping trip (to the grocery store. But it felt like going to the Antarctic.) and the bag boy put a bag on the bottom of the cart - you know, UNDER the cart part? I just looked at him, and said, "Really?" He looked at the 3 of us and sloooowly moved it to the top part. We all then lurched out to the parking lot and made our slow way home. It is a day that is burned into my memory. Mostly because we laughed so hard we cried all the way back. And we didn't have such stylin' shoes to help, either! :)

Thanks for sharing what you went (are going) through. Sending you a virtual hug.

Be patient with yourself. It took Melissa many months to feel like herself again. And as for HRT... I take it because I was miserable without it. Crying all the time, not feeling right. I'm starting to taper off now, (it's been 5 years)and that's going okay. Hang in there!

OW! OW! OW! It is like you've been assaulted, which I guess really it is. Only assaulted by experts. Go slow and try not to blow out any candles. I learned that the hard way.

You're over the hump. I think you are... I'm just going to write it in black & white and make it real!! I just know you'll keep feeling better and better now. XO

Take it easy, rest as much as you can. There's no glory in getting out of bed too fast and hurting yourself. I thought I would be up and feeding the sheep within a week. It took me a full six weeks to recover (also had anesthesia reaction) and it was a full year before I felt 100% again.

Hope you feel better soon and get a chance to run pain-free in those gorgeous shoes! Be gentle with you too.

I must chime in with those that say "Take it easy!" Took me 6-8 weeks to recover from my hysterectomy and even after that another month to get back to feeling normal again. Let your loved ones pamper you--you deserve it!

So, I saw your twitter feed on Saturday and came over here to see what was going on. What did I do? Read about all your trials and tribulations, fall in love with the shoes and order them. Didn't even leave a note. :sigh: The shoes came yesterday and they are amazing. I'm no runner (I wish) but I can see they're going to make walking really, really nice and it's possible I could end up putting one foot in front of the other much faster on occasion.

Meanwhile, I want to say I'm sorry it was so tough. I hate it when doctors mess wtih me, even when I"m in agreement that they need to. I still have all my women's parts but I had two c-sections and the recovery the second time was much easier because I knew just how far I could go without going too far. It's not an easy balance to achieve. But balance never is. At least for me. :)

Sending hugs and hoping you get to break in the shoes really soon.

Oh NO! I hate when surgery doesn't go as planned. There is grief reaction that takes over without you knowing it. (can you tell I've been there done that) You seem to be doing better now. Let yourself heal. Enjoy the sunshine. Eat protein. Get lots of hugs!

I remember being there and it sucked. The best day was when I could wear pants that weren't pull ons! Take care of yourself. Every day is another step to wellness.

I hear you on the spilled milk thing. Once, when I was pregnant I wants a cup of warm milk with honey. My husband was out for the evening and I went in the kitchen and opened the fridge at which point the bottle of milk fell out of the fridge, breaking into dozens of pieces and spilling all over the floor. I stood there, in the middle of the kitchen, surrounded by milk and broken glass and bawled for about 10 minutes.

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