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I Made a Dress!June 19, 2012

But not just any dress. This is my own pattern, which I made up MYSELF.


Oh, my gosh, I love those teensy flowers.

Seriously, this was the goal when set out to sew again. I wanted my own perfect dress pattern which I could whip out when I wanted something new, and I GOT IT. I copied the top of a dress I like from Eshakti (I've learned I like many gathers rather than just a couple of bust darts), and the skirt of a dress I made a long time ago which was just the right shape and length. I made four very frustrating muslins of the top getting the fit to be what I wanted. 

It has pockets! I heart pockets. And it has no closures! Easy! 

Where's Digit?

And it's fast, so fast. The dress took me two hours, and the bias tape (which I made myself!) and application took another two hours because I was determined to do it beautifully. Which I did, by the way. I had to rip two seams. I hate ripping seams like I hate ripping knitting. It galls me to my core. Oh, but sewing is a million times faster than knitting. Instant gratification! 


Basically, I realize that I wanted dresses that look like old-fashioned aprons. YEP, THAT'S IT!

A few more pictures are over at Flickr for the curious. 


Ahhhhhhh! It's gorgeous! I love that pattern. Maybe we could do a pattern swap or something...

Congratulations! Looks great and will be a great template for whole rooms of cute dresses!

it's wonderful! you are such a talented woman- i admire your knitting and sewing skills! i've sewn things since i was 7, but can't make a pattern, and just started knitting. i've been quilting since 1991, and find all 3 crafts soul satisfying! keep up the wonderful work!

How cute are you and that dress?! Well done!

Great job!

I love the dress, it is so you. Great job.

You did a great job making up the pattern and the dress - well done! I first started making clothes for myself when I was a teenager and still enjoy sewing,but haven't made anything for myself for a while.Knitting is wonderful,but as you say,there is nothing like sewing for instant gratification!

Fabulous confluence of fabric, style and model! I thought "apron" when I first saw it. Lovely, you!

So cute!! Great job!

Love it!!! Can't sew worth a lick myself, so in awe of your mad skills.

I was thinking that looks like a nice apron when I first saw it. It's a very cute dress. Very retro.

Rachael you're a superhero! That dress is amazing!

Hi Rachael!

Nice job on the dress!
Huge congrats on the new car and for paying off the debt. Being debt-free is a fabulous feeling. I was debt-free for a while and then a new Harley fell in love with me. It's gorgeous and rides like a dream!

It's been ages since my last comment (shame on me!) give Digit some kisses from me!

Beautiful! I love it! That dress is SO you! You did a bang up job on it!

I loves that dress. Fits you perfectly.

Love it!! You did a great job! So cute!

OMGosh it's lovely I'm not that good yet maybe when I get tired of processing and playing with fiber.

I also have been thinking about making dresses! Your success and temps in the 90's are all encouragement that I need!

You are adorable! I love it that you just went for it and that you worked through 4 muslins to get it right. The result was certainly worth it!

Very cute! I am traumatized by sewing machines, pink fabric covered in teensy flowers and being forced to make my own bias tape :-P. Both my folks worked in the garment industry. Dad brought home a whole free bolt of hot pink calico covered in teeny yellow flowers and I wanted a simple peasant blouse ... uggghhhh ... never forget THAT weekend. or the horrid twist on that little peasant blouse. Mom was cheap with her elastic too.

I'm loving the sleeves/shoulders part of the dress! Fits you perfectly. Is it cotton? Very summery!

VERY cute... inspiring really. I could do something like that too... not EXACTLY the same mind you, but similar... Hmmm.... *plotting*

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