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Socks For AlexJune 16, 2012

Whoops! I put it on Facebook and on Twitter, and I sent it out in my newsletter last week, but I think I forgot to tell the blog! 

There's a new Cypress Hollow super short story called Socks for Alex in the new magazine The Sock Report. (In it, we find out Cade's wronged date Betty is up to. I've been dying to write a little about her for a long time, ever since she caught Cade and Abigail making out in that pantry.) 

And this is cool -- I was contacted by Kim Opperman, the president/founder of Socks for Soldiers, a non-profit I wasn't aware existed when I wrote the story. It gives me a warm glow, somehow, to know that all opinions on the war and all politics aside, we are still knitting for the soldiers. 

So, enjoy the free story


I've been a member of Socks for Soldiers for several years, and I was so excited when I saw your story pop up!

I'm choked up....all I can manage is....beautiful story Rachael!

I've been doing socks and hats for soldiers for about 20 yrs now. Your story is great!

aw, Rachel, you made me cry. thanks.

I read the story when you sent out the notice and was bawling. Even thinking about it now I am chocking up. Thank you.

Of course, now I am going to click on the Socks for Soldiers link and see what I can do.

LOVE the story Rachael!! So perfect!!!

Woooo...great story! Cypress Hollow has some facinating characters, and I would like to know all of them better.

Got my father's day gift, thanks...will be reading for weeks on them. Would have called, but left my cell phone at Liveoak, retrieval Tuesday. McMurtry was best, great to see old friends.

And I'd sure like to see more Cypress Hollow friends!

Love, Dad


I need more!


WooHoo, you have done it again. Wonderful story. You write just what I want to read. Thank you for the gift.

I read it last week. Loved it! Even though short stories are usually my least favorite type of literature, you sucked me right in as usual.

What a beautiful story. Thank you.

Aww. I teared up, too! Great read!

Way cool. My Mom has knitted for SFS since almost the very beginning. This is a beautiful story. Hope there is a lot more to this story. You've got me hooked.

You have such a gift. Bless you for sharing it with us tearful creatures!

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