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Addicted July 30, 2012

to green/brown milkshakes. And I don't mean chocolate. Or milk, for that matter. I was out of town for five days, and I missed this every single day. That's weird to admit, but true. 

Dear reader Lynn put me on to these, the Green Monsters, and I'm HOOKED. I tell you what, they are delicious (honest), do NOT taste like spinach, and they are so, so satisfying. You know how when you order a milkshake, hoping that it will be thick and creamy and heavy and perfect, but instead it's airy and thin and unsatisfying? This tastes like I've always wanted a milkshake to taste, only healthy. 

(See, I've been eating so well -- yay! I feel great! -- but I'm bored of thinking about cooking all the time. Eggs for breakfast, almonds/fruit for snack, this shake for insta-lunch, and THEN I'm happy to think about a nice, home-cooked dinner.) 

There are a ton of recipes on that page up there, but I thought I'd share the one I've been making with you. It's amazing. 

Rachael's Green Monster

(Add ingredients in order, so the spinach doesn't fly around)

2 cups fresh spinach (that's about two handfuls, in my estimation. I fill half our blender), 2 tbs almond butter or sunflower seed butter (tastes like a PB shake!), 1 banana, 1 cup coconut milk(the drinking kind, not the canned kind) (or almond, soy, rice, regular milk, apple juice -- I like coconut milk for the fat content and flavor, add more liquid if you want it thinner). Blend these for a while, then add about a cup of frozen berries (add frozen mango for even more sweetness, or pineapple for fun!). Blend a minute or two longer, and ENJOY. (Oh! I keep forgetting to add ginger. That would be good.) 

It looks funny. Yes, it does. But it tastes so good! And makes you feel great! I promise! 


I've been drinking green smoothies a lot this summer, and you've got some great ideas for me to, ahem, shake them up a bit! Almond butter! Ginger! Pineapple!

I'm going to trust you and try it. I've been wanting to have more healthy type drinks as I am really trying to kick my addiction to Coca Cola habit. Still, the recipe ingredients sound a bit scary to me, but I'll give it go!

I'm so proud.


Went back over the mountains this weekend to meet a new SIL who just appeared, and Kid the Younger made a Purple Monster smoothie with spinach, whey protein, beet, and all sorts of other goodies. Quite tasty.

Love green smoothies!! Spinach is good, but Kale is even better. I quickly burned out my little Oster blender & broke down and bought a Blendtec blender. Highly recommend it. It makes smoothies, hot soup, frozen ice cream (!!), & almond flour. Best of luck with your food endeavors.

All right, I will try this. I'm always suspicious of green "shakes" after trying wheat grass. ::shudder::

But I do love the idea of HEALTHY and YUM all in one drink.I will get the ingredients later this week and see how it goes. :)

Ok, going to try this. Sounds suspect but trust you :) (And since I hate breakfast it might be just the ticket..)

I loooooove the Green Dragon smoothie at Shine Care in Morro Bay. Similar, but no nut butter. But the ginger--oh the ginger! I should start making them. Might need a new blender.

That does sound pretty amazing. I wonder if my stick blender can do that...

When you refer to coconut milk - "the drinking kind vs the canned kind," where do you find it? I have only ever bought canned coconut milk for cooking.

We drink a really similar version of this every day at lunch. My four year old son LOVES them, and they are the reason he runs through the grocery store to the produce and grabs as much spinach as he can hold exclaiming, "Spinach! My favorite!!!". And, seriously, what mom doesn't love that? Moments to hang on to during those rougher (other 99%) times.....

I will try this it sounds delish!

You go girl, I knew you could do it!
Big Green Grin.
Love Ya

Have you tried PB2? It's powdered peanuts and seriously has maybe a quarter of the fat/calories that the butters have. Also, I suggest adding a teaspoon or two of coconut oil, it does AMAZING things for your body! I used to do the smoothies everyday, but switched to Shakeology because it's easier to prepare and keeps me fuller longer. The vegan chocolate Shakeology can't be beat!

I made your green monster this morning for my breakfast. It was fantastic. I'm hooked. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.

Thank you for this lovely recipe. I've had it a couple times already and I am sure there are more to come :)

I too have been making smoothies this summer. I use vanilla yogurt, berries and fruit I have on hand (the frozen works great, makes them thicker) I also add my flax seed, protein powder,banana . I've also made peach and ginger ones, and pineapple and coconut. Very filling with the protein powder. (my son-in-law got me hooked on these) he says the best tasting protein powder is from Wall mart-go figure. Nellie

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