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Another New Dress!July 24, 2012

First things first: the winner of last post's draw was Louisa S! Congrats, and you've been notified by email. Thanks for playing, all! 

Second, I made a sewing area! We have a front porch that has been used for storage, and it was TRASHED. I realized that my dream of actually having a place to sew could be realized on the cheap. The machine table was nineteen bucks from Ikea, the chair fifteen, and I put our two card tables together to form a cutting area (the second table is up on blocks, decks of cards, to make it exactly the same height as the other table. It works. It's awesome. 


And I just made a dress! The Rita dress that I was talking about! Pictures don't do this justice because it is as sparkly as a dress can be. It cost about eight dollars (sale fabric!), and it either looks VERY expensive or VERY tacky, and I'm not sure which is true. Don't care, though, 'cause I feel like a million bucks in it. 


Adah, self-petting

Some sparkle, closer to what it looks like: 


Except multiply the sparkle times a thousand. Oh, the fun! Whee! (Also, I'm knitting, I promise.) 


where's the "LIKE" button!

I say it looks VERY expensive. Great job!

Well, it doesn't look tacky, so by process of elimination... :D

Love the dress! Have fun!

Love the dress! NOT tacky!

Is that Roy Rogers on your wall?! LOVE!! :D

Oh, and I also love sparkly dresses.....

Yay for having a sewing area! And double yay for such a cute and totally flattering dress!

You so cute! The dress is cute, too,eh? mwah!

Regarding the dreaded re-threading. Just remembered my overlocker (serger) has a threading guide printed on an acetate sheet so you can hold it up in front of your machine to follow track of threading, each one in different colour. It is really brilliant. If you haven't got one perhaps you could photocopy from your manual onto an overhead projector transparency. Just a thought. Happy serging :o)

Love the dress, definitely not tacky! Can't go wrong with sparkly and the style and fit are perfect for you. And congrats on the new sewing area - nice to have a "place," isn't it?

i love the dress great shape!

I'm not sure which to be more impressed by--the gorgeous dress or the sewing area. Good work on both!

I want a dress like that! Not the sparkly, but the rest of it - looks great, and I bet it's comfortable too.

You will SHINE at the RITAs my dear ~ wish I could be there to tell you so in person!


So exciting! So jealous! I actually have a sewing area, but it also does double duty as the laundry area and the "dump this until I figure out what to do with it area". So anytime I want to sew I have to spend 1/2 a day picking up and putting things away!

Having a sewing area is so awesome...I'm in the process of re-organizing my studio/study space now that I'm starting midwifery school, and the sewing machines have to fight for space with stacks of textbooks. Still, so happy to have a space of my own to do with as I please.


Now hang on there, missy... if I recall, didn't you say that sewing was a naked business - and now you're doing it on the porch... oh my!

Your dress is beautiful - and I want proof of the knitting... lol.

I just love your personality. Thanks for making me smile.

I'm so glad you're sewing and have a serger! You think it's fast? Wait til you try an industrial machine. ZOOM!!! I have a serger but not the industrial (some day...).

That's a really cute dress, it looks expensive. I used to sew all the time. In the 80s in the midwest it was impossible to find stage clothes that looked as cool as the glam rockers in LA had, so I learned to draft my own patterns and made everything. Spandex. Never again.

Haven't been sewing as much, though I found a gorgeous pattern for a couture jacket (that means hair canvas and hand stitched details) that is on my Bucket List.

I just finished reading "A Life in Stitches" and loved it. I had to come on over and say hey.

Your dress is great looking - oh, but what steals it is the cat rubbing up against your hand!!


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