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Book GiveawayJuly 20, 2012


Storey Publishing does it again. Cast On Bind Off is a lovely little book by Leslie Ann Bestor, 215 pages of nothing but interesting (and useful!) cast ons and bind offs. 

Me? I use two cast ons: long-tail and crocheted (when it calls for a provisional cast on) and I use one bind off, the old fashioned kind, knit 2, slip one over. I've used more, but only when they're printed in the pattern, you know? I love Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind-off for socks, but I always have to look it up. 

This cute little tome, though, now lives in my house, ready for reference. 

You can have a shot at owning one, too, by leaving a comment. Tell me your favorite method, or heck, if you're not sure, just tell me how your day is going! WINNER DRAWN!

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 WINNER DRAWN! Thanks for playing. 


My normal cast on is the cabled cast on, I need to widen my horizons I think.

Im not even sure what the name of my cast on is...but its the only way I know so far.If a pattern calls for some thing specific I have to look it up=)Ive been knitting for a couple years now and have stuck to easy projects and a few cables.

Long tail cast on has been known to (literally) drive me to tears so I stick with the cable cast on, as I discovered it was called, which is how I was originally taught to do it. I can't do a provisional cast on to save my life, I always end up having to cut the yarn out to get to the stitches I want! Casting off, I stick to the same one as you, although I do use the Kitchner stitch for the toes of my socks, I keep a photocopied set of instructions from Interweave Knits in my knitting basket to remind me how to get started!

I am still awake, so my day is a long one! Last night I taught my beginning knit class the cable cast on. Last week they learned the knitted cast on.

I'm kind of sad and pathetic -- I only know the long-tail cast-on and I don't even know the name of the bind-off I use -- it's the one I was taught when I learned knitting. I would love to learn more styles.

My day is starting very early but so far so good! Like you, I always have to look up anything other than a normal bind off. Cable cast on is my fave.

I usually use the long-tail, but I think learning new things would be a good idea. Thanks for the review!

Usually i do a long tail cast on.. I tried and botched a provisional cast on. I attmpt those that a pattern calls for. "regular"bind off. Trying something new is a great idea!

After using a long tail cast on for ages I started to realise it wasn't suited to all projects, and I often worked it far too tight. At the moment I mostly use a tubular cast on and regular cast off. I'd love to learn more and have them all in one place rather than having to search the Internet before starting a new project!

I pretty much stick to one cast on/cast off method too. I'd love to expand my choices though and this book looks like a great reference. As for my day, it's awesome! On vacation on Cape Cod, MA. Just got back from a 5 mile run up to the lighthouse and back. Life is good!

My favorite cast-on is the old long tail; I just seem to use it automatically. I guess I need to break out of my rut!

I am a bit picky about these things, so if the bind-off edge and cast on edge both show I will use the provisional cast on so I can make them match. I mostly use the standard k1, slip1 over bind off, but for socks prefer the super stretchy one posted on Knitty awhile back since I mostly do toe up and use the magic or Turkish cast ons.

Long tail all the way. Definitely need to expand the repetoire.

i'm sticking to the "regular" way to bind off and cast-on - just the way my mom taught me. would love, love, love the book!

I used to struggle with it, but I'm starting to enjoy the crocheted cast on!

I always use long tail cast one...but I'm SO excited about this book!! There are so many more for me to learn!!! As for my day?........TGIF!!!

I've recently started knitting toe-up socks, and found the Eastern or Turkish cast-on to be the least fiddly of beginnings for these. I can't do fiddly.

I like a stretchy bind-off that combines k2together, cast off, but I don't know what it's called.

I, too, use the long-tailed cast on and the crocheted cast on. Need to get out of this rut.

Cable cast on is the default easiest, but I don't know that many others. Long tail makes half the yarn unply, which drives me batty. Judy's magic cast on for toe up socks, generally.

Jeni's super stretchy bind off is the current favorite for a lot of things requiring extra stretch.

Twisted German for baby hats to keep from squeezing their wee heads!

Hi and thanks for this opportunity

Long tail cast-on is my favorite but I use different ones depending on projects.

My favorite stretchy bind off

For shawls :
K2, insert the left needle into the front of the 2 sts on the right needle and knit them together--1 st remains on right needle.
K1, repeat from until all sts have been bound off.
I found it here :

For socks I generally use Elisabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind off

Have a good day

My standard cast on is long tail and I don't really like it that much. I obviously need this book!

Delurking to say that I normally use either a cabled cast on or a knitted cast on (don't know the "official" name for that one), but I LOVE Jeny's Super Stretchy Cast On. I'm not very good at it, but I love it.

I started with the long tail cast on, but hated the uncertainty of it. Would I have enough yarn to cast on all the stitches? Would I have a lot left over? The former was defeating, and the latter felt like an absolute waste.

Since discovering the cable cast on, I've been stuck in that rut. It's time to try something new, and this book sounds perfect!

My favorite cast-on is the Short-Tail Long-Tail cast on. I learned this form Betty Balcomb on Ravelry. It's basically the Long-Tail cast on using both ends of the same skein of yarn. What's nice it that you never waste yarn or end up too short!

Cable cast on and usual bind off unless a pattern says differently. I would love to learn new techniques . Any book with a spiral binding makes it easier to follow directions. This book is on my list to own.

I typically use the longtail cast on. Would love to learn more.

I use the cable cast on. I use the same bind off you do, unless the pattern directs me to another kind. I would like to learn the three needle bind off, however. It sounds so much easier than the K2, pass one st over method.

I am exactly like you - long tail & the standard bind off that you do. I didn't even realize there were more until about a year ago lol!

Oh, I want this book!! My standard cast-on is long-tail. For socks, I like to work long-tail in the knit/purl pattern that matches my ribbing -- or the twisted German cast-on.

I stick with the basics too, but really should branch out.

I don't know what my cast on is called but I only have one so obviously I need this book to help me expand!

I use long tail but I need to learn something new.

I use almost 50/50 long tail or knitted on. I recently started using the knitted on way more, especially for lace. I also like the Emily Ocker's circular cast on for round starts as in shawls or top down hats. It reminds me of a crochet start, which is so much cleaner than traditional round starts for knitting.

For cast off, I learned a variation on the standard you use that kick's the old way's butt. So much faster! and clever. But that's Lucy for ya. For socks I use a sewn tubular bind off that I learned from the Vogue Knitting book that has a rounded edge. It's a lot like doing kitchener stitch.

Sorry, the cast off I like I learned from a Lucy Neatby DVD. I got so excited, I missed adding that. :)

I use the long tail cast on.

Long tail cast on, although I think cable cast -on is kinds fun too! I usually just do the regular bind -off, but I love to Kitchener my socks!

Casting on, I'm definitely in a rut with the long tail unless the pattern calls for something different. A bit more adventurous on bind-offs, stretchy for shawls, Kitchener for socks, and an occasional foray into Picot if I'm feeling bold.

I almost always use long tail cast on. This looks like such a great reference book.

I'm still in the dark ages of long tail cast on.

Ha! I learned the long tail cast on a few years ago in a class. It is a bit tedious, I think. My bind off is the same as yours. I think this book would be a great way to learn a new cast on.
Well, it is a better day, because it is a little cooler. This heat/drought has been awful!

My favorite CO is German Long Tail, mostly because I don't really know when to use the others. I only know a few, and if a pattern doesn't specify then I just use GLT. Thanks for the giveaway!

I like the 3-needle bind off for shoulders. No sewing required!

Looks like a great resource. I am new to knitting...so it's just long tail cast on and regular cast off so far. But I love to learn new techniques!

I was telling my mom I liked the Twisted German cast on, and she said she liked the Old Norwegian one. It turns out they're the same thing with different names.

Another fan of the Long-Tail cast on, here! And for adding stitches in the middle of a row (You know how you have to do that, sometimes? Like for underarm stitches when knitting in the round and joining sleeves?) I like the backwards loop method.

my go to is the cable cast on. thanks for the chance to win

Long tail. I really enjoyed your book and love reading your blog. Thanks for this giveaway!

I most often use long-tail cast on. I'm working on a pair of toe-up socks now, and the magic cast on is still tricky for me to work. I've done the super-stretchy bind off and 3 needle bind off, but my usual is the boring k1, slip st over! I think this book looks great and would be something I'd use often. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

My new favorite cast-off is k2tog, put stitch back on left needle, repeat. It is very stretchy, and has a nice cable effect on the edge, too.

long tail

I use the cable cast on the most, in one or the other of the variations I know, but I've recently fallen in love with Judy's magic cast-on. And casting off—most often I use the old-fashioned one my grandmother taught me. I need to expand my horizons.

I usually use longtail to cast on and the same bind off method as you. LIke you, I've used other methods, but only when I'm going for something in particular or the pattern says to do something else (unless I disagree with the pattern). I would LOVE to have this book.

Long tail cast on is my favorite. I do the provision cast-on with a contrasting yarn.

I like the Cable Sast On.


Wow Rachel, we're like Cast-on/bind-off twins!

I use the long tail cast on most often. For bind-offs, I use either the "standard" or on socks and shawls I use Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

I use the long tail cast on and the basic bind off. Need to try something new!

I've gotten to like the bind-off where you k2tog through the back loop, replace stitch on left needle, and repeat.

I think magic loop and crochet provisional cast-ons are super cool but for most projects I use plain old long tail.

I'm a long tail cast-on kind of girl. :) I do a basic bind off for most things, but a stretchy bind off for lace.

I guess I'm a long tail cast-on sort of girl...for now! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

I use what the Yarn Harlot calls the not-long-enough-tail cast on. I've tried the knitted-on one, but I can't get it to actually look good. Bind offs...there's more than one way to bind off?

My favs are the long tail and Judy's Magic Cast on. thanks!

I use the cable cast on and the same bind off as you. I would love to learn more.

Always long tail for me!

I default to the twisted german cast on because it's stretchy for straight edges and Judy's magic cast on whenever I'm about to do toe-up socks. I alternate between the knit two, pull one over bind off and the bind off where you knit two together, slip the stitch back to the left needle and then knit two together.

I tend to use long-tail cast on these days, unless the pattern specifically calls for something different...and then I always have to look it up.

I like the knitted cast on and the tubular cast on (thanks, Jared Flood, for re-introducing this one to me).

My favorite cast on is what June Hiatt calls Alternating Cast On in The Principles of Knitting. Excellent for k1, p1 rib on the top of a sock. I've heard about this book and am *extremely* curious as to what's in it!! Thanks for offering a copy!

I mostly stick with the long-tail cast-on though I love the flexibility of the provisional cast-on for finishing edges later. I like the finished look of an i-cord cast off but it can be sloooooow going for larger projects.

btw, I love seeing pics of all the new dresses you have been making. You inspire me!

I like the cable cast on for most things, Tillabuddy's cast on for socks.

Recently learned Emily Ocker's cast on and love, love, love it!

EZ's sewn bind off is a stand-by, though I keep promising to learn Juli's Stretchy.... I knit most cast-ons unless I have a specific reason not to.

I'm also in the long-tail boat. It was the first one I learned, and I have been using it way before I even knew its name or that there were other ways of casting on. I love learning new methods, but usually have to look them up since it is usually a long time for me between cast-ons.

Glad to see you looking so vibrant and healthy.

Who knew we needed so many cast-ons and bind offs?

Long tail cast-on. Regular ole' cast off. Unless the pattern calls for something else. And then I'm disgruntled, but I do it.

Heat wave gone and enjoying the lovely weather. Long tail cast on is what I usually do.

I'm with you, only a couple in my repertoire and if a specific one is called for by name in a pattern, to youtube I go! Would love to have this book to broaden my horizons and options.

Pretty much always the long tail Cast on and then the regular old bind off! I'd love to learn some new ones!

My standard cast on is the knit cast on. I also know the long tail & the cable & the loop one (not sure what that one's really called). The cast off I always do is the regular one that you mentioned. I'm adding this book to my list of books to get - I need to learn other cast ons & cast offs!

Because I am lazy I have never learned anything other than the cable cast on (don't have to fuss with how much yarn I need for the long tail). Use only one bind-off-- knit two, pass first stitch over the second. A book that shows how the different cast ons and bind offs look would be very nelpful!

I use long-tail cast-on, or at least that is what I think it is...it's the one I was taught when I first started knitting (3 months ago), and the teacher didn't name it. Bind-off is regular. I would love to branch out and learn more techniques. As for my day, it is hot hot hot here in ND, so I think I will try to stay indoors and knit!

Just discovered the incredibly stretchy bind-off and love it. I used it on my Color Affection shawl and it is wonderful! Would love to have this book to learn some new tricks...

I usually use the Twisted German Cast-On. I really need more variety in my cast-offs, I don't even have a good go-to.

Rav: GingerLee25

Normally I use the long-tail cast on and the regular old bind off - but I would love to learn more, and to learn WHY I should use a different type! Thanks for the chance to win this book!

Not sure what my method is called - I taught myself to knit by following the pictures in a book 8>) I need your book, please choose me . . .

I usually use my regular co and bo for everything, but recently tried Jeny's super stretchy bind off for socks, as suggested in cat bordhi's "pocket sock" pattern. And, it really is super stretchy, kind of perfect for the top of socks.

I am just a beginner knitter so I tend to stick to the knit two and slip over to bind off. But I am always looking for new (and easier) techniques as I expand my skills. I think my next project will be a lace knit stitch.

More and more I'm using the knitted-on cast-on, and EZ's sewing-off bind-off. If I want a bit firmer cast-on, but not too tight, I'll use long-tail, but with a needle 3 - 4 sizes bigger than my knitting.

I'm a long-tail lover, but I feel a distinct need to widen my horizons, especially as I get ready to enroll in the Master Knitter series from TKGA (I'm mid-way through their Basics, Basics, Basics course).

I need to break free of the long tail cast on—it's my go-to, but it's time for a change.

I have no idea what method I use to cast off. The one I was taught ;)

Rainy day up here but welcome after a few weeks of blazing sun.

My cast on's and off's are the same as yours! Except I don't do crochet. I use some crazy provisional cast on that Eunny Jang engineered. But I always have to look it up before doing it :/ This book looks to be super handy!

My cast on and offs are the same as yours as well. Once in a while I change it up if a pattern totally calls for it..but not often. Sounds like a great little book that would maybe get me out of my cast on/off rut.

I can do a few cast ons - long-tail, Judy's Magic, cabled - and a few bind offs but sometimes I need something else. Having a new reference would be lovely.

I try to use whichever cast on or bind off the pattern calls for. Which usually involves a trip to the interwebs and a half hour with youtube. My preferred cast on is long tail as that's the one my grandma taught me.My bind off is the super easy knit 2 slip on over.But I did try that magic stretchy one for my first pair of socks and I think every sock after will get that bind off.

The long tail is my goto cast on method, although I do use others sometimes. I'd love to win this book to expand my repertoire.

I should stop leaving comments on everyone's blog and just go buy the book already! But I'm going to take one more chance...I like the cable cast on and long tail, but just lately I did a lace pattern that cast on 372! stitches with backward loop! I thought it would be terrible but it wasn't. Now I have another choice. But I need to learn new bind-offs, and I need this book.

I am very limited, and need this book. I panic at using any other cast on than my fav - cable cast on. Provisional? Long tail? Backwards loop? Heard of em but can't use them -- yet....Please enter me in your contest for this fab book.

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