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My Favorite Bag(s)July 14, 2012

are made by Rickshaw in San Francisco. 

EDITED TO ADD - The bag is supposed to be for in-store purchase only. If you were looking at the deal, you probably noticed this. However, I know there's a workaround for non-locals. Shhhh. Don't tell. (But email Rickshaw and they'll make it work.) 


Some things: 

Names: The green one is the Medium Zero Messenger. The orange is the iPad bag. The houndstooth is the Commuter 2.0. 

Deal is HERE for the next 6 days (in-store purchase only, technically). If you miss the deal, their site is HERE

I customize all my bags and use the Performance Tweed because I love it--strong, sturdy, attractive. 

I forgot to mention: the Commuter 2.0 comes with a laptop sleeve! I don't use it because I have such a tiny computer. 

Someone asked me about knitting getting caught in the velcro -- that only happens if my yarn trails out and over the outer "clasp" velcro. It hasn't been a problem for me since the interior velcro is the grasper loops, not the grasping ones (there's probably a better way to say that, but you get it, right?). 

Verdict: Love, recommend, love. 


OMG you make me laugh! Great bags. Pretty sure the designers had other cargo in mind involved but I love your interpretation :)

Do I an awesome animal to put in my bag? J/K my house is full to the brim with awesome.

Oh that made me laugh - perfect pet carriers, and they all looked remarkably relaxed about it!

Hilarious. The Clementine bag!!

YES INDEEDY! hahahahahahaha

This is the best.video.blog.EVER! I really enjoyed it! And I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one that puts pets in bags.

Those bags look super awesome! I'm going to look at them RIGHT NOW!

Yay, Digit! I was totally waiting for his guest appearance!

Oh Rachael, I just love your video. I've also been looking for messenger bag, one actually works for me so I chose the cat sized one!

I think I saw a Lab in the background too!

"I'm not going to put you in a bag. You know why? Because I'd like to live." HA!

Best vlog EVER. I thought that "This is my wallet...it's made out of duct tape, don't ask" was funny, but it got successively better. I can't believe you fit a PIT BULL in a shoulder bag! The last line was the kicker, though. "I'm not going to put you in a bag. You know why? Because I'd like to live."

Thanks so much for posting this Rachael!! Besides being a fun video I needed an idea for my son's fiance's birthday gift (tomorrow) and this was perfect. So....one for me and one for her...hope you get a free bag!!!
You crack me up! My 16 year old son was watching the video over my shoulder and kept saying..is she kidding? or is she for real? I just smiled and clicked on the link..haha.

I usually go to Cake Wrecks for my morning laugh, but today it goes to your video. Such patient animals you have, altho Clemintine looked a little worried about what Mom was up to this time!

How much do I love you? SO MUCH, I love you.

I loved this. My cat is very small and fits into the mini commuter. She did not like it. But she fit into it.

My mini commuter, by the way, looks exactly like your commuter 2.0. It's less embarrassing because we don't know each other. :)

Another great resource/product...just purchased my voucher today and yes, they will make online orders work (I also sent them the link to your blog so they could see for themselves)...best as always and now I have a great grad school/writing/travel bag!

You are a R-I-O-T!! Love the bags, love the cats, love the dogs...love you.

That was a riot!! *And* we got to see Digit! *And* we got to see your new dress in action! Yay!

I let my daughter watch thinking this was going to be a normal bag review. She thanks you for teaching her that cats would go in bags. :>

The cats do not thank you.

hehehe....I did love that your puppy fit in the bag.

1. you crack me up

2. you have incredibly tolerant pets

3. Clementine is adorable!!! I love her!

That just gave me the laugh of the day! I have a Rickshaw bag but never thought to put my Chihuahua/Pomeranian into since he'd probably rip my finger off!

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