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MishkeSeptember 16, 2012

Winners of The Little Book of Knitting Wisdoms drawing are: Kim, Caitlin, Erin, Janice and Chandra. I've emailed you. (And thanks for entering, all of you. Your happiest moments this year made me cry, several times. If you haven't taken a moment to read the comments, do yourself a favor and take a gander.) 

And now, I'm posting Mishke so I don't forget to do so. I love my new sweater. 


I love everything about this sweater. I love its asymmetry (ribbed collar on one side only! shorter on left than right!) and its color and its softness and its warmth. 

Most of all, I loved the difficulty level of it. I haven't knitted anything this hard in years and years. I had to pay attention so much of the time (do NOT attempt while drinking wine -- ask me how I know), and often you're doing four things at once (you really have to be careful and read ahead or you'll miss that all-important AT THE SAME TIME and the one below it, too). It's a Cocoknits pattern, and I think Julie's clothes are just so damn wearable (I've made three of hers now and I love them all). 


Really, it doesn't get better than a knitting party in the hallway, right? Yarn/details are over at Ravelry, for the curious. 

Now I'm going to take my book to the porch and enjoy the rest of this balmy East Bay evening. Happy Sunday, y'all. 


I love that sweater. Scared of the hard, though. That "at the same time" thing is too much multi-tasking.

And oh, yay, I won Eliza's book! Yessssssss!
Thank you for the knitting wisdom!

The sweater looks great on you!

Love it!! Looks fab on you my dear.

YOur sweater looks amazing !!!!!

The sweater looks terrific on you!!! Very nicely done!

Looks great!! You did a great job!

I love that Sunday evening, early fall feeling. What book? Inquiring minds want to know, ya know.

Oh my gosh! Love, love, LOVE how that sweater came out, and it looks FABULOUS on you!!!
I have the pattern and the yarn... now I also have the courage. I'm casting on tonight!

Absolutely gorgeous.

Ooh, it's cute! And it looks fabulous on you!

Love your sweater!! Will you be at Rhinebeck this year???

I cannot believe this. You are a sweater factory! How does it happen that I am still working on the sweater I started a year ago? AND I am totally retired!!!! I need some time management skills. oh, and yes, the new sweater is beautiful.

Love it! You are so quick at whipping out those sweaters. Envy! Envy!

Lovely! Just picking out my next hard project now - great inspiration, even if I'm not sure the asymmetry is for me... Oh, and I'm loving my book. Thank you, thank you!

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