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I Have Lost My Damn MindOctober 15, 2012

Again. (I'm aware this might not be a surprise to you.) 

I had almost completely decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year (a lark during which you write a novel in November, as fast as you can). I was pretty okay with that. I didn't know what I wanted to write next (I'm between novels right now), and I didn't have a plan. 

And then my sister said, "Let's do it." Convincing, isn't she? That's all it took. I'm in again, and I actually have an idea I'm trying to wrangle to the ground using yarn instead of rope. 

Again, we'll be going to the Night of Writing Dangerously. If I raise $250, I get to go to the Julia Morgan Ballroom and eat candy and drink booze and write all night with a couple hundred other crazies dressed in noir costumes. It's AMAZING. If I raise $350, I get to take Beth. My fundraising link HERE. And thank you. 


(I realize I asked for donations for something else in my last post, and I'm a bit red-faced about doing it twice in a row (or it could be the rosacea. But I don't think so). I promise to put an amazing FREE kitten video in my next post. Maybe kittens and dolphins. And sloths! Playing in yarn!)

Edited to add: We are now funded to go, thanks again to our Fairy Godmother. (Really, I have one! It makes me feel wonderful and magical and like I can really do this thing.) I actually thanked her in the acknowledgements of my second book, her support means that much. Thank you, Fairy Godmother. xoxo

::off to google animal videos::


I definitely want to have a video involving kittens. They're my favourite part of the interwebs.

I so wish I could make it to the Night of Writing Dangerously. It is at the top of my bucket list for when I win the lottery. So glad you're in again for NaNo. I'm still kicking potential ideas around.

I want a Fairy Godmother. Awesome, have a wonderful time!

Regarding the losing your damn mind, when you find it see if mine's there too, okay?

Have a fabulous time!!!!!

You're so cute. That is all - I just thought you should know.

This sounds so amazing! If I was ever gifted with writing skills I think this would be on my to do list=) Enjoy yourself=)

You are so brave with your creativity! I believe that living this freely is possible, but my ass hasn't caught up with my mind yet.:o) Thanks,yet again for the reminder to live big and free and to just have some fun! Good for you!

Kittens are so old-hat. I'm holding out for sloths playing with yarn!

Your comment about writing all night with a couple of hundred other crazies sparked a memory. I hope you don't mind if I share it but I'm trying to become brave. I remember once ... aeons ago ... being in a small, packed room with other hopeful song writers at a women's festival. We were tasked with writing a song in a very short amount of time and I will never forget the excitement as my fountain pen - the only sound in my ears - raced across the page, my hand struggling to keep up with what was in my head - at last, something I could potentially do well! I also remember the poor forlorn soul who finally piped up with "I don't know what to write!' I felt her pain, I really did ... been there more times than I can count ... but it cut the flow off like that! Anyway, reading your post brought that memory to the surface. I had only intended saying how wonderful it sounded, this NaNoWriMo but then I went off on a tangent for which I do apologise.

I also wanted to say that I learned a valuable lesson last night that I think may have read about on here at some point and ignored at my own peril: Don't try to turn a sock heel, especially when it's only the second one you've every done, while drinking red wine. It was amazing to see how twisted my knitting had become but the positive is that I now know how to rip stitches out in rows as opposed to undoing them one at a time. There is always a silver lining. Well that's my bravery tested enough for one year. Thank you for listening and please accept my apologies for blathering on.

I'm definitely pulling for the sloths myself.

Will you please ask your fairy godmother if she is taking applications?

Yay! Pleased that you get to go but also pleased that you're doing Nano again because I am too. :)

I'm up for NaNo too! We spent time in Yellowstone in August and I think I might drag it into my NaNo. Use what you got! Hmm, sloths playing with yarn. Sloths.

Between books, eh? Does that mean there's a Cypress Hollow book in the chute for us?

Do you really think any of us didn't expect this? Of course you were going to do it, you just had to be the last one to know! :)

i'm glad your going to be doing more writing, i just love everything you do! and cute animal vids are always good... :)

Totally off topic delurking here, to congratulate you on one of your books being today's Kindle Daily Deal. Love your books, and am glad even more people are finding out about them this morning!

Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future.

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