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Kindle Daily Deal! October 25, 2012

Just a drive-by to say that today (Thursday) and today only, my memoir, A LIFE IN STITCHES, is the Kindle Daily Deal, available for just $1.99. 




I have the print copy, but will get this to also had to my kindle. :) Congrats for being the daily deal! That's awesome. And thank you for that incredibly cute beluga whale/mariachi video that you posted. I posted it to my facebook site. It is super cute.

Sold! What a wonderful treat....

Way to go Rachael! Got this book on my Kindle way back in the day, would recommend it to everyone! Great heartwarming stories, when I was reading it. I felt like I was talking to a friend. Congrats on being a daily deal!

:-( not if you're in the UK. Oh well! Good luck with your sales...

I just stopped by to tell you and the world about this! Hot dogs,

Does it matter that my email has been wrong all this time?

I was thrilled when my Kindle Daily Deal email dropped in to tell me your book was featured. This is great exposure for you and quite a deal for me!

Not if you're in New Zealand either, can't buy it at all!

Too weird - I just finished this (from the library) on Sunday. Am now reading How to Knit a Heart Back Home and loving it. The only problem is that reading slows down my Christmas charity knitting and I promised three dozen dishcloths to the Care Home. By November 11. What was I thinking?

I saw it on my screen saver and bought it immediately, forgetting I bought it on iBooks for my iPad. Oh well, now I have it on my kindle too! :)

Just bought my first Kindle book even though I already have a hardcopy. Love these stories.

got it downloaded to my kindle. thanks for the deal!

This book had been on my Kindle wish list for months, but it wasn't in my budget until yesterday. Thank you! I'm already on page 114! Signed, another knitter and writer with aspirations to become a 911 operator

Of course it is. Because I bought it last week. LOL Great book and worth every penny I spent on it!

it was already in my kindle cloud. I enjoyed it :)

Loving your book! Reviewed it on my lil blog: www.chickenlovesheepdreams.blogspot.ca

I am enjoying this read but was taken aback by your comment regarding the purchasing of yarn from the first name stores (Michael's & Joann's). Your suttle or not too suttle comment will encourage me to look elsewhere for a higher quality yarn but for now it is my price point of what I can afford. Funny I thought I was enjoying knitting with my Lion Brand yarn stash. :(

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