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Signed Books for the Holidays! November 21, 2012

Hey, y'all! 


This year, you can order signed copies of my books! Dude, I'm super excited about this. I really think that in terms of the writer's job, after writing "The End," there is no better feeling than signing your books. I get the BIGGEST thrill out of it. Also, I get to help you give a fun gift, and a great independent bookseller gets the business. Yay! 

So if you've liked one of my books and have thought about giving a copy to someone, this is the time to get it signed for them. I'll write whatever you'd like me to! Even, "Dear Aunt Joanne, Maybe this will spice up your nights since Uncle Bill's been in lockup for you-know-what. Love you!" And then we'll mail it to your Aunt Mavis, the one who can't STAND Aunt Joane, and it will be fun for everyone! 

Or maybe YOU just want a signed copy or two. Do it! I'd love to autograph a book to you (I'll even throw in some bookmarks! Woo!). 

I've teamed up with Books, Inc. in Alameda (the very first store in which I ever saw a book of mine in the wild), and they'll do the wrapping and the mailing. All you have to do is give them a call (if there's any confusion at first, as we get it going, ask for the manager, Nick.) 


Call Books, Inc. at 510-522-2226, and tell them which title(s) you like to order to be signed. Tell them to whom the books should be inscribed (include your brief message if you have one). Give them your mailing address and billing info (list price varies by book, additional wrapping and shipping costs $8.50, every book after that is $2). That's it! Easy! 

Deadline: December 15th, so books can get there on time. 

They'll also ship to an alternate address so you can send a wrapped book directly to Uncle Bill's lawyer if you want to (I'd be happy to include a note in those packages that aren't going directly to the buyer saying who sent them the gift.) 

SADLY, this is for US residents only. (If you live out of the US and DO want a signed copy, you can always mail me your book, postage paid both ways, and I'd be happy to do that, but it's practically cost-prohibitive, so I hesitate to mention it.) 


On a different note, I just wanted to publicly thank our Fairy Godmother for sending us to the Writing Prom, the Night of Writing Dangerously. 


I got a new dress for it and felt like the luckiest girl at the ball. Thank you. 

*Oh, and winners for the books in the last post will be announced in the NEXT post (and by email). I was just too excited about this today. :) 


You are the prettiest belle at the ball - look at gorgeous you look! I hope you had fun and I can't wait to hear all about it.

I love the dress, the style suits you.

Very cute dress!

Love the dress and the shoes - perfect!! Here's hoping your fingers get exhausted from signing so many books (but not so crampy you can't knit.) Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great way to support the lock book store as well. Loved the stitches stories. I consumed it in less than 24 hours

Oh lord, you make me laugh! Love the dress

You look adorable! And those shoes are rockin'!

The dress is great, but those shoes are to die for! You look wonderful.

There are so many things to love about this picture!! Your hair, the shoes, the dress, the killer chairs, the puppy in the window!! I love it all:)

You look like a princess! The dress is gorgeous- where can my DD get one?

Love the shoes! You look great!

The Shoes! Have never seen the like in this backwoods town.

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