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Delightful Surprises! February 23, 2013

I'm better, and thank you for all the well-wishes! I had all the -itis's in slow, painful succession-- bronchitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis...

I'm just gonna let you reread that last word again.



I had them out when I was thirty. And again when I was thirty-five. Five years later, guess what? They're back!

I went to the doctor last week. Now, I normally wouldn't go to the doctor with the flu.I know you just have to get over it. But do you know how quickly I dialed the phone for an appointment when I saw the white spots that looked exactly like strep on something that looked tonsils in the back of my throat? People dial 911 slower than I dialed the appointment line.

I said to the doc, "It looks like strep."

Doc, to whom people say this all day, said, "Mmmm. Open wide." Pause. Impressed, "That does look like strep." [It wasn't, actually, just a nasty case of tonsillitis which mimics it well.]

"Those look like tonsils, am I right?" I said. "Please tell me I'm overreacting."

She got a brighter light and shook her head as if to clear it. She peered in. Then she said in the smallest voice a doctor can possibly have, "They...do...look like tonsils."

"Could they be anything else?"

"Given their location, probably not."

So that's exciting! I'm a regrower of things that are really quite useless! I expect to grow parsley next. That or those painted wooden ducks whose wings spin when you stick them in a flower box.

In other news: I spilled this much ---->   .       water on my MacBook Air and it stopped working. Just fitzzlettz and nothing comes on but the fan. Yes, I'm drying it out. Yes, I'll leave it for a week to dry before trying to turn it on again (I did try again after two days and no dice). I'm kind of feeling like my tiny little friend might never wheeze back into life.

And dude, I was panicked over this. I spent nine days (!) in bed with the Itis's and never opened my laptop once. Then I spilled the water the day I went back to the desk and felt as if I couldn't live another hour without my computer. Lala very rationally pointed out that I could work on any of the other computers we are so lucky to have littered about the house (her iPad, her laptop, the Mac Mini in the living room (which I kind of forgot was a computer because I only watch TV on it)). So I did work, but I tell you what, it's weird writing fiction on a big flat-screen television. THE DIALOGUE WAS SO BIG. IT FELT VERY LOUD.

So I bought an iPad Mini to fill in the gap while I'm waiting to see what will happen with the computer. I'm writing this blog on it now, and I really like it. I'd forgotten how nicely the iPad does just one thing at a time. Sure, I can check Twitter, but it takes actively moving away from this writing screen, and it slows me down. I'll probably return it when I get the computer fixed or if it turns back on.


Oh! I'm so chatty  today I almost forgot to tell you (but I told Twitter): I finished a sweater! I love it.

Lady Marple, details at Ravelry.


Aside - Did I ever tell you about the surgeon I mortally offended when I joked that I could cut off a finger, no problem, because I'd just grow it back? He held up the four (total) fingers of his right hand and said, "It's not funny. I almost lost my profession when I lost this." (I hadn't noticed his missing finger, and I probably never would have. I did feel awful and apologized profusely.)


Wait, what???? You seriously grew back your tonsils??? YOU ARE MAGICAL.

Neal told a one-eyed co-worker that something was better than a poke in the eye with a stick. Oops!

I have fondled the ipad mini, and I find it quite a temptress. With no good reason for needing it...

You are an evolutionary step forward!! When you figure out how to grow an extra pair of arms, let me know. I'd never have to stop knitting! Also, sorry you're so sick. man, it never ends. Here's to a quick recovery. <3

I am laughing so hysterically at the doctor-without-a-finger thing that I can barely type! I'm sorry ... it's just so funny (and, may I say, so YOU).

Love the sweater. I just finished a green sweater, too. Haven't posted photos on Rav yet, but the project is there.

I've missed your voice! So glad to hear you're on the mend!

(If you were coming for the Tucson Festival of Books I'd have heard about it, yes?)

Maybe you're part starfish....?

The sweater is totes gorgeous.

Goodness gracious. I had no idea those things could grow back.

About the computer, have you tried encasing it in rice like what's done with wet cell phones? Might take a lot of rice, but it also might leech out any moisture. Just a thought.

The one "-itis" from which you are not suffering is startitis, right?

Didn't you grow them once back before? I am sorry to hear it though. I hope it gets better without you having to take them out again!

Yours is the second Lady Marple I have seen and I love them both. The universe telling me I need to knit that sweater maybe?

So sorry about the returning tonsils, but wouldn't it make a great conversation starter at a party?

I had to laugh about the doctor too. I've got a friend who is missing part of one hand. Even his wife doesn't know how it really happened, because he tells a different story every time someone asks.

Good ear nose and throst MD I see in Oakland who worked miracles for me is:

Erin Simms-Edwards MD 2961 Summit St
between 29th St & 30th St)
Oakland, CA 94609
510 465-0941

I'm not sure if she can explain the tonsillitis but she is an awesome MD. I travel from Phoenix, AZ to see her!!

The rice trick worked for my phone-Maybe will help you MacBook. Couldn't hurt at this point!

I love the new sweater!!

Get Well!!

Ok, I admit when I read the “tonsils again” part I thought it was a typo, but hey, how wonderfully unusual and exquisitely unique are you? And, since parsley is an anti-oxidant then maybe the tonsils are good for something too...like catching the strep before it hits your kidneys. (My ex lost his thru and one of my daughters is susceptible to nephritis) (look into it if you want to but chances are you’re just fine) And anyway, look at your happy face in your gorgeous sweater. Miss Marple? I love Agatha Christie to pieces but can’t knit to save my life.

Parsley would be better than zombie tonsils. Or maybe never-extinguishing birthday candle tonsils. Sourgrass tonsils!


Pretty sweater!

I've never heard of anyone regrowing tonsils. That's interesting.

Your sweater looks great! I'm working on a cabled cardi too, Elisbeth Cardi by Chic Knits.

I did have to reread it.
I hope you feel better soon.

Eh, tonsils are just glorified lymph nodes, and lymph nodes are just an agglomeration of immune cells. People grow them back, you just have a great immune system! (which can suck in some cases)

My ex husband would wash his phone all the time. I'd have to put in in a pillowcase, swing it around an around, then bury it in rice for a day. After a while, I started saving those silica packs that come in stuff.

You're like a unicorn - so full of magic and all things pretty... not that tonsils covered in icky white stuff that mimics strep is pretty but it does qualify as magical and I'm sure somewhere glitter is involved.

Your sweater is beautiful and I hope that your itty bitty computer comes back to life. I read something somewhere about letting it sit in a bowl of rice to drawl the moisture out. No idea if it works but sharing all the same.

OMG! I can't believe your tonsils grew back... and am in shock about the awkward moment with the fingerless doctor. I'm almost expecting you to give the punchline when he then showed off his bent finger pretending to have lost it (like an avuncular joke from childhood). Sigh.

Growing back tonsils - crazysauce! And the surgeon with four fingers story sounds like something that would totally happen to me. I'm always putting my foot in my mouth without meaning to. I'm glad you are feeling better, hope the computer fixes its self, and LOVE your new cardi.

So, in medical school I learned that you actually have tonsillar tissue in a ring around the back of your mouth. They're kind of like Lymph nodes but not really. Anyways, it makes sense that they grow back because your mouth has a ton of bacteria and white blood cells like to hang out in there and kill things. YOUR BODY IS TRYING TO PROTECT YOU. It's just not doing a very good job. Sorry.

Oh no, not again! Can we possibly say - third time a charm/lucky! Does that mean you have to get them out for the third time? Obviously, you are super woman! How many people do you know who can regrow body parts that aren't supposed to! Hope you feel better soon. Sweater looks gorgeous. Hope the rice will work. Had to use it for my watch a couple of months ago.

dude. in 5 yrs have someone check your uterus. :D I hope you feel better soon.

If nothing else works, you can always try putting your MacBook inside a freezer bag and popping it in the freezer overnight. For some reason unknown to even the techies who suggested it to me, it seems to cure a variety of electronic ills.

I had my tonsils removed when I was 5 & never re-grew them, but you re-grow them several times?!? HA! And I just glanced up and saw the comment about having someone recheck your uterus in 5 years. Too funny! But, that IS a special talent that you have. :-)

I also had to laugh about the doctor story. Because, really?!? How do you find the one surgeon who's missing a finger?!?

Glad you're feeling better!

Wow! You have magical powers in terms of re-growing things. Also, I was so inspired by your Lady Marple that I started one of my own! Yay!

As someone who owns a flying chicken, I think parsley is delicious.

As someone who went through a terrible tonsillectomy (my doc said mine were the worst he'd seen in almost 45 years of practice) and almost a year of recovery from said surgery, your story of regrowing tonsils terrifies me to my very soul.

Third times the charm?

More tonsils! Oh no that's not fun (and I've only had to have them out once)!

Your new jumper on the other hand is stunning although I'm not sure that it's sufficient consolation.

and where did that surgeon's finger go, huh? in a patient? inquiring minds and all that. plus, grow a sense of humor, doc.

glad you're better. gorgeous sweater.

You need to bottle whatever you have that grows those things back. And then give a bottle to that surgeon.

Don't return the mini!!! Best knitting tool I ever bought and use MORE THAN ANY OTHER? My iPad. Seriously. I use JKnit to knit from (learned how to put sweater patterns in and it KEEPS TRACK OF WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO DO!). Also it has a feature where you can open a chart and highlight the row you're on and move the row by touch and drag.

Plus someone always needs to make an emergency Ravelry check at Knit Night. LOL. I don't know what I'd do with my knitting without my iPad. In fact, I almost bought a mini last weekend. dfls;ka

(That gibberish was Rani the Cat wanting to comment, too. LOL)

Well. You are an odd duck!!! It is totally suckish to be dealing with that! On the other hand,the sweater is awesome. Totally. I am still stuck on a Central Park Not Hoodie; it requires concentration and I have too much idiocy, lunacy and a new puppy to deal with at this time!! Hope you feel better soon.

There are so many things to love in this post--regrowing tonsils (three times? are you going for a record, and, if it is a record, do you get an awesome prize?), wooden ducks with whirly wings, sensitive surgeons, and a new sweater? Hooray!

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