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Cora's Heart

First of all: There's a new book out in Australia and New Zealand! The fourth Cypress Hollow! Oh, my goodness! I would jump up and down, but I'm in my office, and you wouldn't be able to see me, and then the dogs would start barking at me and I'd trip over a cat or two, so I'm going to skip all that and just show you before I hurt myself. 


Cora, a farm-girl who's been hurt too much in the past, safeguards everything--except her heart. Mac is a large-animal veterinarian who has already risked it all and lost everything that mattered. When a secret is revealed, Cora has to decide whether Mac is a safe bet . . . or the worst gamble of her life. 

Available at book retailers in Australia and New Zealand, Random House Australia and e-book link here. (Good New Zealand link HERE.)  It will be available in other countries including the US, but I don't have a date yet. I'll keep you posted (I'm as impatient as you are to get it into your hands, I promise). 

A Life in Stitches


 My memoir! You know, the one blurbed by Josh Kilmer-Purcell, winner of the most recent Amazing Race? (Dude. I love him, and his writing is lovely if you haven't checked him out.)  

It's only $1.99 for the whole month of March on Kindle! (If you don't have a Kindle, you can use their free app on your phone, notebook, or computer.) And if you like anything about my blog, you'll find 20 essays in there which are WAY more thought-out and funny and smart than these rambles over here ever turn out to be. I hope you'll like it. The Amazon reviews are wonderful and completely humbling. Available HERE. Canada, it's here for you.

 And from my last post, the winners of the drawing for Sophie's amazing boook, Garden of Stones:  

From the blog comments: Darling Maggi! From my subscriber list (I love my list): Hmkaup! You've both been emailed. 

Thanks, all of you. Britain and all other places left out of this post, I promise you something more exciting soon. Pinky swear. MWAH! 


I'm happy to report that we Canadians aren't completely left out. The Kindle version of A Life in Stitches is also available at Amazon.ca for $1.99 during March. I just bought it.

What? I didn't win the drawing? Dammit!!! ;).

CONGRATS!! I would do the jumping for you, but have the same problem with tripping & cats. :-) Very exciting news and can't wait for your book release in the US and let us know what other countries. Yay!

The only cut flowers that I buy are daffodils. They are just like sunshine and I can't get enough of them.

Those are exciting things! Congrats and yay. The little blurb about Coras Heart actually sounds interesting. I'm suprised as it would not be my normal read.

Thanks for remembering us over here in Europe! Much appreciated :-)

I went to Australia for the first time in Nov. If your book had been out while we were there, I would have picked it up! Looking forward to its US release! I have "A Life in Stitches" on my Kindle and on my bookshelf. Love it!

This is very exciting although at first your link really only linked to Aussie shops but I found it on Fishpond and it will be on its way to me very soon. It will arrive I think just when I will have finished a big dance costume job so will really enjoy the break reading it. Woohoo.

Congratulations! I really liked A Life in Stitches, and can't wait for your newest to be available here. Hubby's book, Kickin' Out the Jams, comes out in just over a month on April 6th. So excited!

Congrats on another book! Just downloaded my copy of "A Life In Stitches" ! Can't wait to read it!!

Would it be wrong to move to Australia just so I can get my hands on your book? Yeah, I didn't think so either...

I am looking forward to the book coming to the U.S. Just got back from Amazon to see if I could preorder--not yet. I have read all your other books and really enjoyed them. I also stalk your knitting on Ravelry, you seem to pick really good patterns. I just love it there, but what a black hole for time. I set down with a time limit in mind and look up a couple of hours later. No discipline comes to mind:)

My sister and I just happen to be in Australia-yeah us! But so far have not found your new book. We land in Sydney today for 7 days, followed by 6 in Hobart then back to Gold Coast. Where o where might I find Cora's Heart?
We will be in CBD(central business district) for the next two stops.
I do do live findings reads I cannot get in the states.

Congratulations and thank you.

Its great to be an Australian! Loved the book Rachel and have gifted some copies to my friends. Thank You. Judith PS I got my copies at Target.

I just discovered you by accident. I live across the Bay in South San Francisco. I am a knitter and spinner. Morgaine is a friend. (Well she got me into spinning). Anyway I loved your memoir.

I just finished your memoir today, I loved it! The essay about you getting a blanket from all your knitter friends after your Mom died made me cry. I have instigated the knitting of two blankets for friends: one who lost her Mom and her Moms two sisters within several months, and then her niece was diagnosed with a serious illness. I felt-enough! This woman needs to be wrapped in a big hug. Now I know exactly how she felt when she opened it up.

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