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A Boston Love BlanketApril 18, 2013

You guys, I get a lot of requests for help, and I can't honor them all, though I truly wish I could. (And man, has the news been bad lately.) 

This one I want to honor. I got an email from a reader, who is friends with a woman named Wilma, who is Krystle Campbell's aunt. Krystle was killed in the Boston Marathon bombing.

It doesn't take long to make an 8X8 square, and if you've read my memoir or this blog for a while, you know what it meant to me to have a hug from people (strangers, some of them!), a hug I still wrap around my shoulders on cold mornings while I write. I coordinated one for Zoom a few years back. Love Blankets actually truly make a difference. 

I'm making a square for Wilma (and if there are enough squares, we'll get a blanket to Krystle's father, too). Will you help, too? Here's Rena's letter: 


Krystle Campbell


Hi Rachael,

This is a bit awkward for me because I've only just learned who you were a couple of weeks ago, but you were the first person that came to mind. I've been reading your book, A Life in Stitches, because I told my nook that I like to knit, and it thought I would love what you had to say about it. I do. I love it so much, and more than one chapter has attempted to choke me with tears (and succeeded...like yesterday in the lunchroom...my first sweater will now have rows of your memories in it). 
I just got through the part where you talk about the Love Blanket everyone made for you when you lost your mother. Krystle Campbell, one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing earlier this week, was the niece of a coworker of mine. Wilma was so proud of her, so fond of her, you would think Krystle was her own daughter. It feels like it was no coincidence that I happened upon your book when I did, or read that particular chapter while flailing inside because showering Wilma with hugs this week just hasn't been enough. I started by going around the office and hounding my friends on Facebook in hopes of finding people who knit or crochet because the thought of, "Rachael knows who can help," just sounded crazy. I've hit that particular level of determination where crazy sounds like the Best Idea Ever.
If you can help get the word out, that would be absolutely amazing. I have no deadline at the moment, but none of these families have closure in one of the worst ways. If there are enough squares (which I'm hoping for beyond hope), I want to piece together a second blanket for Wilma's brother--Krystle's father. I can give them both to her here at the office.
Please, if you can help, feel free to pass out my email to anyone willing to put together an 8" by 8" square--crochet, knit, it doesn't matter, any color or style--and I'll get them my mailing address.
Thank you so much,


If you can make a square, please email me at yarnagogo@gmail.com or leave a comment here  and I'll pass on your email directly to Rena (I'll act as filter in case you're some crazy person and want to send her a Lego square or cast-iron triangle or something.)

Let's do this? Yes? 

(PS - if you could pass this on to friends/knitting circles/etc, even better.) 

(PPS - I hug you in advance.) 

(PPS - Update from Rena: You all are so wonderful, I don't really know how to put it into words. Thank you...thank you so, so much for being willing to help. I've gotten a lot of emails already, and I'll respond to each with my mailing address. However, I've noticed a lot of questions about yarn weight and such (because I honestly didn't think of that). DK or worsted weight is preferred. Wilma lives in central Florida, but we still do get chills here (and the air conditioning is sometimes worse). Fiber is free game. Same with color and pattern. That is the artist's discretion. Hugs for you all!)


I'm a friend of Zoom - I'm in! Will do it this week. I had a love blanket sent to me by my friends (and their friends) when my baby daughter died. I treasure it, and the compassion of friends and strangers for me and my family in our time of great loss. So glad I can now pay it forward. Myine will be Canadian Red - we stand with krystle's family and our American friends.

i'm in.

Count me in. Just started reading A Life in Stiches. Looove it.

mine's done. off in the post tomorrow.

I'm in, and I'll pass the word to the group of ladies that knit prayer shawls at my mom's church too.

Indeed I will! Also posting to my blog, and on my Ravelry group.

While I wasn't there and my Boston friends were nowhere near the events, this tragedy has had a lasting effect on me- this is a fantastic thing you are doing and I would love to help!

I'm in. Thanks for the chance to reach out. <3

I would love to make a square!

Funny, I'm working on a blanket that has 8 x 8 squares. I'll send one along.

Count me in also. Just need to know where to send the square.

My two are on their way from California. I found 32 stitches on a #10 needle did the trick. Fun to participate. Do we get to see the end result? Thanks for doing this Rena and thanks for facilitating, Rachael.

Count me in.

I am definitely in. Please send my info along. Thanks for coordinating this. :-)

I have a couple of squares already--they just need blocking. I'm in.

I would love to make a square or two as well, but the email button goes to Outlook and I don't use that. So I need to know how else I can get an address to send them to please.

I'm in. How could I not?

I would like to contribute, also. Perhaps these blankets can be shared with those who were injured as well as those lost.

I would love to help!

Hi Rachael, if you get enough of a response, I wonder if we could assemble a blanket as well for Karen Rand, the friend of Krystle's who was standing next to her and survived but lost a leg.

Wow! So many responses. I'm interested in helping out, too!

I would love to do a square or two.

I love this idea, so very much. Just sent you an e-mail saying so... I plan on getting started on two squares tomorrow (one for each blanket). Please let me know if there are any other ways I can help. <3

I just learned to crochet, but I think even I can handle a couple of eight inch squares for such a lovely and loving cause. Thank you for making it happen.

This is a wonderful idea. Count me in for a square!

Count me in!

Please count me in.

I would be honored to be included. Two squares coming your way
Need address from you

Billie parish

Count me in too. I have a stash waiting for donation.

I would love to help. This really brings tears to my eyes; these acts of kindness and generosity help restore my belief in humanity.

I'd love to make a square, please count me in. <3

I would also absolutly love to donate a square towards this project. Based on the number of responses you should already have more that enough comitted but maybe with this amount of interest it might be possible to make blankes for each family who lost a loved one in this tradegy. (I live in MA about 45 min Southeast of Boston).

What a beautiful sentiment! I would love to help out. Please pass on my info. Thanks and Blessings...

While recovering from illnes( and stuck at home already second week!!) I'm knitting those squares for the Boston Love Blanket(s).Its a great feeling that I can have a tiny part of this great project ...so I started thinking about the family who lost a little boy Martin Richard and his little sister ,who lost a leg.Wouldn't be wonderful to make a Love Blanket for his mother and maybe sweet pinkish-purplish-and whatever other colors a little girls love Blankie for this little girl, who lost brother, lost leg and to young, to early learned about Evil .Maybe cuddle in this pinkish cloud of her blankie soaked in love of caring strangers she will recover faster, maybe she will start believing again that people are good, that life is good. Anybody willing to make some more squares for another grieving mother and a very hurt little girl? I could be the contact and the final maker of at list one (might as well both blankets).

Please count me.
Hugs from Italy, Emanulea

Please let me know where to send the square.
Thanks, Emanuela

I would love to make a square, maybe we could get enough squares to make a blanket for each of the victims families! That would be awesome! I live in Australia, so it may take a little while for the squares to get to Rena, would that be an issue?

I am so in! Stupid question....is there a certain pattern I need to follow? Does it matter if it's knit or crochet? (Hmmm...that seems like 2 stupid-ish questions) Let me know. I'm ready!!

I would love to contribute to this! How do I do it?

I'd love to contribute if you still have space! Anna


Hi Teri. I noticed your post from April 19th and your comment about the Blanket for the Richards Family. I am already "working "on this project( one for Denise ,the mother of Martin killed and one WERY SPECIAL GIRLY blanket for Jane a 7year old sister of Martin, who lost brother and..she lost a leg. Both her and mom are still in hospital .Since Rachael had asked her friends and readers sooo tooo many times, I am kind of on my own for this one.
Rena ,who is coordinating the BLB for Krystle family had promise to mail me any "left overs" from that project.
I had sent emails to all my friends all over the world.
If you would like to help and make a square or two I will be very thankful. Just make a post and I will give u my contact info.
Thank you so much

Is it too late to join? I have a square ready to go!

I would love to be a part of this!

Knitted 2squares, juar finishing up the last 1. Sending them by fast post & hopefully they will get there in time (i'm in nz & post office said it will take 4days 2 get there fast post).

What a great idea Teri to make a Love Blanket for the family of the little boy who died - I had been thinking the same thing!

Hi Arjaye,
I am coordinating the Boston Love Blankets for Martins Richard Family and one for his little sister ,who lost a leg in the bombing.
If you would like to make a square or two it will be great. I still need a lot. Just post your email and I will provide you my address ,where to send the square.

I'd love to make a square!

Count me in!!!! Found you on Pinterest. :)

I was entrusted with huge amount of yarn, needles, wip, etc. by the John, the widower of my dear friend Candi Reiter who passes away December 2011 to distribute as I saw fit. Candi was an AVID charity knitter. I have several squares she made that I think will fit the bill. I know if she were still here she'd be crocheting away for this particular project. I will hand them off to a woman who will be a newbie to our knitting group tonight, she is working on collecting squares for these blankets.Bless you for organizing this!

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