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New Book GiveawayApril 7, 2013

Yesterday's was such a mammoth post (the Italy catch-up post), so this is just a quick giveaway of the new book that you can only get in Australia and New Zealand! (I'll keep you posted on the US/Canada/UK sell date as soon as I know it, darlings.) 


Cora, a farm-girl who's been hurt too much in the past, safeguards everything--except her heart. Mac is a large-animal veterinarian who has already risked it all and lost everything that mattered. When a secret is revealed, Cora has to decide whether Mac is a safe bet . . . or the worst gamble of her life. 

I'll give away TEN COPIES. That's good odds, yo. Five will go to random commenters on this post, and five will go to randomly drawn members of my mailing list. 

And because I like my comments to be fun for all to read, please tell me in the comments what you plan to do this week to make yourself happy. (Oh, my goodness, I can't wait to read these. I can feel the vicarious happiness already building.) 

I'll draw on Friday. Good luck! 


This week, to make myself happy, I plan to restart my meditation practice. I'll be on a brain-draining business trip, and it will be as good a Imelda as any for some self care. Oh! And work on some self-indulgent knitting :)

As good a time as any :( autocorrect and lack of proof reading!

This weekend, I picked up and continued knitting a light weight tank top that I had started last year. I think I should be able to finish it this week. Then I'll have time to start a new book!

I love your books and Cyprus Pines, I hope they give us a quick update on the other ladies we love :0)

Hmmm. Well, I am having breakfast with dear friends. I will knit ( that's a given). And then there will be the new camera body that arrives tomorrow. The camera alone will send my happiness into the stratosphere.

To make myself happy this week I will catch up on sleep, go to my knit group, have lunch with a friend, apply for a job I would love, eat Trader Joes Belgium chocolate pudding, and start a project with gorgeous silk yarn from my favorite handdyer.
I like this idea of declaring on Sunday what I will do in the upcoming week to make myself happy. I think I'll adopt as a habit. Thanks!

Happy is few and far between right now. It's the end of the semester (I went back to school at night). My 17 year-old cat isn't doing well. And I've gotten sucked into projects at work that are fun and engrossing, so I don't want to do a damn thing at night. So to make myself happy, I'm going to yoga this morning...and hopefully asking the cute guy out for coffee.

Happiness is a cup of coffee, my journal and new knitting projects to cast on!

Today I sang with my choir at the reopening of Brisbane City Hall. This week I will read with my Son, knit for a friend's baby and go to a pilates class. And I will sing in the shower. These things nurture my body and soul, and make me happy!

I'm going to Stitches South. I'll be thinking of you, that's where I met you and your books. Only 5more sleeps till I go, I've been dreaming of it and you know "A dream is a wish your heart makes"

My kids are on Easter break for another week so I will be sewing and cross stitching alongside trying to get some work done here and there. Crafting always makes me happy! Can't wait for the new book to come out in the UK!

To make myself happy I will be going to water fitness (2x) no matter what. It's hard to not be happy when exercise feels like playing in the pool to music. Hopefully some cooking and the finalizing of one more wedding detail will happen to, which would make me very happy.

Yes, please! It is my birthday week so I hope that brings me luck!

I am going to get enough sleep and exercise every day! I will even get a couple of restorative baths in a few evenings.

This week I plan to make myself happy by going back to the gym and yoga. Maybe I will get to spend a little quiet time organizing my closet. Yes organizing stuff makes me happy!

It's going to be a tough week to make myself happy as I sprained my ankle and being on crutches A: makes me crazy B: makes it hard to workout! Also, I have papers due, work and volunteer hours. However it's finally supposed to get warm so when I can make it outside, maybe even down to the beach for a bit- that will make me happy!

I can't wait to read it!!! I plan to let go of all the office stress and catch a plane to Nashville to see my favorite singer/songwriter Lori McKenna!

Happiness = a long overdue trip from Texas to upstate New York to see my sister and family and my 89 year young mom - a knitting fanatic. I'm leaving Sunday. To lure me up for a visit (I don't like flying!), my sister and mom e-mailed me links to every yarn store in upstate New York! I will need something (your new book) to keep me from overspending!! Pick me! Pick me!

I plan on getting all of my chores done this afternoon and tomorrow so that I can take Tuesday off and do nothing but watch a marathon of "West Wing" and crochet on my daughter's birthday present. Total vegging out on my end - dust bunnies be damned!

I love your books, Rachael! To maintain mental health and happiness this week I plan to ignore the snowballing dust globs rolling around my tiled floor and start reading some great books. Smart plan, I know ;)

While Spring Break is over and it's back to the routine of teaching preschool, I plan to get back into my daily exercise and reading routine. I am happiest when I'm doing good things for my health and wellness. I also plan to spend 15 min each evening spinning and or knitting. I'm working on a Gramps Cardi as it reminds me of my dear Gramdpa.

well...that seems to be the issue for me lately. What makes me happy...my 3 year old granddaughter asks me after she does something she thinks is good "are you happy" or "does that make you happy" -- I'm raising her - longer story -- and she's been testing the waters and getting a lot of time outs lately, so I can see her trying to do things to see what makes me happy. The response from me depending on what she does is - yes; it's not what you do but who you are that makes me happy; no; why? --- I feel like I have to balance the responses so she does not grow up a pleaser---- which is what i struggle with. I've learned the hard way you can't please everyone - and you cannot make others happy by pleasing them. I still struggle with this. This is probably not what you're expecting and I'm not sure why I'm writing all this, but it's something that's been gnawing at me. Is happiness a state of mind? Does it come from doing something for others? For self? Is it a feeling felt for self and for others? I'm working with a counselor at the present time and she asks me, what makes me happy - truly happy. I've yet to come up with a answer that doesn't sound route. Or an escapism. So I'll be following this blog to see what others say and reflect on it. I do believe there is a reason for everything --- so, maybe....lol, my granddaughter just came over to me, Nanny I brought you fruit snacks - are you happy? sigh..no but I smile at your kindness...

Well baby is 4 weeks old now just starting to get us out and about so we might go to the fabric store. need some material and ofcourse some more yarn. i am going to watch a movie. clean out my closet. have lunch with a friend and visit the library.

Had my last chemo two weeks ago, so DH and I are headed to Biltmore Estate for a few days! Haven't been since just after first chemo, when my hair started to fall out. So I'm expecting amazing hair growth this visit!

I am going to watch Michigan beat Louisville on Monday! Go Blue. Thank you for having the giveaway.

I'm teaching two shawl classes, always good for a dose of happy, a belated birthday dinner with a best pal who's cooking us a curry feast, and - best of all - am at home for the weekend with my hubby! Yup, lots of happy there.

I'm so HAPPY you asked this quesiton. Because three things are making me happy this week. I'm taking 3 days of vacation, spending that time with Dear Hubby and The Pups, and learning/casting on a new knitting project. I'm learning to knit 2 toe up socks on 2 circular needles. I've bought KNITTING MORE CIRCLES AROUND SOCKS by Antje Gillingham to teach me. I usually rely on Youtube for all my tutorials, but there aren't any for this! There's 2 toe up on magic loop, there's 2 socks on 2 circs from cuff down, & there is 1 toe up on 2 circs. And if my sock project turns south & makes me unhappy, I'm going to take those three pups for a walk to check out the squirrel population. I've found that being surrounded by the unconditional love of those pups is the purest happiness there is.

I'm smack in the middle of English Paper Piecing..i.e. I've just started a hexi pillow for my son and his girlfriend. It will match the quilt I'm making them that is still on my to-do list. If you haven't made hexi's before, they're kinda like eating potato chips.... :)

Rachel, I retired a few months ago and am still catching up on all those things that I hadn't had time to do for the past few hectic years. That is fun for me, even cleaning house has been fun when I don't let it be overwhelming (thanks, Fly Lady). But the bright spot in every week for me is Wednesday. I get to have my grandson all day on Wednesdays. He was born 20 days after I retired - timing was everything! - and is such a joy to my heart. Life is good!

Well, I'm currently one of the un(der)employed. So, I'm going to be applying for jobs--a huge waste of time because I often hear nothing back, and if I do hear anything, it's don't call us, we'll call you, surprise! But to make myself happy, I plan to take a day or two off this week and sew.

Tonight it's dinner and a movie for our 29th anniversary. Later in the week, hopefully, writing and reading. Fun times.

Hi Rachael,
I am planning to get started planting in the garden, it has been too dashed cold up to now. Later I will go for a walk with hubby. We need to get in training for our two week walking holiday in May - in France - so looking forward to that!
Have a wonderful weekend yourself (I loved your Italy catch up post!)

I am getting everything ready to leave on a 10 day vacation. All girls, all knitting! That makes me very happy!

Hmmm... This week my goal is to stress less. Most things in life aren't worth stressing about. We can't change others, so I'm working on changing MY attitude towards them.

I'm going to go shopping for my vacation next week! I gave up shopping for Lent and I can't wait to pick up a few new things!

I kind of want to see what randomly drawn members of your mailing list look like.

Oh! Can I be drawn in purple crayon??!?!! ;)

This week I'll be driving to CA to immerse myself in springtime in the Sierras and celebrate the life of a dear friend, then I'll fly to WV to meet my new grandson, Oliver!
What could be better than that? Ooh...having a great new book to read when I return!

This week to I want to be ahead of the game studying and not playing catch up at test time. That would make me happy on a school front. Doing my 8 mile run this morning along with my honor runs and getting to a spin class and hulu class and catching up on reading would make me happy personally.

Normally Sunday's are reserved for The Walking Dead, but now not until fall. So this week I'm going to knit on a secret trade project, watch Shawshank Redemption, go kickboxing, teach 2nd graders, and walk my new dog. I just adopted him from the humane society. He'd been there over a year so walks are his favorite! Hope you enjoy your week!

I just finished Spring Break--I teach high school--and grades are due soon, but once I put the kids to bed and a few stacks of papers have been graded, I make time to curl up with a book for at least 10 minutes before falling asleep. However, I am going to try to get my work done earlier. I have a few projects on the needles that I want to finish and a major one that I would like to start.

I am hoping I will be lucky! It was great to read your last post on your trip with Beth! I was following yours and B's Flickr pics and tried to enjoy the trip vicariously through you both. Hope your red boots are okay! The week will be a partial mystery for fun - once I get the dr. and dentist over with! LOL Hoping that this will be the week I start walking again - weather has been against us - very cold and very windy! Wind was gusting to gale force winds one day. Walk=fun! Glad you are both home safely and sorry about the food poisoning - we got it once in England in a restaurant called "King Arthur's Kitchen" - I think we ate part of King Arthur! LOL

Your Italy post yesterday made me miss my sisters SO SO BAD. I can usually keep homesickness and missing family tamped down pretty hard, but not so much yesterday. We all live very far away from each other, and are lucky if we get to see each other once a year. So this week, to make myself happy, I am going to research airfares to go see them this summer.

It's finally warmed up here in Va. so I can enjoy taking longer walks at the Arboretum and the City Park with the pup I'm raising for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

And I'm sure they'll be a trip to Target to buy new outside things.

And sitting outside in the evenings wrapped in a shawl.

And I need to find some herbs. So a stop at the Nursery. And I'll look for some little things for my fairy garden.

I'm really going to enjoy making myself happy this week!

I'm going to do all of the things that make me happy this week! I'm going to knit and drink tea, I'm going to read, and I'm going to go for a run to make my endorphins flow. I hope you have a happy week, too!

I will crochet myself happy. Also I am traveling to the Bay Area on Wednesday
to see my youngest daughter and good friend, Jo.
Happy! Maggie

I'm going to read, and knit, and rest. And watch the bunnies and robins in my back yard.

To make myself happy, I plan to finish up dying some really soft wool with black bean dye stock, spin it up into yarn, and then knit up something snugly and warm. Of course that will take me well into the following week as well!

Pick me! Pick me! This weekend I have been working in the dirt - planting and re-potting flowers and plants. Then after a long hot soak in the bathtub, I knit for a bit! I finished the first piece of the poncho I'm making. You really have gotten me hooked on knitting, Rachael, and I can't thank you enough!

Happy weekend!

Well I'll certainly knit and/or spin (I always do). But there's more - I took a class a few weeks ago and have since been collecting some of the basics for making my own earrings with beads and wire. I plan to sit down and hammer (literally) out a few pairs of earrings. I even have the kitchen table cleared off so I can play with it all today. :)

Since my mom died, I've tried to adapt a new philosophy on life. Make time for the people who being me up instead of down. So this week, I plan on getting myself in shape at Jazzercise, try to schedule an awakening of Spring pedicure and finish up the week gathering with some girlfriends. Saturday and Sunday is for my kids, so whatever makes them happy :) Life is short, so make the best memories that you can!

Few things to make myself happy:
1. I'm going to A Verb For Keeping Warm in my newly made mustache skirt.
2. After all the fun there I'm going to see Psycho at the Stanford Theatre.
3. Later this week I have plans to have beer and pizza with a romantic interest.

I'm happy right now, Drinking my coffee, scanning for new books to read, and planning on finishing my shawl. I cleaned the house last night so that I can relax today, and I'll do all of this while watching the NASCAR race.

This week, to make myself happy, I will continue knitting on the Elisbeth cardigan while listening to Brenda Dayne's podcast, "Cast On". I love her podcast! And if I get this sweater finished before my trip to Paris, I will be SO HAPPY!

Making myself happy...lunch with a friend today, and a bike ride. Throughout the rest of the week, hopefully off my plate by Thursday, I plan to finish the final edits on a big piece of writing for grad school, finish up and block my Lady Edith shawl. Those last two sound an awful like "gotta do's" but really, if I could get that writing piece done and graded, and the shawl around my neck, I would be the happiest girl alive!

This week I'm planning a trip to visit my mother in May or June. That will make me very happy, and her too!

I have a sewing project cut out and ready. It will be a tote for my young daughter. It is guaranteed to make me happy as I sew it. The print is covered in brightly coloured tree frogs that coordinate with the bright orange lining fabric. What could be more cheerful than that?

I made myself very happy by deciding to do my nails rather than conquer laundry mountain. Oh, and I chopped off my hair from shoulder length to a cute, longer pixie. Having a little one (who, of course makes me super happy) means I have little time to do my hair.

To make myself happy this week, I bought "Stardust" on audiobook. I plan on taking long walks with my dog and listening to Neil Gaiman read to me. :)

Double edged sword; spring cleaning. I've got my two brothers and wives visiting on the 27th so I've got incentive. Hate cleaning but love a clean house.
Also finishing a pair of wool socks for my husband which lets me start a cardigan for my daughter! I'm a new follower thanks to your memoir. We have several things in common.

I'm moving next weekend. A good read would be fabulous to enjoy on the patio while the boxes sit in the house....

Yesterday I reconnected with a knitter friend I haven't seen in ages (my fault I haven't made the effort) and made plans to see her again soon.

I'm feeling especially random this morning!

Yay for Cora's Heart! I love that cover. Anyway, as for the weekend, my hubby is out of town, so it's just me and the dog. I took her out on an outing yesterday and took photos of her, and maybe will take her to the beach today. Plus, I am eating very poorly while he is gone...fast food, hot dogs, and a batch of chocolate/oatmeal cookies. Good thing he is only gone until tomorrow!

I am looking for a new job this week. I have decided that they only way I can start to mend myself and be happy is to finally leave the toxic environment where I work. I will be better off and I am happy that I finally made the decision to do so!

I am going to work on a quilt for a while, and then knit the afternoon away watching movies and drinking coffee ...

I instituted Sloth Saturday yesterday, wherein I was...really sloth-like. Slow moving, pretty much parked my butt on the couch and watched Gilmore Girl episodes. I think it's going to extend to Sloth Sunday. In sum: I'm giving myself permission to just freakin' REST and reboot. I've got an errands list a mile long, the house...let's not talk about that, and lots of people clamoring for my attention. But I know the week ahead is going to suck if I don't take this time to do...pretty much nothing (except knit a bit). And so I am. Doing as little as possible, making the pizza guy laugh at some off the cuff comical riffs, and napping. A LOT. It's been glorious.

Have been, and will be working so much! However, Vogue Knitting is in town this weekend, so I will go to the marketplace and look at ALL the pretty! Also, my daughter asked if she could come with me. To a knitting thing. With no bribery at all - wow!

You so sweet! I will, this week, read the interwebs and knit with wild abandon AND with NO guilt despite the garden and the house and the cats and the spouse giving me the stinkeye! YO!

Although I can not say what I did last week to make myself happy, this week I plan to de-clutter and relax with my knitting in a nice clean house!!

I am thrilled that we got our taxes done yesterday, in one day. I am celebrating by spending today casting on for a new knitting project - the 'faroese flower shawl' - beautiful! :-)

I put this comment on your FaceBook site- oh no, I didn't follow the rules :)
To make myself happy this week, I am going to finish quilting projects. The first two will most likely be done today. But the third one is the piece de resistance, it is made from "coffee" themed fabric. I had it quilted by a big fancy machine (something I had never done). So know I have to bind it.

Rachel, I can't wait to read your new book, whether I win the giveaway or buy it myself! I knew immediately my answer to your question about what I will do this week to make myself happy.

As the mom of an only child, a son, I have sought out every opportunity for "girl" time, with special young girls in my life. One of those, an utterly delightful 13 year-old whom I adore, asked me so sweetly at a social brunch yesterday if I would be willing to take a look at her misbehaving sewing machine to see if I can get it working. Since sewing machine repair and restoration is one of the thing I MOST love doing, I'm almost giddy looking forward to this coming week when I'll be doing one of my most favorite things with one of my most favorite girls. In my book it doesn't get much better than that!

I have a 4 day weekend that started last Friday with lunch with a friend at Greens in SF. Saturday found me knitting a scarf with some handspun yarn that a designer gave me. I had to try several patterns til I found one that worked. She said the yarn was fingering but it actually is more Aran/Worsted. Today is Sunday and I plan to finish the scarf and watch the SF Giants game on TV. I've met you a couple of times (Oakland Fiber Fest and at the Dixon fiber show. You are always so sweet. I've also won one of your books in the past and would love to win another. Hope you're having a great day

I'm basking in a quiet weekend at home. I stayed in my jammies nearly all day yesterday and then watched Doctor Who. Today, I plan to do some cooking and cleaning and will try to finish the second Game of Thrones book. Having a yummy-smelling house makes me happy.

I have a hard time with finding happy this time of year, but totally enjoyed reading all the comments.

I will be working on the latest set of bar code towels to sell at a new-to-me show in a couple of weeks ("Hope", joining "Love", "Laugh", "Believe" and "Faith")

I'm going to an Eddie Izzard show this week! That has got to be a lot of fun. Will meet friends who live far away as well.

For happiness I'm going to cast on for a new shawl in bright red sock yarn. I hope the bright yarn will offset the greyness of our Pacific Northwest weather. My cocker will be at my side as I knit. Happiness is a warm dog at your side.

We're having visitors staying with us, and I love it! My cousin and her daughter just left after two days with us. My Australian friend arrives tonight. After my guests are all gone, I'm going to plant a new flower bed, and I'm scheduled for a massage on Friday! It's all good.

I swear to the knitting goddessses I am not making this up, but I'm on a plane for hours tomorrow and I just downloaded your books to re-read on the flight!

I'm going to spring clean my house, because having freshly mopped floors is so pleasing to me.

Oh, how I want this book!! So - tomorrow is my birthday, and that already makes me happy. But actions I plan to take to enhance that include (a) lunch with mom and sister; (b) buying yarn for new Lopi sweater for me; and (3) making hotel reservation for meeting with a friend I haven't seen in a couple of years. A very nice list, I must say!

My son just got married Friday and I'm exhausted! I'm going to treat myself to a massage. After that I need a good book to read.......hint!

Oh, this makes me HAPPY. I can't wait to read it!

This weeks my last week of work for another year. Yeah! I work in my Accountant's office during tax season. Looking forward to planting Spring flowers and gardening. But most of all relaxing with a good book. Would love to read the new Cora' Heart book.

This week I plan to do two things to make myself happy - finish my very first toe-up sock and visit my local gym for some cathartic cardio. I love your books and look forward to a new knitting read!

I plan to FINALLY finish my Helena for my fiance's niece and then cast on something for myself! That would make me super happy!(What would also make me happy is winning a copy of the book, hint hint...)

Am going to my Great-niece's 1 year old birthday party...only after I take an Iowa Hawkeye tshirt (in honor of her daddy) and a WI Badger tshirt (in honor of my husband) and sew them together AS ONE. (It did turn out great and they didn't burn or anything.

So glad you are back safe and well! Am traveling to AZ to visit with family... Warm spring will definitely make me happy!

Happy? This week I hardly have time because its a really busy time at work. But instead of letting that get me down I'm going to be happy I have a great job and I'm going to be the best I can be at it. Satisfaction in a job well done will make me happy this week.

Ooooh, new book! This week, to make myself happy, I will be having a knitting/Murdoch Mysteries marathon with my wife. We get so little time together right now and we really know how to party. ;)

This week I'm planningn onr working out more. I started today with 10 minutes on the stepper and 10 minutes on the bike. The weather is improving so may throw in a nice walk, too.

Pick me! Pick me! Well... this week will be filled with much happiness. We're supposed to get more snow so I will become a human snow plow. And then I'll curl up with my knitting and dream about getting my hands on your new book!

My plans for this week are to treat myself to some good reads and food.

I've been dieting and plan to indulge in some cheesecake for this week's treat. I'm still not sure if I'll make it at home or splurge at a restaurant. Have I mentioned that I love cheesecake? :D

When it comes to reading, I plan on sitting down and reading those books I've been saving for a special day/occasion. Plus buying myself an e-book or two that I just can't wait to read!

I dyed away the greys and I'm a luscious blood-red black now (black with blood-red "highlights" where the grey was). That makes me happy.

I'm considering re-piercing my nose and revitalizing my boring secretary wardrobe with a few gothic boho pieces (I'm sure I can find something work-appropriate that screams "me"). Clothing and fashion make me happy in a way I can't explain, and I've been boring for far too long. Yes, I'll be 50 in two months, but 50 is the new 30, right?

I paid off a long-standing debt (makes me VERY happy), and when I did my tax returns, I found out the refund from this year totally eliminates the taxes I wasn't able to pay last year (including penalties) and even then, I'll still get a small bit--which makes me over-the-moon happy!

Oh yay! The book! Since I work during the week, not much makes me happy during the week (I am less than enamored with my job and the company right now); it's a slog. But, since I did all the housework on Saturday, I was going to take Sunday and go on a run (9 miles!) then hunker down and journal and do art and knit and it was going to be glorious! Alas, the run triggered a migraine, so I slept all afternoon instead. Oh well...at least the thought of journalling and making art and knitting made me happy.

Thanks for sharing Italy with us. It's on my list of places to go.

Baking, lots of baking and knitting.

I guess I could include cleaning, but the act of cleaning won't make me happy. The end results though will.

I spent this afternoon pre-cooking my meals for the week so when I get home from my second job, I'll have a few hours to knit and read, instead of having to cook.

I love visiting Italy vicariously through you, so keep going to Italy so I can say I've been too! ;)

I just moved out to the country and was kinda bummed that I had to cancel my gym membership. But while at the local C-Store (Cenex/Convenience) I saw a flyer for a yoga studio in the next town! Yaaaaaaay! That was all I went to my gym for anyways, so I am super pumped to start classes this week!

This week, I am getting a massage, meeting with a friend about a new project, and catching up on sleep!

Loved the Italy post/pics. Thanks!

I plan to sew this week to make myself happy! It's been a few weeks since I've sat down at the machines...last week I had to buy fabric to satisfy my yearning! Thanks for a great giveaway..I love your books!

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