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RWA 2013July 24, 2013

Really? I left that crazy-faced picture at the top of my blog for that long? Ouch. 

Here's a better crazy face (mine, not theirs): 


Twinz! Charlie! You know you're  lucky if you're out with the cutest family in Atlanta. I loved being able to see Carrie and Cathy, especially as I won't be allowed to see Cathy until she's pregnant again with #3 because the only time I've ever spent with her in person was when she was pregnant with #1 and #2. 


Pack Up the Moon is available for preorder! I just discovered it! I can't wait to reveal the cover to you, because it is truly the prettiest cover I think I've ever seen, but in case you're excited LIKE I AM about the book of my heart, you can preorder here: 

Amazon, Powells (other vendors will be added as I find them)

Hey, have I mentioned it in a while? I have a newsletter which doesn't go out often, but that I'd love to send to you. I also love being on Twitter and would love to chat with you there. I <3 Twitter. Facebook -- I can only say that I am there. Sometimes. 

RWA 2013

. . . was wonderful. This was my sixth (!!) Romance Writers of America National Conference, and I learned soooo much. Publishing is changing fast, and we writers haven't been quite sure of the ground under our feet for a couple of years. The last two conventions were unnerving for many of us. This year, the mood was way more positive and upbeat.

And I was upbeat as I went to my new publisher's party (Penguin-NAL). Seriously, I can think of little I like more than walking into a professional cocktail party at which I know almost no one . . . Wait. No. I was terrified, just as I always am. 

This year, though, was different in that I honestly didn't think about the terror. I literally just got dressed up and then went.

(Every dress is Modcloth. I might have a wee dress problem there. I love how this one made me feel like the Empire State Building. Every time I work overtime I treat myself to a dress. OVERTIME ON THURSDAY, YO.) 

So I walked in and headed straight for the only person I did know (Carolyn Jewel) who knows everyone and introduced me to them. Then I confessed to everyone I met, "I know almost no one here." They all either confessed the same and/or introduced me to other people. Writers are a weird group--most of us want to be known, thus the extroversion which is pushing your book in which you bare your heart and soul (see above) on strangers, and we also just want to be in front of our computers/notebooks, alone, talking to no one but the imaginary friends we make up. Possibly ever again. 

Oooh! And I met Deborah Cooke, whom I've known on Rav writer forums forever, but neither of us "recognized" each other (I would have, had she been wearing her Ravatar name, which we should all probably do every day). It was fine, though -- we made friends in this other atmosphere because I was nervous and she was Canadian. Those amazing Canadians are good with all the jittery folks.  (Check out her knitting novel, which I just bought myself. Ooh!) 

The rest of RWA I spent either writing or learning. I swear. There were hardly any pillow fights at ALL. 


My gorgeous darlins: Sophie Littlefield, AJ Larrieu, and Vanessa Kier. (And wedged in there, moi, still wearing my badge because I used it as my purse. I am straight klassy-with-a-K.) 


I love your dress! Overtime=new dress/treat, I love that idea and may need to implement it myself. I was surprised to see your facebook posts saying you were at RWA in my city! I don't recall seeing your name on the author's list at the literacy signing and I was there. Please tell me you didn't part in the signing, otherwise I'm going to be so upset that I missed seeing you. :(

Omg you look amazing in all of your dresses. I might need to get that polka dot one. It was so so great to see you, and I'm glad you had such a good time at RWA!

You are rawking those dresses!

The Empire State dress may be my fave so far - you look fabulous!

I want every.single.one of those dresses. I may, or may not, have a shopping cart waiting for me over at ModCloth. Don't worry, I'm not cloning you, I just like your style!

oh, by the way. Did I miss seeing a completed blanket with the squares? I don't have a facebook account.

New book, new book!!! In Soviet Russia, Empire State Building looks like you!

You look so very darling and professional at the same time! Go go Go, Gorgeous!

Um the Empire State dress looks aaaammmmmazing on you. I know it's not a perfect shot, but nice. Has Lala seen you in this? Also, yay for pre-orders. Yes I really onky climbed out of Bloglovin to tell you the dress is fab.

Love your posts. I know Carolyn Jewel! Great person, hun'h? Just like you . . . fabulous. Glad you had a good time. Love reading your posts!

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