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Cover Reveal! August 19, 2013

Y'all, I think this is my most gorgeous cover ever

PACK UP THE MOON is the book coming out in March (available for preorder now at Amazon, B&N, and Powells). 

Pack up the moon_final3JPG

I mean, really, could you just DIE? This is the book that should come with a box of Kleenex (I'm working on making that happen) and I could almost cry just looking at it. I love this book. 

And in other big news, CORA'S HEART, the fourth book in the Cypress Hollow series, will be available to US/UK/Canada readers next month (exact date to follow, but it will be in September for sure -- make sure you get my newsletter!). I like its cover, too.
Eeeeeeee. This is a really exciting time, folks. I have the best two jobs in the world. I'm actually not sure which makes my heart beat faster, writing The End, or saying, "911, what's the address of your emergency?" 

Okay, I do know. Writing The End is a big more exciting. I've been doing the 911 thing long enough my heart only races if a child is involved in the call (isn't that odd? True, though. Most cops/firefighters/dispatchers all react the same way -- help is just help, everyone moves as fast as they can until it's a kid, and then it's GO GO GO GO FASTER THAN YOU POSSIBLY EVER COULD!)

Also: I'm working on the synopsis for the next Kleenex book, and I swear, just writing my ideas in Excel made me cry in the cafe. It's GONNA BE GOOD. 

Yay. Just yay. 


I need that box of Kleenex just looking at that GORGEOUS cover! So happy for you!

No kidding, YAY! It's beautiful, Rachael!!

I love this book! I love this cover! I heart this author!! WANT! xoxo

This is stunning!! Can't wait to get my copy and a box of Kleenex. xoxo

It's a beautiful cover. The type of cover that would make me pick up a book already knowing I was going to love it.

I've had it on pre-order with Amazon, can't wait!! I agree, best cover ever. Love, love, love it!

Hey, I'm proud of you!! You are making it happen. You are a role model the Rach(a)els everywhere!

I love how excited you are to make us cry. :-)

I love books that make me cry!

I am so happy for you! Can't wait to read it. Love your enthusiasm, brightens up one's day like those lanterns on the cover. Yay!

It really is! Wow.

You know, with more than five books under your belt now, I think it's safe to say, you are a bonafide Author. :-) And it's so awesome, because we knew you when.

So proud of you! So proud! And I don't even know you in person, only in blog! But still! So proud! With a bunch of exclamation points apparently!

Congtatulations! I buy this book even if I didn't know you were one of my favorite writers!!! And I hope of others will follow suit also and discover you for themselves!!!

BEAUTIFUL cover! (Also? Yay you!)x

EEE! Can't wait for Cora's Heart!! :D

I assumed I'd pre-ordered Cora's Heart but checked on Amazon and I haven't (don't see it available). Is it available for pre-order yet?

Just finished Cora's Heart last night. You are, without a doubt, my favourite author! I loved it! Can we hear more about Olivia as she grows up? And I loved Royal! I wish Cypress Hollow was a real place, I'd definitely visit. Thank you, Rachael!

Yay! Can't wait for it to come out. And that is the most gorgeous cover. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I want to be sitting at that table. I love the title too. There is just something romantic about the moon, isn't there?

absolutely wonderful !!!!

Gorgeous cover! Could you just make that my life somehow? That cover? I'd just like to live in it. With my box of kleenex

Rachael! It's AMAZING. I am so thrilled for you. This cover is just perfect. Hooray!

I'm so excited to read them both, and so happy for your success! Yay, you!

Beautiful cover!! So exciting to see your books become beautiful physical things! Personally, I need tissues over the idea of dispatchers and first responders going faster than they possibly ever could because it is a kid that needs help. It makes me happy that the people who do this every day feel as urgent as I would if (when) it is my kid that needs help.

Just preordered Pack Up the Moon!
No secret I love all you write!! Xxo

Beautiful! I want to come to that dinner party. I'll bring dessert, ok?

You're right, it's a gorgeous cover! I can't wait to read it and I'm doubly excited Cora's Heart will be out next month. I'm going to start obsessively checking amazon for the pre-order links!

So excited--can't wait!! You are so fortunate to have found TWO fulfilling callings.

Congratulations! I devour your books like fine pastry, so I'll have to pace myself. Also? Thanks for the reassurance about kids and 911 dispatchers. I often think we should mock play with our kids what to do in the case of an emergency, because the dispatcher is not only a stranger, but a very nosy stranger!

It's the type of cover that would make me pick the book up without knowing a thing about it. I hope it's a great success for you. Thanks for writing your blog. I look forward to it like a treat. :)

Absolutely gorgeous cover! Can't wait for the book. Off to pre-order.

This is also my favorite of your covers. I just love it -- the sort of cover that would make me want to pick that book up and find out what it's about. Not that yarn on the cover would make me feel any different, but you know what I mean.

You write your ideas in Excel? Please share in an upcoming post. (Sounds intriguing. I am one of those people who make notes and never remember where they put those notes.)

Gorgeous cover! Can't wait for both books. Yay Rachael! :-)

Your right, the cover is great! Congrats on all the exciting stuff.

Oh, that's gorgeous! I totally think it would catch my eye without knowing I want to read it already. Which I do!

A new book! Yay yay yay!!!! I've pre-ordered it...now I just have to wait. :-)

Know what makes me need to reach for the kleenex? Thinking of people like you moving faster-faster-faster when a child is involved - especially when I think of my own sweet little one needing help (heaven forfend!). Thank you for that work you do.

Next month? HOPE IT GETS HERE SOON. I need a new installment. :D

It's a beautiful cover! Maybe hang some fairy lights in the yard to live it for awhile ;-)


A beautiful fairy wonderland thanks for sharing it:)

Congratulations! I can't wait to read it.

Love, love, love the cover! Makes me want to just slide right into that scene.
How exciting for you!

Oooooo...this is SO much more than "yay"
I want to step into that cover...it holds such promise of the perfect evening. The kind of evening you find your mind wandering back to time and again while your eyes hold a dreamy faraway look and your lips curve into that mysterious smile that leave others DEMANDING to know where you were just then because they want to go there too.
TWO books! I need to sit down.
Rachael, this is so amazing and wonderful! You've worked so hard! Look at where you are!
And you knit!
And you play the ukelele!
Pack up the moon cause its made of Brie and we've got a biiiig party to throw for Rachael.
Well done. Well deserved.

Love the cover!!! Can't wait to read :)

OMG! It's gorgeous! You go girl! So excited for you and for us, your reading public!!

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