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Blatant BriberyOctober 17, 2013


The gist of the above video, if you don't have time to watch me and Digit perform: leave a review for any of my books on a book review site (not in the comments), and be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice. (Doesn't have to be a good review, just an honest one. Want to leave more reviews? Each review counts as one entry. If you're looking to read one of my books for the first time, might I recommend my newest one? Cora's Heart? Drop me an email at yarnagogo at gmail to tell me you reviewed something, and I'll enter you in the drawing. I'll draw on Halloween. SPOOKY, right?)  

And thank you, SO much. 

Also: WHY DO I NEVER REMEMBER TO BRUSH MY HAIR BEFORE I MAKE THESE MOVIES! Gah. At least my lipstick was on relatively straight. 


I save my brush for special occasions! My personal copy of "A Life in Stitches," is still circling my group of peers. I loved it so much, I just couldn't keep it to myself! Off to write a glowing review!

I will make sure to get one up on amazon and good reads this morning~! Cora has me sobbing- I LOVED IT!!!!

" A Life in Stitches" is highly recommended. I loved that the author shared such personal memories. Autobiographical works always share memories, but the author went deeper in this book. It was both funny and poignant.

Digit is scary. :) Love your hair color!

Digit. LOL! Such a crabbeh tabbeh. He and my Jake must be soul brothers. (What did he do that made you yelp, bite you?)

I read "How to Knit a Love Song" this summer, thoroughly enjoyed it. Great descriptions running thru the book, I felt I was there!

Oh, Rachael you are adorable! Thanks for including the outtakes. I've read Wishes & Stitches and A Life in Stitches - pretty sure I've written reviews. I'll check when I have more time. Here's the good news: I just ordered How to Knit a Love Song and I'll get Cora's Heart asap because I want to have all your books.

I downloaded A Life In Stitches to my kindle two weeks ago, thinking I would savor it like good chocolate, a wee bit at a time. After the first chapter I was in deep and devoured the final chapter two days later-and this was in the spaces left around full time employment, three (mostly grown) children and training for a half marathon. There's something about a good knitting story that pulls me in. And yours was so authentic. The dicey pipes in your apartment? Been there. Your search for a real relationship? Me too. The serendipity of meeting Lala and her "getting" your knitting/writing obsession? Totally relate. The stories flowed one to the next, borrowing from the last chapter and building to the next. When you wrote about duplicating the sweater your mother loved-and then actually did it-well, it got me off my arse and onto the web to "meet" you on your blog and now you are a fixture with my morning coffee. The fact that you are a writer to is sprinkles on the frosting on my cupcake. I appreciate that the book was available on my kindle for immediate download, now I want more of your voice in my head. ~Maryskid on ravelry.

You so cute! And well said. Also...DIGIT!!!! hugs.

Word are hard! And Digit is cute! Even when he gets grumpy he is so cute!

I'm glad you are pushing this. I have meant to do the reviews and now I have incentive.

I'm posting on Goodreads, Kobo, Powells and Amazon.

Happy weekend!

Guess my personal email to you doesn't count as a review....so I will hop over to Amazon and post a review there!

I left you a review on B&Ns site as I read your book as an ebook.

I've read all the books that I can buy by Rachael but How to Knit a Love Song is my favorite. I couldn't put it down and wanted the story to continue when I hit the last page!

I left a review over there on Amazon. I was disappointed that you didn't sing and strum in your video.

Done, at Amazon. Happy to do it. Thanks for asking.

Did I miss something? I can only find Cora's Heart in a Kindle version, and I wanted to buy it for the library in print. Please clarify?

A Live in Stitches-- I wrote a review on Amazon.

I checked out your book from the library and then suffered a huge loss in my life. The book sustained me thru a very hard trip. I love the way you describe knitting as the glue of your life. Thanks for writing it! I am now reading How to Knit a Love Song....

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