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Cora's HeartOctober 8, 2013


It's here! It's finally here

Cora's Heart, available for the last few months in Australia and New Zealand, is now available in the US, Canada, and the UK in e-book form. 

It's not out yet in paperback, for those of you who love the feel of a real book (I do, too) -- it should be coming very soon, hopefully within the month. I was thisclose to not telling you all about the ebook versions until the paperback version was out, too, but I COULDN'T STAND IT. I had to tell you. 

See, I love this book. I really do. Wiith this book, I could actually feel my writing craft developing. I felt the characters grow under my fingertips, and I cared about them SO MUCH. I love Cora. She's neurotic and worried and likes to make contigency plans for everything. When the Big One hits, she'll be the one who will have her go-bag in the car, and she'll be carrying Advil and bandages for everyone. 

Of course, there are no contingency plans for love, especially when a large-animal vet named Mac comes back to Cypress Hollow. 

You can read an excerpt HERE if you'd like to, and I really, really hope you enjoy this visit to Cypress Hollow. 

Rachael who is so excited she can't STAND it. 

Available here:

Amazon UK

Paperback to come SOON! (Make sure you're on my mailing list so you don't miss the news!) 


Yay! It's on my reader right now. How will I get anything done?

Thanks, Racheal. I can't wait to meet Cora and Mac.

I got my Kindle copy! Very excited to read it. :)

I didn't even open the blog post in Feedly, as soon as I saw 'it's here' and 'UK' I went and got it for my Kindle! I do love a real book but I can't wait any longer to read this one, as soon as I've finished my current read I'm falling backwards, arms wide open into life in Cypress Hollow!

Congratulation. Can't decide if I want the ebook or paperback! But I will decide soon!

Congratulations, Rachael! Can't wait! Squeeeee! E, paper or both! Hugs!!! :-)

Rachael, thank you! This will be perfect for a flight from NH to San Diego I've got planned for the end of the month. I've decided to extend my trip, just rented a convertible and will be driving up the coast and flying out of San Fransisco. I've got 12 hours in the city by the bay, what should I see, where should I eat, where can I rest, drink a wicked strong coffee and knit a few rows? Best play to find a beer before I fly out again?

Bought it for my Kindle a little while ago. Can't wait to read it. I have a major project to do at the office over the next couple of days (and evenings at home) and this will be my reward the minute it is completed.

Just clicked the One-click on Amazon. Sounds relaxing!

YEAH! Congratulations! Can't wait to read i.

It'll be "real" book for me - can't wait!!!! Off to see if I can pre-order it yet.

Hey, congratulations! I'm sure it's wonderful!

Yeah! I just bought it. I can't wait to read it. Congratulations on another publication.

Yay! I *just* finished "A Life in Stitches" last night and came to check when this would be out! Bought it with "one click" on Amazon (isn't that a cleaver way to get a book-o-phile in trouble? One click?!)

Can't wait to read it!

I love the book so far, Rachael. Your characters are so real. And I totally want a farm and to make stuff to seel, like Cora. Also, I want to live in Cypress Hollow (maybe my husband is there). :-)

Yay! Now I have weekend plans. (I love real books, but I've figured out how to knit and read when using an e-reader, so 2 fun activities at once.)

Just bought it cannot wait to read it, I have been waiting patiently to buy it! Congrats!

Am on chapter 17 already. This is your best work yet. I don't want to put it down and I certainly don't want it to end. Thank you!

So Excited! Downloaded a copy for me and before I was even halfway through it, I had to go back to Amazon and send a copy to my BFF. Love being able to get the Kindle version so quickly - I'm clearly not a delayed gratification kind of gal!

Woo woo...Cora's Heart is my favorite! But then again, all of them have been my favorite as they became available.

Lola told me there was no cover cowboy, but I see him.

Love and congratulations,


Hurrah!! Will be reading it!

oh yay! I'm going on amazon.com to purchase! I love your books.

Bought it on Kindle, finished it and totally loved it. Sorry it's finished hated to let the characters go. Really looking forward to your next book..

Damnit, I couldn't wait and now I've finished long before my plane ride! Will you be posting the sweater pattern?

I love all your previous books and I am one of those who feel the need to hold the paperback of Cora's Heart! I can't wait for it to be released!!

Thanks for sharing!!

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