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2013 Night of Writing DangerouslyNovember 18, 2013

The Night of Writing Dangerously is Prom for writers. (And it funds the Youth Writing Program for NaNoWriMo, what could be better?) 


It really is. 

It's six HOURS of writing, fueled by: caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. If at any point you feel weak, change your consumption order and write some more. If your hands get tired, stretch your fingers and write some more. Just. Keep. Writing. 

Okay, that's what you SHOULD do, but I also tend to be a Flitter. I flit from bar to table to bathroom to photo area and back to table. Even with all the flitting I did, though, I still got two chapters written (3000 words), so huzzah for productivity! 

It is, literally, my favorite night of the year. It's heaven. And this year, some of my favorite people of ALL came. 


Veronica Wolff, sister Bethany, me, Kristin Miller, AJ Larrieu, Gigi Pandian, and Shannon Monroe


This is me and Bethany grinning at our fairy godmother, whoever she is. Thank you for giving this to us. I feel like I still have my wings on, and my glass slippers never even got too tight! (When I took them off at home? Ouch. Another matter.) 


I love this shot of Veronica. Seriously, she's as smokin' hot in light drag like this as she is in a little black dress. 


Bethany looks on approvingly as I selfie. 


Oh, my god, this. Every writer got a short story from a 4th grader. This was mine. It says, "A boy who got lost in the woods. He tumbles on a secret passage to another world. Then he has to fight a villan who is trying to hipnotize the bay area." 


Gigi's card, though? She had an amazing one. From memory, it said something very close to: "I don't know what I'm going to write. I don't know how it ends. I'm going to put in a lot of action." 

That's my current work-in-progress, summed up right there. 

I'm still kind of floating on air today. I'm the luckiest writer in the world, I really, really am. (And dearest Fairy Godmother, you might like to know that I heard through the NaNo grapevine that someone got wind of what you did and sent someone else who couldn't have gone otherwise, so your kindness to us is making ripples out there. xoxox.) 


So incredibly jealous, but I don't begrudge you a single, solitary moment. I will make it there one of the these years, with or without a fairy godmother. So glad you and Bethany were able to go again!

And I may have to steal your prompt next year. Too wonderful!

Your dress was Amazing. I think I complimented it every time I passed you!

Gotta love that fairy godmother. One of these years I will find out if I'm right about her identity.

Huzzah! What a great prom, errrrr, writing party!

love, love, love your dress!!

Marveling at the number of writers in one room!
There's no way they can expect people to sit and write...I would have to visit with EVERYONE.
You'll be surfing that tidal wave of creativity for weeks!
You and Bethany look great! You've found your signature dress style and Bethany is owning that hat!
It looks like such a fun night.
Clapping my hands for the Fairy Godmother!

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