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Winner! And Book Recommendations!November 2, 2013

THANK YOU for the book reviews! I love that y'all like Cora's Heart as much as you do. The reviews and the emails are amazing and when I get one, I do a little spin in my chair. My chair is almost spun out, I'm telling you. Might need a new chair. 

Randomly drawn winner of $50 book certificate: Anna, who's been reading me for ages and is always the first person to ask me "When is it coming out in the UK?" (I love it when long-time readers win things. Don't forget to sign up for my mailing list to be on the random win list! Sometimes I just send a book I like to a random winner! I'll probably do that again next week!) 

What I've Been Reading:
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Everyday Hero: A Darling Bay Short Story - If you like my writing, you might like Lila Ashe's -- she writes small-town California firefighters, set in a place called Darling Bay which reminds me very much of Cypress Hollow. (Firefighter romance is funny to me because I see firefighters as loud little boys who never got over their fixation on fire engines. Lila seems to know them, though.) This was a funny very short story (free on most platforms!) that introduces the town a bit... (There's one whole book about a dispatcher! Oooh!)



The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty -  I'm about 70% done with this, and I love it. It hits all my buttons -- a slow, intent look at family life, a secret that blows up, and female characters fully explored and realized... I'm reading slowly to make this Australian gem last.



Love on Main Street - A bunch of people I know - It's possible that I and my friends made up a fictional mountain town called Snow Creek and wrote a whack of interconnected stories set at the holidays. It's also quite possible I chose to write about the yarn store owner. As I do. It turned out even more darling than I thought it would, and I had high hopes. I have talented friends, yo.



Human Remains - Elizabeth Haynes - You know that when I talk about books, I like to present a wide variety. This is nothing like anything above dark, and it's incredibly gory (I even had to skip over a section when I was eating a gyro, and I'm a dispatcher and not much grosses me out--I can listen to people vomiting while eating oatmeal). (Oh, my god, was that too much? Maybe. Okay, if it was too much, though, don't read this book. Otherwise:) and SO GOOD. If you like  Gillian Flynn (which I do, Gone Girl not as much as Sharp Objects), you'll like this British serial killer novel. 


All summer I've been reading Kingsolver's The Lacuna, putting it down at its big section breaks to read new from the library The Burgess Boys, Night Film, and, on the Kindle, YOUR Cora's Heart. Like all the women in post-war America, I'm in love with Mexamerican author Harrison Shepherd, to whom Kingsolver gives some might writing chops. Frida & Diego, Trotsky, and stenographer Violet Brown have their own lovely orbits around HS. Rich and immersive!

Just to let you know I am thorougly enjoying Love on Main Street. Reading it slow, to make it last. :)

well, damn, Love on Main Street is now on my Kindle and several more books on my wish list! Thanks so much for the prize, receiving money to spend on books is possibly the greatest prize ever (yarn money might tie!).

Dang it, apparently I have more books to buy.

Currently half-way through Mira Grant's most recent novel, Parasite, and loving it as I do all her work. Also enjoyed Seanan Mcguire's Indexing, which is a very dark look at fairy tales.

Thanks for the reading suggestions. I'm always looking for good things to read in between your releases!

Woohoo! Love on Main Street for 99¢ on amazon...what a surprise!

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