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A Merry OctopusDecember 24, 2013

Lala loves octopuses. (This is the correct pluralization. Did you know that? Actually, if one were going to pluralize it with its Greek base, it would be octopodes, not octopi -- that would be correct if it were Latinate in origin, which it is not.) 

I do not love octopuses. I think they are creepy and way too smart and will someday rule the earth. If your neurons are big enough to play jacks with, they are too big. (Now, THAT was creepy.) And I know a LOT about octopuses, since Lala talks about them almost non-stop. For example, I know that their eye-slits are horizontal, no matter the position of their bodies. Ick. 

But I do love Lala. Lots. So I made this for her Christmas present. 

2013-12-24 09.43.55-1

I believe she was surprised. 

2013-12-24 09.46.00-1

2013-12-24 10.24.44-1

I tell you, making those suckers and THAT EYE was weird. And the pattern (Embrace) was written in only one size, so I had to do a lot of math and gauge-guessing. But it fits her perfectly. 

2013-12-24 10.25.03-1

She looks terribly good-looking in it, doesn't she? 


We've had a FANTASTIC Christmas so far (we're celebrating today, since I work Xmas proper and Boxing Day) and I got a ton of wonderful things like speakers and jewelry and a NEW SWIFT AND BALL WINDER because mine have been broken for literally years and years. 

Now we're going to the Legion of Honor to see the Anders Zorn exhibit and then we're going to go to a dark bar and play Quiddler and then we're going to eat whatever we want at whatever restaurant we pick. I REALLY like today. And Lala. As my Cari Luna says, "When someone knits an octopus sweater for you, there is absolutely no need to question how much you're loved."

Yep. Merry whatever you celebrate to you and yours. xoxo


I'm not a big fan of octopuses but I LOVE that sweater! And Lala does look great in it! How did you manage to keep it a secret? She does look very surprised!

Merry Christmas to you both!

Wow! That is an awesome sweater!

It turned out impressively perfect!!!!
Merry Christmas to both of you!

WOW - that is some fabulous work! Merry/Happy and XO to you both!

That is truly an awesome sweater. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Flippin' made my day! Those photos are fantastic -- the surprise, the happiness, the glee -- and the love of the knitter oozing out of every whatever-those-things-are-called on the every tentacle (Lala knows!) and even out of THAT EYE! So so awesome. Lots of love to you both. I hope you have a great night and find something fabulous to eat. XOXOX

The sweater is amazing! I'm not an octopus fan, either, but the sweater turned out great! Cari is absolutely right. I'm sure Lala has no doubts about your love for her.

Merry Christmas!

I bow down to your abilities. That is amazing. Now I have to go look at that pattern. Merry Christmas! I'll be working tomorrow and the rest of this week...answering the phone.

This is the best thing ever. I LOVE the tentacles wrapping around her arm!

I used to be indifferent to octopuses but what is that about the eye-slit and jack playing????

That was truly a labor of love with the sweater and Lala looks great, but then she always does.

Thanks for the pictures I can see Lala loves it so just as I know you would have loved knitting it for her
What is the next project for you, I am making another shawl in Wollmeise,
Merry Christmas girls have a wonderful time together and the happiest of new years

OMG, that sweater is freaking amazing. I cannot imagine doing such a complicated pattern. It turned out to be stunning and does look perfect on Lala. She certainly looks thrilled to be wearing it.

I have never seen anything like that sweater. What an amazing work or art. It took a huge amount of talent to do that. Congratulations!

Merriment He-Hu's! What a perfect day!
Thanks for sharing the pix. The sweater is SO SO LALA! Really. Seeing Lala and THE SWEATER. Got it.
(I'm sure you were relieved the eye slit was horizontal.) She's so happy she's going to stretch the stitches!
It's rather amazing-all those years we spend deep in thought about what our defining moment will be-when the world truly SEES us; our love, humor, generosity, brilliance, devotion, sacrifice, courage and universal awesomeness. A daring rescue? A clever invention/solution? An inspiring speech?
Even better. A S.W.E.A.T.E.R.
The power of a handknit...magical.
Warmest wishes to you and yours for a truly joyous season.

And a special THANK YOU and the rest of the crew working the holidays to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

xoxo to you both!

Great sweater! Have a very Happy Holiday!

WOW! You did a fabulous job on that octopus sweater!!! I've never really given much thought to octopodes, except that they are way too chewy for me. Sorry, that probably grossed you out.
But even I would sport that amazing sweater! Great job!

Thank you for sharing. The octopus sweater is gorgeous. And indeed - Lala looks good-looking in it. Merry Christmas. Have a safe & wonderful evening.

That may be the most awesome sweater ever!

You were my last stop before starting to cook up tortillas for our traditional Christmas Eve taco feed, and you just made my whole week. Thanks for that, and Merry Christmas to both of you!

WANT WANT WANT! *runs to stash*

Wow, that sweater is magnificent; I'm in awe of the sweater math for a perfect fit, the design and the knitting of it. Hope you're having a Merry Christmas today!

Great, great sweater!,

I love seeing how much Lala loves it. it looks amazing on her!!!


That is a FANTABULOUS sweater. I'm currently crocheting feverishly at my husband's Christmas present, which is only a stuffed toy, so I am super impressed that you made AN ENTIRE SWEATER without being caught.

I work on secret projects on my lunch hour and weekends, when my husband works. When do you find the time for yours?

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas to you, Lala, and all the creatures!

The happiness and love you two have is beyond words. Merry Christmas!!

That is one awesome sweater, you're one awesome knitter, and Lala is one awesome person to deserve a sweater like that! You'll soon be immune to the ickiness that is octopuses, because I bet she'll wear it a LOT! Did I say it is awesome? Happy Christmas!

That is the coolest sweater I have ever seen.

You win the knitter gift award, hands down. My husband is in awe, too. He said, "Wow. Release the Krakken!"

Holy crap! That is a FABULOUS sweater. What a labor of love.

That's amazing! I can feel that love all the way over here :)

That sweater is insanely fabulous. Lala's a really lucky gal that you like her so much that you knit a creepy octopus sweater. Very lucky, indeed.

The sweater looks amazing, and I love how happy Lala looks! Isn' that the best part, when we make things for the people we love? I love that part. It makes all the knitting worth it.

Holey moley! That is THE most amazing sweater!! And it fits her perfectly. You rock!

Happy Christmas Rachel, and WOW. That jumper is a real gift of love, and evidence of your wonderful talents (even finding the pattern...). Thanks for sharing them with us. Judith

Oh man, that is the most awesome octopus sweater in the history of picture sweaters, no in the history of ANY sweaters. I can just imagine Lala telling someone, "Rachel MADE ME THIS for christmas, there is only one like it in the whole world... yep, truly one of a kind... just like her."

Glad you had good holidays (and yay! for the swift and ballwinder)

OMG! That is amazing! You are a better person than me. I can imagine all the dangling bobbins and you did it in secret? Wow.

Happy seasonal stuff to you too. As a fellow holiday worker, one celebrates when one can and enjoys. If you like sparkly jewelry the Bulgari exhibit (de Young) is quite lovely and doable before a good lunch - ask me how I know.

Great sweater! And wonderful photos. I love Quiddler. We play it with friends all the time.

Oh! That sweater! You actually made that sweater!

Lucky Lala!

Happy Merry New Year!

How do you share a house and keep a sweater project secret? That isn't exactly a project you could finish in a few hours of alone time.

I love the sweater and it sure looks like you love does, too.

Oh good grief, that is an amazing sweater!! And she looks fabulous in it!!

um, WOW. I'm really beyond words. Who knew a pattern for such a thing even existed? I love when a gift is right on the money. Looks great!

Adding a WOW to the wow's over that sweater. I really should get out of my sock rut and do something daring so that when I find my Lala, I can make her something like that sweater! Wow.

I love when I get to see amazing things like this. (Both the amount of love you have for each other and the sweater.)

My sister would die for a sweater like that. I wonder if I love her that much...

That sweater is amazing. I would have that tattooed on my body - amazing. And in secret? You are the master!

That is the most awesome sweater I have ever seen! You did an excellent job. I feel better about the world knowing that there are fabulous octopus sweaters in it.

How did you like the Zorn exhibit? I liked it -- what an amazing watercolorist, but I really liked those society protraits -- thw woman on yellow sofa, and the woman in red on the red sofa. Red!

It is officially official now. You are the best wife ever. Lala has always known this and now the rest of the world does.
And according to Pogo (by Walt Kelly) the correct plural is octopods. If I recall correctly.

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