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Bookplates! December 3, 2013

An exhausting day with many, many words written, some of which I will probably end up keeping, woot! I love these late fall days, where the cold is actually a thing, and every time you step outside, you can smell woodsmoke, even in a metropolis like Oakland where it's mostly illegal to burn wood (I say mostly because NO ONE polices that. Go ahead. I won't tell on you. I want to sniff it). 

I would like, someday, to be in the snow. In a cabin, or a snug house, watching snow drift down while I knitted or wrote. (I've been reading May Sarton's Journal of a Solitude, and it shows.) Preferably Lala would be in the kitchen cooking for me or, even better, drawing while our snow-cabana boy cooked for both of us! Doesn't that sound wonderful? 

In my exhausted snowless day, though, I had a really good mail day that you should know about. 

I got this scarf WHICH I LOVE: 

Photo copy 2

It's from Storiarts, and it's from Little Women, a book I could probably read backward, sentence by sentence, and still love. (The artist makes Anne ones! But I'm just as fond of Jo.) Also, it's not knitted out of wool, which means maybe I'll be able to wear it in this temperate clime.

And I got BOOKPLATES! (Writers, I told you I would report back on this. I am. You should do this.) 

They're awesome. 

Photo copy


Signed Bookplates

The tan one on the left is for the American version of Pack Up the Moon, and the green one goes with the Australia/New Zealand version. And you can have either signed (or both! because I'm nice) just for preordering a copy of it (see left sidebar for links). Just shoot me an email at yarnagogo at gmail telling me you've preordered, with your mailing address, and I'll get it to you! You'll probably get several bookmarks, too, because I've got LOTS of those.

For those curious, they're from Moo. They're the rectangular stickers, and they make great, high quality inexpensive bookplates. I just created the images in Photoshop and dragged and dropped them in. ("Just!" As if learning Photoshop has been easy! It hasn't! But don't I sound cool?) 

Okay. I'm going to drink a glass of wine and cook some pork chops for Lala because she'll be home soon and we have neither cabana boy nor snow. But we have fun. 

(And THANK YOU, those of you who already love the Eliza Carpenter story (see prior post). I'm thrilled and seriously, honestly humbled by your reaction.) 

(OMG! I forgot to tell you about my new Ravelry group! You want to be in it! Because we hang out and chat! It's fun!) 

* Holy wow. Just heard from Mandy: "I preordered pack up the moon awhile back when you first posted, but here's the rub! It's a kindle version because I read those a bunch! So a bookplate is a pretty waste of postage for me! But I would LOVE if you would use the postage on a Christmas card for a soldier in honor of my brother in law who deployedyesterday!"

Link: American Red Cross Holiday Mail

I will do this, instead, if you don't want the bookplate because you're preordering in e-version. What a lovely thing. 


I love your new scarf!! I really, really would love to have an Anne one. And the book plates look great! Very literary looking.

And I love the feeling when you're writing and you can just tell that these words are keepers. I feel smart.

I've been meaning to tell you how much I love the cover of Pack Up the Moon. Every time I see it it makes me smile and I want to have a seat at that magical looking table. Can't wait for the book to be out.

I love the book scarf idea! And thanks for reminding me about Little Women - I think it's time I re-read that book.

I also love the signed book plate idea. You're very sweet to send them out for free. I can't wait til Pack Up the Moon comes out.

is England too far to pay for postage to? I preordered the book (it's not out here forever, pout) a while back. Totally understand if it's too expensive to send!

Hey Rachel,
I am wayyyyyyyy behind on blog-reading and I have not left you any comments in ages.
So, I just learned of your sad Digit news. He will be greatly missed. I also noticed you said you still have two cats, I must have missed some other sad news (or perhaps you just did not share it?) You have my sympathies for that one too, I know too well how tough it is.
Take care,

Just preordered your book! Can't wait to read it! Happy post holiday knitting :)

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