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Eliza's HomeDecember 1, 2013

I wrote Eliza Carpenter's love story. 


This novella is really special to me. Eliza Carpenter has been present in all the Cypress Hollow novels, but I had to travel back to 1940s Cypress Hollow to find out how she met Joshua. 

Eliza is much smarter than I am. She always has been. Those quotes at the top of the chapters? If they don't come from Eliza,  I have no idea where they come from, because half the time when I reread them I have no memory of writing them. 

It was a total joy to hang out with her. (Her story, truthfully, surprised me. I didn't know her backstory until she told me, and I'm glad I get to tell you.) 

ELIZA'S HOME is available here:

Paper | Kindle | Nook | Kobo | iBooks

UK: Paper | Kindle

AU/NZ:  Paper | Kindle 
(with a darling different cover -- don't both of the covers look a little Anne-ish?)


 (If a link above is not live, then it's coming within a day or two -- some vendors are slower than others to catch up.) 

(Oh, my gosh, I'm SO EXCITED!) 


The covers look super Anne-ish!! Love it when a character gets a back story.

My goodness, you've been busy! Can't wait to read this AND Pack Up the Moon!

Wow! I can't read to read about Eliza and Joshua!

Rachael will Cora's Heart and this new novella ever be available as paperbacks on Barnes & Noble?

Bought it Saturday-sat down and "tearfully" read it.
More, more, more please. I love "living" in Cypress Hollow and want to read all about Eliza and Joshua's life together.

I love that you didn't know the story until they told it to you. I love that you don't remember writing some of the quotes. Most of all, I love that you love doing this enough to share it with the rest of us. :-)

Just bought this on my kindle. Can't wait to read it after my knitting group tonight! It feels like perfect timing.

I am so excited, already downloaded and hopefully will get to read tonite!

I just finished reading Eliza's Home. Her story touched me in so many ways. I LOVE stories that end happy! I cried. Thank you for another great read.

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