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ARC Giveaway!January 15, 2014

Penultimate is one of my favorite words, mostly because the only reason it exists is because someone like me said, "You know what I love? Not just the thing itself, but I love the thing right before that last part." 

I love the wedding rehearsal. That's when I cry. I love dress rehearsal, too, for the insane jitters and excitement. I loved my practice marathon even more than the real thing, even though both were 26.2 miles. 


And I love getting the advanced readers copies of my new books in the mail. It's even more exciting that the actual real copies themselves. (If you have any interest in watching how freaking crazy I freaked right the freak out when I saw my first ARCs, you can click here.) 

ARCs are Not For Sale. They are often not pretty, being wrapped in plain paper. They have typos, sometimes brand new ones! But they are you, when you wake up in the morning, unshowered, no makeup, really YOU, so incredibly gorgeous with those flaws in that fragile human body.

I feel so tenderly toward my ARCs, especially this one, the book of my heart. I'm sending Kate, such a flawed mother, out into the world. Nolan, sweet, broken Nolan, will be seen by the public. And their daughter Pree . . . *falls to the ground wailing*  My babies!  *clutches books to breast*

I'm giving my last five away, randomly drawn in seven days on Tuesday the 21st. Two will go to people who comment on this post and three will go to people drawn from my mailing list. Take care of them if you get them, would you? For me? 


Thank you for doing this and giving me a chance to win.

I would love to read your book. Your heart is quite compelling...what you write can only be a reflection.

I promise to take excellent care of a copy, were you to send one to me.

I have never seen an ARC in person, but am interested. Also, you've been talking up this book for so long that the anticipation is about killing me! :) Thank you for letting some of us read it early!

Love your books and blog. Thank you for offering the giveaway.

I have a signed copy of How to Knit A Love Song. You signed it for me at Stitches South. I would love to have a signed copy of Pack Up The Moon.


I would take REAL good care of the yarn...! Thanks for the chance to win!

I would love an ARC! Congratulations on the release of your new book!

What a sweet thing to do! Me pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease! Shamelessly begging.

I will protect your ARC with my life, should I be so lucky and privileged to be awarded one. It's been wonderful watching you develop as a writer. I hope you feel better soon!

Ahh I can't wait for this book!!!

Oo la la! (I guess ooo Lala! also applies?) ARCs are fun. I would get them sometimes when I worked at a Big Chain Bookstore. Wow, that was a while ago now...when I first moved to the area. Good times! I'd love to give yours a home with me. So I can love it and squeeze it and call it Awesome.

I would totally take good care of an ARC.

You're so sweet, always running ARC giveaways!

I share you love of ARCs. They just feel special. I also entered on Goodreads so my fingers are crossing in lots of directions.

I LOVE the video. I think I've read all your books. Just started Cora's Heart last night and wondered if you have a spinning wheel. And now I know you do! Saw it in the video. Plus, LOVE your shirt. I did the Women's Nike Marathon and didn't get such a nice shirt. Did get a Tiffany necklace from a studly young man in a tuxedo. Woo-hoO! Such a fun video. Love your enthusiasm and quirkiness!

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