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RestJanuary 10, 2014


My publisher is giving away 25 copies of Pack Up the Moon! Make sure you're entered! WOOOO! 

In other news: 

Holy crap, y'all. My new word REST? Is working so well. I mean, I'm jumping the gun and all since it's only ten days into the new year, but consciously thinking "I have to rest today" means I'm kind of getting it done, even though I've been insanely productive, also. I've taken to flopping. I flop onto the couch, the floor, onto my back on the bed. Then I just lie there for a while. It's REALLY nice. Who knew? (Oh, well, I should have listened to you. Story of my life.) 

Anyway, welcome to the newly designed Yarnagogo digs. I wanted a static home page with my newest book on it, so that's where you might have landed first. For the seven of you left reading RSS feeds, you might have to redirect your pointer here. I still use a reader, too, but I swear I forget it exists for months at a time (thanks for NOTHIN', Google Reader. RIP). The blog is not dead! It might be on life-support, though. I still love my blog a LOT, though. *pats blog*

Right now, I'm listening to Passenger's "Let Her Go" while the dogs bark at the workers outside. We're getting a new gate! And our fence reinforced! We have new neighbors, very nice ones, who have ENORMOUS dogs and Clementine would love nothing more than to get under our fence at them. Can't let that happen! 

I just got home from the 911 job, and now I'm going to get some writing done before my darling friend Stacey Jay comes over to take home a wee chihuahua I found hit by two cars earlier this week. Story HERE.


He's such a darling cuddly boy, and I wish I could keep him, but we can't. Three dogs is enough. And Stacey's been wanting a chihuahua! Her husband said, though, that she could only have one if she, like, found one that had been hit by car or something. Ha! Take that, universe! I knew once he started throwing names out there, they were SUNK. Hopefully he'll get along well with kids (the chihuahua, not her husband) but we won't know that till she takes him home. Otherwise, I'll take the little dude back and foster him till we find a home.

Back at the words. And maybe a satsuma! And later, rest!



Meeting Stacey. He loved her immediately. 

IMG_0824 - Version 2

*fingers crossed!* 


Always schedule into your day Rachael Time. It is very important! Waiting until I can get a paper copy of your book. I don't think Canadians can take advantage of the latest contest/offer but I could be wrong. I hope that the wee chihuahua will have a fabulous home with Stacey Jay! He looks like a love - wish I lived much closer! I hope he will have a happy and long life! Take care, Rachael and hi to Lala!

Yay. Such wonderful news! You're an angel for sure.

Oh. My. Gawd.

Look at the little smile on his little poochie face! GAH. *scritches under the ears*

(Seriously, I'm with you on the pet-neglect rage. If you can't look after your pet's needs, it is time to rethink pet ownership. The End.)

He is so CUTE!

Rachael, quit your day job.....my vet has at least twenty pic's of cutie chiwa's looking for homes. I have placed a few, however have run out of friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers, not to mention unsuspecting people on the street that will even consider another dog/cat! Your skills are needed in "dog rescue 911".....wonderful story, thank you!xo

Yeah, Love already. Stacey may have to teach the kids about Chihuahuas though, lol. We are almost ready to go lookin' for "our new dog" at a shelter. We lost our furry friends a couple of years ago (not at the same time) and we are now realizing that we may be ready to love another. :)

Oh, that makes me miss my little chi so much! But we're at capacity too, three dogs is almost too many!

I do still read you via a reader. I will adjust my subscription forthwith! I switched to Inoreader after google reader went away.

Now, THAT is one lucky dog. I think I'd name him Lucky.

Keep the blog on life support!

I know you're posting a lot of places but they're passing (short) thoughts not DEEP (blogish) thoughts.

You bring some great topics to the blog-knitters are complex creatures, yo.

Your post about depression is still making its rounds and is surfacing in other groups of friends.
We're almost at 5 full hours of daylight now-you'd think depression would be an open topic up here where the amount of daylight is on time & temperature as well as the nightly news- but it's still a 'whisper word'.
But thanks to you,it's gaining a louder,stronger voice-and giving people a point to start talking from. Sometimes that's all people need. Look what you started!

Now we're talking about responsibility as a human companion to furry friends. (Really Rachael-you gained some serious karmic points on that one.)

Great discussions and connection come from great thoughts.

HERE is where you are-and here is where your new readers get to know YOU.

And our lives are all a little bit richer for it.

You a go go girl!

Yes, what they all said. I don't check in with your blog more often because I get busy and forget. So, Facebook reminders are perfect. Did I ever tell you that we went to a hardware store in New Orleans where one room upstairs was dedicated to photos of the store owners' dog in parade regalia? I think I did. There was a Jackie Kennedy costume, Elvis Presley, can't remember the rest. It was fun to see.

Oh yes. . . the rss feed. I forgot about that. Just signed up. Now I won't miss a single blog post. Yippee! Marlene

I read the RSS feed! Please don't kill it... All my RSS feeds are my favourite lunchtime reading! And hey, you still post more regularly than I manage. :)

Who's a gooooood doggie? scritch scritch

Luckily, that time our dog went through the fence, he visited the back neighbors who don't have dogs anymore. I was horrified. And totally forgot to give him my phone number in case it ever happened again with no one home.

I hope that ended up being his new forever home. He's a cutie and your friend is lovely.

Cannot WAIT for the new book. Already ordered.

Oh my god, that story is the cutest. Hope the new home works out, but even if it doesn't, his life is so much better for having come into your sphere. That last photo is great :)

Feedly.com is the RSS feed I switched to when Google Reader died. It took me a few days to get used to the look and feel, but I actually like it better! You should check it out. :-)

Hi Rachael, I was just wondering, since you have so many connections, I have 2 kitties that need homes, 1 is a FIV positive cat Orange long fur, the other one is a very shy blk/whi long fur Sylvester looking cat, (really looks just like him).................If you have anyone in mind, please let me know. Flip side, How have you been? Looks like your busy as always. Things same with me, just more stressed,tired,sick of working. Jillian is working for Norcal ambulance and Lynee had another baby, he's 2 now. Well God Bless and I miss you. Love Trisha

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