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Winners and a Recipe! January 21, 2014

Because who doesn't love a crock pot recipe? If you don't have a slow cooker, you should get one because there is nothing better than coming home after a long day and the house smells like it's been cooking for you while you've been gone. AMAZEBALLS. Also, they're like fifteen bucks if you catch a sale. And they don't heat up the kitchen. But you knew that already, probably. 

But first: the lucky winners of the PACK UP THE MOON advanced reader's copy have been emailed and they are...

Pat L and Snow! <--- from comments

K. Barry, D. Hunt, and Shelda! <---- from my subscription list

Thanks for entering, y'all, and don't forget, you can still enter to win one of twenty-five copies over at Goodreads

Speaking of Lucky-AKA-Greg, that wee chihuahua from two posts ago? He's doing really well in his hopefully-forever home. He's such a cuddlebug. 

Much like Clementine and Clara are world-champion cuddlers: 

Photo-2 copy 2

Yes, though Clementine is the cuddliest dog in the world, she often looks  that worried. You know what she's worried about? She's worried we won't give her roast beef in the next five minutes, because that's what she believes should happen. Cooked crab would do, too. Or prime rib! Shrimp! Or pineapple pork al pastor! 


Pineapple Pork al Pastor for Taco Night!

(A friend modified a recipe which I then threw around the kitchen, and I honestly have no idea where it originated, forgive me. But now it's yours. Don't let the pineapple throw you off -- the dish isn't overly sweet or tangy -- the pineapple containes bromelain which breaks down the pork and makes it soft and juicy. It's also fun to say. Bromelain. Try it.) 


3-4 lbs pork shoulder, bone removed

One half to a whole pineapple, diced (it's not hard) or use a can or two if you don't have fresh (I use the whole pineapple)

1 jalapeño, diced

couple of cloves of garlic, chopped

1 white onion, diced

healthy dash of chili powder

4 tbs of cumin 

salt to taste

some canned chipotle peppers, mashed, with their sauce (I use about half the can)

1/2 cup water 

1/4 cup OJ or white vinegar

Throw it all in the crock pot before you leave the house! Turn it on low all day! Come home and warm some corn tortillas (or just put your fillings on a plate because you can't be bothered with the tortilla, that works too). Fill your soft tacos with this heavenly pork, avocado, a little chopped red cabbage, a bit of sriracha mayo or cheese or both, and DIE of bliss. Okay, don't die. But enjoy. 


Going to have to give that a try! Grats to the winners!! Any idea if I can look for an ARC on NetGalley anytime soon?

Thanks so much, Rachael! What a lovely surprise. When your e-mail came in, I was just reading FB and almost flipped (in a good way) LOL We have e-mailed already :-) Hope you will feel better soon and send the creeping crud somewhere else! Take care.

Congrats to the winners! And thank you for the crock pot recipe. Crock pots are the best! Love the poochie photo too. :)

I love crockpot stuff. So easy and tasty! I've made a lot of stuff that isn't stewy/soupy too. Foil packets with fish and they are awesome!

Definitely giving the recipe a try! You have never let me down in the food or literary department!! xoxo

I knew as soon as I saw that recipe that I would be having it this weekend! Sure enough, I showed it to Hubby (the cook) and he'll have it cooking while we move back into our house! Yippee!

Looks wonderful! Putting it on my crock-pot list. I love, Love, LOVE my crockpot!

I really won!!Thank you Rachael! Can't wait to read your newest labor of literary love.
and you mindreader...I was going to email a request for the pineapple al pastor..and here it is!
A new read and a new recipe. Ahhh bliss.

Thank you. I loathe cooking and am always grateful for a crockpot recipe. I also loathe wasting money; ergo, I wonder if "4 tablespoons of cumin" is a typo. Seems like a lot.

Thanks for the recipe! I tried it this week and it's a keeper with a couple of changes (of course!). I pulled the pork out at the end of the cooking process and dumped the sauce into a pan and cooked it down for about 20 minutes. The sauce thickens and the flavors intensify, and bonus, makes it way easier to skim the fat (lots of fat!!) off the top while it simmers away. While the sauce was reducing I broke the pork up a bit. After the sauce looked good, I salted it liberally (almost too much to my taste!) and dumped the shredded pork back into the sauce and mixed it up. WOW. There's definitely a bit of heat, but the two year old loved it so clearly it wasn't too too spicy (but he's 1/2 Korean so your mileage may vary). :)

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