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Lucky Greg Update and Winner! February 18, 2014

Sorry it's been quiet 'round these parts. I'm in triage mode of launching a book and turning in a new book (to be published next year), and if it's not spurting arterial blood from my To Do list, I'm having to pass things by with longing looks.

But some things are important. You remember Lucky Greg, the chihuahua who was hit by two cars? I'm babysitting him while his adoring forever family is out of town, and OH MY GOD. For the first time, I understand the appeal of a lap dog. I kind of want this cuddly, happy, leaping, spinning crazy nutjob of a dog in my lap all the time, wherever I am. (I kind of already have two lap dogs who live here, Miss Idaho and Clementine. But Lucky is so FIERCELY cuddly.) 

The intro to the girls went as well as it could. All three of our female dogs have checked him, and the leg-humping is finally subsiding. Thank god. Kira K was over last night, and said, "I've been conditioned so long to think of a male's aggressive sexual advance as wrong that I want him to stop that! Right now!" 

Here he is, being submissive (finally) to Clementine, and what I love is Clementine's WHAT THE HELL IS THIS NOISE look. 


He really is the most darling boy, and he slept like a CHAMP last night in his crate. 



(Driving home from the dentist earlier today I saw a wee dead dog at the side of the road near where I found Lucky and I was SO SAD and so angry at all the people who let their dogs run around in our busy area. We have two neighbors who let their dogs out every morning and every evening to run in the streets so they can do their business. We've talked to them--they're unwilling to walk their dogs on leashes. They told Lala, "Don't worry, they're fast." Those dogs won't last long. GRRRR SO MAD.) 

On to happier things: 

Did I mention I finished a sweater? I did. 

It's Amy Herzog's CustomFit (take your measurements, make your sweater any way you like!) and I don't have any great photos of it, but here's one I just shot, with a Clara cameo. 

Photo on 2-18-14 at 10.21 AM #4

Ravelry post HERE

Oh! Let's draw a winner for Larissa Brown's BEAUTIFUL WRECK (which you have to read - check those comments, already full of people who read it and loved it). Winner: Maureen! I've emailed you. 

And I just counted the days till PACK UP THE MOON launches.  FOURTEEN DAYS FROM NOW.

*hyperventilates* *pant* *pant*

I have a BUNCH of places I'm going to be reading, and I'm going to be at Stitches West (not with MOON, sadly, since it won't be out yet, but I'll have Cora's Heart and Eliza's Home to sign) in the Verb booth, so come grab me and give me a hug! 


With Sophie Littlefield 
Diesel Books, Oakland, CA - Book Launch Party!
Thursday March 6, 7pm  

Barnes & Noble, San Luis Obispo CA
Saturday March 8, 11am

With Sophie Littlefield and Gigi Pandian 
Read Books, Danville CA 
Thursday March 13, 7pm 

Women and Children First, Chicago IL 
Tuesday March 18, 7pm 

New Bo Books, Cedar Rapids IA 
Wednesday March 19, 7pm 

IndyReads, Indianapolis IN
Friday March 21, 7pm

The Learned Owl Book Shop, Hudson OH
Saturday March 22, 1pm

Ben McNally Books, Toronto ON
Monday March 24, 6pm


Yay! I finally get to go to Stitches again instead of traveling (poor me). I'll look for you on Saturday. XO

Still waiting to see Barnes & Noble, Victorville, CA show up on the list.

Love that sweater. I just don't know how people have the concentration and attention span to finish a sweater. Boggles the mind ...

Holy Lord! You are going to be in Indianapolis! That gave me goose bumps! I so very much can not wait to hear you read from this AMAZING (amazing amazing amazing) book!

Irresponsible pet owners make me very cranky! I think I finally got through to the new renters next door that their puppy is NOT welcome to come visit the beasties after I tied her to their porch (I have talked to them multiple times and explained why not. Next visit will mean a trip to the pound). Does your area not have a leash law?

Lovely sweater.

But, but, but.....come to Seattle!

I love Clementine's hip check to keep him off her. Very slick.

Dogs off leashes make me really sad too. It's just such a thing for me.

Hugging my puppers extra tight tonight for you.

PA??? Please?!? As in, Philly or Harrisburg, or Lancaster???? :-)

Consider a stop in Madison some time. Room of One's Own is a great woman's bookstore. I promise to show up and bring my friends!

Go Clemmie! No means no!

Aww. If you were going to Stitches South, I would have gone just to see you.

I'll see you in Cedar Rapids! Looking forward to it.

I hope to be able to meet you one day in San Diego. Love your books, your blog, your lovely attitude.

The book tour look excellent - congratulations!
I won't be in Toronto the day you are here. Sorry I can't buy you a coffee this time.
BTW that sweater is also excellent.
safe travels

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