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Book TourMarch 15, 2014


I've never been on book tour before. I'm having a problem not dropping it into every conversation I have.

"Why, yes, I do like artichoke soup. I surely do hope I can find some when I'm on BOOK TOUR."

"Oh, sure, I can lend you my favorite pencil (Papermate Sharpwriter), but only if you give it back to me before my BOOK TOUR." 

"The cat threw up on the couch? Again? THERE ARE NO CATS ON BOOK TOUR." 

But honestly, I think I'm going to love being on book tour. <---See? I just did it again! I can't help myself.


I've already done two gigs in the Bay Area and one in San Luis Obispo, all of which were AWESOME and nerve-wracking and embarrassing because I always tell too much about myself (like how NOW I'll mention (but didn't mention then) that at the beautiful Read Books in Danville (above), I forgot to turn off my phone because it's off 95% of the time and besides that, it never rings. So when it did (luckily, far away from me), I gave the area the ring was coming from a good glare. The nerve of that person!). 


I'm going around the Great Lakes, and I'm sorry in advance to those of you I won't get a chance to meet. I can't afford to do more than five stops for this book, so I chose five cities in the region I sell best in.

And I have to tell you -- I'm so excited. There's a part of me that just KNOWS I set this up because I have some revisions still to finish before I turn in my next standalone book in at the end of the month. (On the flip side, who does that? Who accidentally plans a book tour right before her next book is due? Sheesh.) 

But I'm going on a trip. Alone. I'm basically giving myself a writing retreat. Even with 5-7 hours of driving a day, it's still lots more time to write than I normally have, since I'm off work for eleven days. Lots of time by myself in plain, boring hotel rooms. Nothing to do but stare at my computer (if I were smart I wouldn't pay for wifi in the hotels but I don't know if I'm ready for that level of commitment). 

So if you're in or near Chicago, Cedar Rapids (in Iowa! I keep writing it wrong, even though I know where I'm going), Indianapolis, Hudson (OH), or Toronto, please come see me. (I'm having that terrible fear that at at least one of these, no one will show up. Oh, my god, that might be better than just one person showing up, because at least then I could run away and hide in my hotel room. But if only one person shows up, well... then I'll just have to take that person out for a drink. See what I'm doing here? I'm BRIBING you into being the only person who comes to one of my readings, therefore ten of you might think you're the only ones, and then BOY OH BOY you'll be there for the reading!) 

So, book tour. *gibbers* 

Please follow me on FB or Twitter to hear me babbling about how much MORE freaked out I will no doubt become. 

(And if you've already read Pack Up the Moon and left me a review (anywhere, not just Amazon), thank you. They are, literally, a lifeline for me right now. The book I'm working on now is at that gangly adolescent point, going through a phase of lobbing as many f-bombs at me whenever I open its door to tell it to clean its room. Knowing you loved this last book makes me feel like a writer. And seriously, if you've been on the fence about reading it? Go read some of those reviews. I sure don't always feel I deserve them all, but I sure am grateful for every one of 'em.) 


Dude! If you were coming anywhere NEAR Seattle I would totally come listen and take you out for a drink. And try (likely unsuccessfully) to stifle the fan girl squees. PUtM was your best yet, and I am so looking forward to your next effort. Enjoy your time off and time alone, and I will bet there will be plenty of friendly faces at all your events. Congrats.

So exciting, Rachael! Sorry I missed your local stop. I found out about it too late. Have a GREAT time! Scurrying off to check your new book!

Congratulations! If you where anywhere near me (central PA) I'd be there in a heartbeat! Enjoy and safe travels!

Tons of people will be there, and you will be amazing!

I hope you have a fabulous time, and that so many people show up you couldn't possibly buy drinks for them all. Congratulations on your real live awesome book tour!

Sadly, I will miss this book tour! :-( Toronto would be the closest place and that is about 1,000 miles from me now. Before I moved, it would have been 350 miles! A huge difference. Thinking of you and enjoying my copy of your book! Hugs, Sweetie! Any trips to Venice this year?

Have fun. I'm sure you will have good turnouts and interesting folks to meet.

When you get back you should pick up Adam Langer's 'The Salinger Contract' because it has a well-written though very discouraging book tours scene early in the book. The rest of the novel is a bitingly funny murder mystery set against a satirical look at the publishing industry.

Vancouver would be an excellent place for you to extend your **book tour**. Just sayin'.

You truly deserve every positive review you get...and if there are any not so positive ones then we KNOW they didn't even OPEN the book.
So glad you're getting to venture off and write more. Can't write fast enough for me...I want ANOTHER book now now now.
If you REALLY want to get away and write I know of a cabin in Alaska....just a plane ride away...

So...I need to talk up your book (more than I have), and convince a lot of people in this area to buy it (and I'm considering Baltimore to Philly to be 'this area')so that you will stop here on your next book tour? :-)

I had to laugh at your phone story, because that's SO me! My phone ringer is usually off AND I rarely get calls - except for the one time I'm in a class/meeting/quiet type event. Then, the ringer's on AND someone calls me! (I'm an introvert, so I really don't like talking on the phone.)

Congratulations! Have fun on your Book Tour

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