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Things I LikeApril 3, 2014

about being on book tour: 

1. You can stay in New Jersey with your amazing agent (and her darling kidlets!) and then take the train to Manhattan in the morning and write in a cafe just off 6th Ave, and then take an Uber to go to fancy lunch with your wicked smart editor. (There are many awesome things about that sentence, including the part during which I realized New Jersey is a state and not just a large city. If asked, I would have told you that. But I didn't really know it till this trip. I liked what I saw of you, NJ.) 


(Oh! I just remembered the first time I was ever in New York as a Real Writer. I had no book deal, no agent, but I did have a book being read by S&S as a result of that contest some of you remember me entering. I just reread that entry and it made me SO happy. This is why I write this blog, y'all. For that kind of memory.) 

2. Another thing I like about being on book tour is that you can stay the next night at the Jane, which is a pod hotel made from the bones of an old mariner's hotel (it's where the Titanic survivors stayed, and I've blogged about it before). It's under a hundred bucks, and you get a wee room barely bigger than the twin bed it holds

Photo-6 copy 4

(this is the whole room. The mirror helps.)

and the size of the room doesn't matter because...

3. ...because that night you're down the street having a drink with a friend and that drink turns into WAY too many drinks, and then you're tromping through the West Village (was there singing? There might have been singing!) and you're feeling so alive and you're in New York, and then you get back to the Jane and realize that you have to get up in five hours and there's no way you're going to live through the cab ride to the airport...


4. ...but it's not so bad because by all accounts, you should be dead of both a migraine and the shame, but instead your wife has brought all your migraine medicine to meet you at the airport (because you tend to get a migraine after even one glass of wine lately; this is going to be bad, so bad) and instead, you jump off the plane with a cheery wave and say, "Let's get In'n'Out! I want animal fries!" 

Book Tour Wrap Up

Honestly, there was very little not to love about Book Tour, including the fact that it's over and I can go back to being a 911-answering word slinger. I like my life as is. It doesn't need to be fancy. It often IS fancy, and I'm grateful for that. But mostly I'm glad for health, and happiness, and early (sober, headache-free) bedtimes and pile ups that happen on the couch that look like this:


(Yes, the pit bull is hiding under the chihuahua and the cat -- the thunder scared darlin' Clementine)

I'm grateful for all of it, including the fact that Lala and I just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary (can you believe it?). We're going up the coast for a couple of days and we're going to do a lot of nothing. I'm looking forward to it.  And to what comes after it, too. 


Those are all wonderful things to like! Thank you for sharing them with us. It sounds like you had so much fun on your book tour and the fact that you even got to do a book tour? Fabulous!

Happy anniversary to you two!

this post made me smile. thank you!

eight years already!!!! congratulations both on your anniversary and surviving/thriving the book tour!!!

Yay! I like that you like those things! Glad you had a good book tour. Happy anniversary to you and Lala!

Congratulations Rachael and Lala! I can't believe it has already been eight years! Here's to many, many more! I love the couch pile up with poor Clemmie on the bottom - hope she can breathe down there! What a happy couch! Glad that the book tour was a success but sad that you were not near me. Someday! Hugs!

Congrats on your anniversary! Here's to many more!

YaY! I am so happy the book tour was a success. Not happy that you didn't swing through the mitten state. I live right here *pointing at mitten state*.

Hope you both have a wonderful happy relaxing anniversary weekend!!! To many more years together of happiness!!!!!

thank's for your news ^___^

Congrats on all the fun experiences of your book tour! I must confess, for me, the best shot is the one of the 'dog'-umm, 'dog and cat' pile on the dog. Totally lovable. And congrats on 8 years too. Amaaaazing how fast the time goes, right?
Your blog post lifts my morning!

PS: love those black and white striped tights, girl.

No. I can't believe it!!


Have a great time at the coast. :)

Wonderful post! LOVED your book!

I so love the way you love life! My daughter and her wife are always running and having fun and it's just so wonderful to watch!

Happy Anniversary HeHus!! Really? 8 years? What a gift to be loved that long by choice! Wishing you many more happy years together!
And what a thoughtful partner to bring your headbanging meds to meet you-but then that's one of the many reasons you chose her right? (She's thoughtful that way)
Look at all the wonderfulness that was in the world to meet you and your latest book!! Just think that elite intimate gathering will be chatting about how they got to have you to themselves last time as the line winds round the block for your next book launch next year!
So what were you knitting on your tour? (And did you buy souvenir skeins from all your stops?)

Sounds like a super cool time. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary getaway!

Congratulations on your anniversary!

I just finished your new book and loved it! I couldn't put it down, actually. Thank you for many hours of wonderful reading.

Happy book tour, and belated congratulations on your anniversary!

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