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What Happened to the Fictional Clara?

So you've read How to Knit a Love Song and realized that Clara's ending remained unwritten -- you have a better eye than many of us! She got a little lost in a series of revisions, but rest assured that Clara is safe and sound. Abgail made sure she was in a secure spot, and we see her again in Book Two, hale and happy and eating various things that she shouldn't.

She says thank you for checking on her.



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Thank you! And love the picture, she's exactly as I imagined her, of course. Yay, Clara!

Woo hoo!

Nice to know my reading comprehension skills are still intact.

Yeah! I loved, loved, loved the book. Being able to read about knitting while recovering from hand surgery has been a sanity saver. I was so concerned about Clara that I got up at 3:00am to reread the last part. Glad to know that Clara will be back.

Ha! So glad to see this here. Was just debating with myself over how crazy it would seem to email you to ask if Clara was OK. So relieved that she is!

I read the ending twice to try to find out what happened to her. I'm so glad she's okay. :)

So happy to hear that Clara (though fictional) is alright, as well as that a book 2 is in the works! Loved the book and will be watching for news of the next one.

Thanks for pointing me here, Rachael. Clara's photo is great, and I'm so happy she's safe.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of her (and the rest of your characters, of course!) in Book Two - do you have a title and estimated release date yet? And maybe (I know, greedy greedy) a hint of whose story it will be?

Thank goodness, it really upset me that she was left in limbo. Now I can relax knowing she is safe. Enjoyed the book immensely, the characters are great, even the animals.

Hi there Rachael
I just finished reading your fab book and I truly adored it. Thankyou! My wife (Rachael Treasure) has written 4 novels here in Oz along the same type of themes and in similar settings as the ones you touch on. I loved Abigail and Cade, Tom, Janet and the mathematician seemed awesome fun as well. You must be a very fun character yourself and so perceptive not to mention gifted that you can write it all down so with such entertainment.
All the very best to you and your writing looking forward to the next one,
Cheers, John Treasure (Tasmania, Australia)

Thank GOD!! I just finished it last night and I had to re-read the last two chapters to see if I missed anything. I <3 that doggy!
Great book-I haven't been to bed before 11 in the last two nights-unfortunately I finished it!

I loved your book. Thanks for letting us know what happened to Clara. Looking forward to more of your books in the future.

I enjoyed your book very much. All the knitterly asides and understandings really made the book stand out for me. However I was distressed by losing Clara in the accident and never finding out if she died or what.

I am glad she is safe and sound. Hopefully for the second printing Clara will be put back into the ending.

phew... I realized this on my 2nd read, and planned to ask you about it tomorrow~!

Yay! No rainbow bridge for Clara! Thank you for reading & sharing at AVFKW the other day and for signing my copy. I went home and read it straight through! I'm still fanning myself. ;)

Thank you for answering...just finished the book last night and I was wondering the same thing ...Thanks for publishing in Kindle...I had downloaded this a week ago, but needed to finish up a few other books I had started...I started this late yesterday afternoon and could not stop reading...finished up last night...I am now ready for the second book!

Thank God! I just spent an extra 10 minutes in the bathtub trying to figure out what I missed and where she was! I don't see how she escaped if she was left in the truck, but that remains to be seen. . .

Oh, good! I meant to ask in the comment I just posted to your last blog post, but I forgot!

Thank goodness ... and what an awful editorial SNAFU. I went back and read and studied the last chapter again and again looking for what happened to Clara. Your editor needs a smack in the head.

Just finished the book and, like the others, went back to re-read the last chapters to find out whatever happened to Clara. Thanks so much for filling in the blanks. Can't wait to read book 2.

I just finished the book yesterday. Loved it but was dismayed that no one looked for Clara. Glad to know she made it.

Glad there is a second book and Clara will be in it.!!

thanks so much for the clara update on your website. it was a wonderful book, i enjoyed it so much i read it in one day! imagine the letdown when i didn't know what happened to clara. glad she survived the accident to make it into the next book.

So glad she survied the truck going down! lol Thats been on my mind since Cade entered the scene at the accident site!

Oh good!

I absolutely ADORED this book! I rarely read romance novels because I usually can't lose myself in the story but this one was unique and so well-written that I was sucked right in! And, oh my god, were those sex scenes hot. Damn! Very nice work. :) Now I have to buy a few more copies to lend out to friends. No way am I risking not getting my own copy back!

Hee Hee, I knew you would never let anything bad happen to her (unless it was important to the plot).

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