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What Happened to the Fictional Clara?

So you've read How to Knit a Love Song and realized that Clara's ending remained unwritten -- you have a better eye than many of us! She got a little lost in a series of revisions, but rest assured that Clara is safe and sound. Abgail made sure she was in a secure spot, and we see her again in Book Two, hale and happy and eating various things that she shouldn't.

She says thank you for checking on her.



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Oh Thank you! I apologize for my rant after finishing the book...I loved the book and actually loved the ending...all except wondering what happened to the dog! I even went back and reread a bit to see if I missed anything!

Can't wait for book 2!!

Phew! I worried all night after I finished reading the end of your novel {went back and re-red the last chapter to make sure I didn't miss it}.

wow - I feel truely among friends - I couldn't sleep after finishing and reread several times to make sure I hadn't missed anything about the poor dog; you do sort of read the accident and bridge collapse part pretty darn quickly 'cause you're holding your breath. I am so relieved that I'm not the only person who wanted to call you up immediately, wee hours of the morning and all, to make sure poor Clara didn't go down with the truck. What a nice doggy! whewwwww. Thanks for a great read! The sweater looks great, too, I've got the perfect yarn somewhere (sigh.)

Just finished reading this minute...absolutely loved it...stayed up last night reading waaaay too late!!! Can't wait until your new book is released. Thank you for posting about Clara. Read the ending twice to make sure I didn't miss it. Thank you for not leaving us hanging!!!

Whew, I just finished the book and was wondering about that.

I was very worried about Clara and commented to my children that I didn't know what happened to her after the accident. Thank you for clearing it up.

Thank goodness, I just read the book and can't stop thinking about Clara.

Thank you! I just read "How to knit a Love Song" in 2 days and found myself a little upset in the end when I didn't see what happened to Clara. I'm glad she is ok :)

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