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Beautiful, lovely pace. Gives background, present day and future all wrapped in newsprint and hope. Again like the first glimpse you gave readers back when it was 'just' a competition you were entering:0)you have left this reader wanting to know more and looking forward to 'just' the first book of many from a rather good author.


Bravo! I cannot wait to read the whole thing!

tina ambury

I can pre-order this with Amazon.co.uk. Yay! But they don't cite a release date yet.
On my wishlist :)

MaryB in Richmond

Wonderful!!! Makes me want to sit and spin ... outside. :-)


Pre-ordering today!

Marie Irshad

Wow! Just wow! Can't wait to read the rest of it :)


Excellent! I'm right there with her. Can't wait to read the whole thing!


Come on March- I want to read the rest!!!


Am so, so glad I have this on pre-order ....

Joan in Reno

I have mine preordered. Waiting... (Hurry up!)


I can't wait to buy this! I bet I won't be able to put it down! Thanks for the preview.


Appetite whetted ~ can't wait for the WHOLE thing!

Lynn in Tucson



Thanks for the tease, I can't wait to read the whole book.

Harpa J

It's beautiful. Congratulations!


You picked the perfect chapter to tease me with. Now I have to go order it so I can discover what happens to Abigail! Sure hope it's being released in Canada in March. Very nicely written. I'm looking forward to the entire story.


I can't wait to read it. Will it be available on the kindle.

Debra in Seattle

That was swell!I look forward to reading the entire story.


damn girl. I knew I shouldn't have read this at work. I'm sitting here choking back tears. I want my copy so badly! I can hardly wait for it to be delivered :) :) :)

Hurry up Amazon!


Very evocative-can smell the lavender lanolin, see the green of the fiber...great setting. Congrats Writer!


oh wow Rach. so good!!!! can't wait for more....

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