MishkeSeptember 16, 2012

I love my new sweater. 


I love everything about this sweater. I love its asymmetry (ribbed collar on one side only! shorter on left than right!) and its color and its softness and its warmth. 

Most of all, I loved the difficulty level of it. I haven't knitted anything this hard in years and years. I had to pay attention so much of the time (do NOT attempt while drinking wine -- ask me how I know), and often you're doing four things at once (you really have to be careful and read ahead or you'll miss that all-important AT THE SAME TIME and the one below it, too). It's a Cocoknits pattern, and I think Julie's clothes are just so damn wearable (I've made three of hers now and I love them all). 


Really, it doesn't get better than a knitting party in the hallway, right? Yarn/details are over at Ravelry, for the curious. 

Lacy BaktusNovember 16, 2011

This is the Lacy Baktus, and I made it in Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted Long Print LP (sexy name, right? Rolls right off the tongue) in Apple Prchid. Yes, that's the what the label says. That can't be Apple Orchid, since that doesn't make any sense. They mean Apple Orchard, don't they? Because that's the color I see in this.

It's fun. I haven't blocked it -- probably never will. It doesn't seem to need it.(And it was FAST! Not more than a couple of weeks of not much knitting.)


It even (and I didn't expect this, it being lacy and all) looked good on Lala.


I went out to lunch with Clara Parkes while wearing it, and she took this photo:


(Hang on! Did you see that thing I just dropped? Wait, let me get it; it was a name.... But I know. Clara Parkes! She's a peach. I mean a Prchea. And she wrote the lovely, lovely foreword for A Life in Stitches, and I'm lucky.)

Eliza's Wedding ShawlOctober 11, 2011

I finally get to show you this, for reals! In Book Three (Wishes and Stitches: A Cypress Hollow Yarn , out in October), the pattern is a lace shawl. Specifically, it's Eliza Carpenter's Wedding Shawl pattern. (Only, as I'm new at lace, I hired the uber-talented Romi to design what I  wanted, because I didn't want to lead you down the muddled path I'd have taken you on.)

I needed to make a cream prototype for the photo for the book, so I cast on in some gorgeous Verb yarn. That very day, I heard that my agent and friend Susanna was engaged. It immediately became HER shawl, and I loved knitting it, putting good wishes for her marriage into the fiber as I worked it. And it turned out gorgeous, I think.


She gets married on Saturday, and I know it's the beginning of a wonderful married life (I adore the man she's marrying, as well).

SabineOctober 5, 2011

I realized I never got around to showing you a picture of a sweater I wear a LOT, Cocoknit's Sabine. I think I've decided I'm actually going to make it again, something I rarely do with sweaters. But this is just so damn wearable, and wear it I do.


Like the pin? Got it at the Oakland Fiber Festival (my new favorite festival out there -- so perfectly OAKLAND) last weekend, and I'm so sorry, I don't know who I bought it from. He said he only sells at festivals, so there's that.


It's exactly what I've been looking for.

Project details at Ravelry, link HERE.

Sweaterbabe Lace WrapJune 26, 2010



Pattern: Lace Wrap Sweaterbabe #112

Yarn: Brooks Farm Mas Acero

Needles: US 7

Sadly, I'm just not happy with it. I've taken a few pictures, and trust me, it looks optimal in these. You might leave nice comments that it looks fine, yadda yadda, but truly, these are the best of the bunch. The fit isn't right, and I just don't know how to adjust it so that it is. I might be almost ready to give up (after wearing it for a couple of days and not liking how I felt in it).

I love the yarn --gorgeous, drapey stuff. And I like the IDEA of the pattern. It just didn't really work on me. Honestly.

But I can still grab a cat when necessary:


And hold it, too:


See, the problem is it slides off my shoulders at just the wrong times. And when fastened differently (it won't just hang open, not on my frame), it makes my hips look HYOOGE:


Those are not my hips! I don't know what they are!


Hello, WTF with the break in color at the mid-tricep? I have no idea.

Now, I have normal body issues about normal body parts, but one thing I'm sure of is this: my hips are not too big. Nor would I mind if they were. I'd love to take some padding off other parts and put it on my hips. This sweater is lying, and I don't like untrustworthy sweaters.

I'm not pleased. But that's okay. There is more yarn in the world, and I have some of it. More to follow.

BonnieNovember 13, 2009


BONNIE by Fiona Ellis, from Twist Collective


I modified it pretty heavily -- I made it in the round, for one. Size 44. And I did raglan sleeves, because I think they're flattering to all, especially me, with my rugby player shoulders (not that I play. But you'd never know that I didn't). I really hadn't liked the original version with the set-in sleeves that kind of looked rather haphazardly placed, so I chose to let the raglan eat up the stitches as we found them. Nom, stitches, nom.

And the neck. Well, we had words. But I was louder. I won.

I used Mission Fall 1824 Wool (superwash) in color 20. I used about 16 balls, on US3 needles (I know, I know). And you know what? This stuff is soft, soooo soft. And it's already pilling. I'm not sure I'd use it again. I don't trust it. But lord, it's soft and just the right weight, and I love the color.

Wanna see it again?


And I was trying to show its gorgeous color, but the light wasn't cooperating. But here's a Clara butt for you:


Book Two SweaterJuly 2, 2009


You like? It's new! It's a little pattern I whipped up (that took two tries -- the moss stitch would NOT behave).


Detail of the easy-peasey crocheted edge.


And dudes, it's probably closest to this color on my monitor. It's BRIGHT. But I love it.

It's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport, in Firefly, and it is SO SOFT. So, so, so soft. I'm thinking of adding little pearl buttons, but I'm not sure yet. I kind of love it like this.


Pattern? Well. Ahem. Darlings, it's not going to be out for quite a while. It'll be the pattern for book #2. But you can wait a bit, right?

I love it. My new summer in San Francisco sweater.

ColetteMarch 28, 2009

Seriously. Love. This. Sweater. 

Photo 346

Meet Colette.  My new girlfriend.

Pattern: Joan Michael McGowan's Colette
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Sport, one and a half skeins, bought at Stitches
Needles: US6
Size: 44

 Photo 347

Fits like a dream.
Photo 384

When I was making it, I pictured it as a goin'-to-yoga wrap, you know, wearing it over a tank top and yoga pants. I thought I'd like it more like this, closed.

Photo 389

But I really dig the way it hangs open. A LOT.

Photo 349

I love this sweater. Easy, FAST, highly recommended. Plus, you know Joan, she makes this sweater in your size, guaranteed.

Photo 343


La's ShooterFebruary 25, 2009


It's Jesse Loesberg's great Retrofit pattern, free at Knitty. And it's his Space Invader chart, also (Ravelry link).


Specs:  Ella Rae Classic, 8ish balls used, 3US needles, size 46 made to gauge. Zipper from Zipperstop.com -- they are the BEST.

All in all, great, easy pattern. La loves the shooter, and I love that she loves it.

110-23 DropsJanuary 15, 2009

This is the artistically named 110-23 sweater by DROPS. On the model, it looks like a lovely bell-shaped sweater. Bells work well on me in theory. I had high hopes.

Photo 319

But in practice, it is only rather meh. It is not bell-shaped; it is ball-shaped. It's an excellent writing-at-home sweater. I love that the yarn (Paton's Classic Merino) is soft enough to wear next to the skin, although I know it will inevitably pill awfully. I love the three wooden toggles I got at Lacis.

I love the detail at the yoke/neck:

Photo 307

But the rest, yeah, just okay. I wouldn't recommend the pattern, but if you're making it, you might as well finish. How's that for faint praise?

February Lady SweaterAugust 27, 2008

February Lady Sweater!

Open down

Yarn: Cotton Ease, 3.75 balls. Buttons, cheapos from Michaels. Never buy buttons there if you're not willing to spend a LOT of time fishing around the cheapos. But I love it. I ran buttonholes down the whole thing, wanted the option of different ways to wear it.

Open up

Open all

Easy, satisfying knit. It'll be good for the camping.

The Little Mama SweaterMay 25, 2008


The backstory: I grew up with a sweater just like this. My mom had it made for her in a small Norwegian town in the sixties. She wore it ALL the time while I was growing up. I've wanted to copy it for years, even took it home with me a couple of times, but always had to give it back when she nagged me to -- she was cold, and it was just sitting on my shelf. A couple of months ago, while I was home with her, I took it out and made about a billion notes. I ordered yarn, and then made it without the original in front of me, but it worked. It really worked! This is it! The only difference is that I left one peerie off the edge of the sleeves on accident and the button-band is worked horizontally instead of her crazy-ass vertical one.

I love it. I love it so much I think I might cast on for another one. That might be my comfort knitting (although I did throw some weird acrylic (how did it get into my house?) on the needles last night for a quick cardi -- desperate times, desperate measures).

Pattern: My own copy of mom's 60s Norwegian sweater.
Yarn: Jamieson's Spindrift, 11 balls Olive, 4 balls Natural White
Needles: US 2
Gauge: 6st/inch
Buttons: 11, pewter, bought at Stitches, can't remember vendor


Closer look! Hello! (That lipstick? Seriously? Wet'n'Wild, 508A. Can you believe it?)


Lala wanted to say hi.


Miss Idaho kept flying by and messing up the shot.

Mwah! I am off to wear it for fun times with dogs and La right NOW. 

Spring ForwardMay 13, 2008


Love it! I do! It's based (very, very loosely) on Thrifty Knitter's Spring Forward Fall Back pattern. But I got a tighter gauge than her, so I recalculated the neck and just went from there.

Yarn: 2nd Time Cotton, Knit One Crochet Two (recycled from new textile waste). 180 yds per skein, I used two of each color.

I had fun taking the photos to show you.


Then Digit and I got in a little spat.


He always wins.


Blood was not drawn but it was not for lack of trying.

Luckily, there are plenty of docile animals running loose in the house to pick up and play with.


Miss Idaho is smaller than any of our cats! Tiny! Practically a cell phone!


Harriet likes the cuddling.


Clara firmly disapproves.

Two for the Price of OneApril 6, 2008

Surprise! Two done! Finished within a day of each other. My sister Bethany expressed surprise at this, but then I explained it's like books. You may have two or three (or if you're like us, ten to twenty) books in various stages of completion -- it's just all about your mood at the time. She totally understood that.

Lush and Lacy, Baby:


Pattern: Lush and Lacy, by Sweaterbabe
Yarn: Valley Yarns Sheffield from WEBS.com, red, 7.5 skeins
Size: XXL (42.5")
Needle: US3

Mods: I did seed stitch at the button-bands and neckline, and added a zipper instead of buttons -- I normally find that more convenient.


This sweater is DANGEROUS, people.


That is my look of terror. Then I got scratched. I deserved it. He is a snake in the Congo, not some damn America's Next Top Model.


I am kind of surprised by how much I love it. I thought it would be okay, but I didn't know it would fit THIS well, and be so comfortable and CUTE! Love, love, love.

DROPS 103-1

What's even more astonishing than the fact that I finished this is the fact that I love this one, too. It almost got frogged, and I never frog.


I made the sleeves. Then I made the fronts, but because of the double moss you can't tell what a janky-ass edge it has. Then I made the back. I told myself over and over again that someday the edge would lie flat, YES IT WOULD, and it wasn't till I was half-way through with the last piece that I realized, no, no it wouldn't. The edge would always have that AWFUL curl. People, why did none of you tell me that? Plus, I was running out of yarn in a big way.

I really have no idea why I seamed this yesterday, but I'm so glad I did. I seamed it, and the edges curled right up, practically to my shoulder blades. So I folded it under and blanket stitched it up. EVEN THAT CURLED. So I undid all the blanket stitching and added some crochet to weight the edge down.


It worked! And it looks good, too! I put the edging on the sleeves, and instead of making that high-rise collar, I just finished the neckline with a line of single crochet and called that puppy good.



It's a swingy A-line that actually works. I heart it.

Pattern: DROPS 103-1, by Garnstudio
Yarn: Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky, color Licorice Snaps, 8.75 skeins
Size: XL (44")
Needles: US6

Mods:  Only two buttonholes. Line of single crochet around neckline.
Crochet edging around bottom and cuffs: Single crochet across. Turn, chain two, double crochet in each sc across. Turn, chain three, dc in second sc, ch 3, dc in second sc, repeat across.


This is NOT dangerous. And I swear, because Lala trained him like this, this is the way Waylon loves to be held. Like a baby. It's so wrong.


Blurry, but you can see the shape. Do you know the blessings of an A-line sweater? Means you can let your belly HANG out. I LOVE THAT.

Almost as much as I love these buttons, the Edwardian ones from the late 1800s that I used on my Ariann sweater, also (only two left!):


Hooray! I have to go out today, just so I can wear sweaters!

JeanieFebruary 23, 2008

I wore Jeanie to Stitches today. She was very, very popular. My favorite "what pattern is THAT?" question came from a masseuse in a booth across from the booth I was in. The masseuse was busy doing her thang and just kind of jumped up and down and wagged her head until she caught my eye, and then mouthed over the heads of all the shopper, "WHAT PATTERN IS THAT?" I ran over to tell her. Free pattern, people! (I used the yarn specified in the pattern, about 2.75 skeins.)

Love, love, love it. It sat well, felt great, and it was just the right weight for the convention center.

Oh, pictures? Well, okay.


It blocked out WAY longer and bigger than it had been. This suits me fine, since the only reason I really stopped knitting was because I wanted to get it done in time for Stitches, and I'm so glad I did or I might have been making a bedspread instead.


From the back. (Bonus Where's Lala? shot.)


My dress has pockets! (Bonus Where's Lala? shot.)


And for your viewing pleasure, Willie says hello:


Yes, Stitches was great. Jill, your Grommet knits tattoo was AWESOME. It was wonderful meeting everyone I met. I'm not sure if I'll be back tomorrow -- Wondercon, the comic book convention is on at the same time, and while I'm not a comic-book person (sorry), I do support my wife in her comic-book lovin'. She supports me in the yarn, after all. Good stuff. Yeehaw!

Good Day SweaterDecember 18, 2007

Another sweater done. And damn it, it's too big.

Which is fine if you're having a Good Day, you know, when you're confident and your jeans look and feel good and your hair is working and you're wearing this cute throw-over sweater.

However, there are those days when the jeans DON'T fit right and you're trying to take pictures of yourself in your new sweater at night without the flash because OHMYGOD the flash makes you look like someone you don't recognize, someone with way more chins that you had yesterday. Not a confidence booster. And a big ole wide sweater on top of that.

Meanwhile, what I should have done was just wait for daylight to take the pictures. I eventually figured that out, after a frustrating hour, and now I like the sweater just fine. For the Good Days, anyway. I won't wear this while I'm PMS'd, I know that for sure.



Hi, can you see where I carry my cell phone? Speaking of new jeans, I need some.....


Pattern: Simple Knitted Bodice, by Stephanie Japel
Size: L (40-42) aka too big
Yarn: Brown Sheep Serendipity, color Chocolate Lily, 5 skeins used
Needle: US 5

I love this new yarn. It's 60% cotton, 40% wool, and it's soft and heathered and gorgeous. Also, I got dyelot #001 of this color, and I swear I felt like I was buying a first edition.

So in recap, I like the sweater. I like it for Good Days. I will NOT reknit (you know me, not a ripper), and I won't even reseam it with the machine, although I was thinking about it. Might someday, but for now I'll just enjoy the swinginess of it.

AriannNovember 24, 2007

is complete! I love it.


Pattern: Ariann, by Bonne-Marie
Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic, gray, 8.3 skeins used, 1270 yards
Needles: US 6
Size: 45.5

I lengthened the body a bit, about an inch. And OHMYGOD I made the classic mistake. I missed an "at the same time." Oh, holy cow, my math wasn't working out right, and I'd done most of the raglan decreasing. Oh, yeah. I forgot to make the neckline. But you know me! It'll never be noticed from a trotting horse! So I improvised the collar, and I have to say, I like it like this. I like the V-neck written in the pattern, but I like this better.


The reclining pose.


The disco pose!


One of favorite parts of the sweater: I finally found a use for some Edwardian (yes, from the 1880s) buttons I got at Stitches last year. They were a hefty splurge, and I got eight, and only used four on this, so I get to look forward to using them again! I think they are the most gorgeous things ever. I lurve them.

La Durrow! October 31, 2007

Is complete!


I finally got around to joining the arms to the body, and from then on, finishing was a breeze. Especially since I was sick and had so much time to sit around and make yoke decreases. Boy, did I catch up on the TV I'd missed while being away.

Pattern: Durrow, by Jodi Green, available free
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted, color kiwi, six skeins used
Needles: 7US to gauge 18st/4in

I had read on blessed Ravelry that some people didn't love the fit of the neck, that it was a little wide, and I didn't want to start messing with arm-hole and sleeve shaping, so I did the whole thing in the round, joined the arms and body at the armhole, knit an inch, then decreased for a raglan every other row until it looked right. I did a neck a la Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop, raglan style. Turned out to fit her perfectly, and I'm thrilled.


She chose the color, and while it's wild and some people couldn't carry it off, it looks perfect on her. Color is more true in this picture:


She likes it! She really likes it! Plus, it makes her look like she has guns. Not that she isn't muscular, because she IS. But her shoulders look BUILT under those cables. Yep. Sexay.

RachellaAugust 21, 2007


Pattern: Coachella, free pattern from Knitty

Took only 5 TV nights to make, seriously great pattern. I went with Cotton Fleece, 2.1 skeins used, in alpine lilac. I went with the 29" bust even though I wear a 38" bra -- the pattern says the 29 would fit up to a 36, and I wanted negative ease and I didn't want it to fit too loosely. My racerback jogbra fits just right underneath, and I LOVE THIS.

Wearing it right now, in front of the fan.


PS - I made the skirt up there, too, I just realized. Pockets! Yay!

Lace On The CheapJuly 23, 2007

I've been loving this sweater -- it's just right for throwing over a tee-shirt, wearing with jeans or a skirt.....



Yarn, GET THIS, is Peaches'n'Cream cotton. I think it cost about nine or ten dollars to make. Yowza!

Pattern, my own. I used the Barbara Walker's Horseshoe pattern and knitted it from the bottom up, with raglan seams. I swatched, measured how wide each repeat was, measured a favorite sweater and knit it to that. I finished it off with a row of single crochet all the way around, and made up some funky crocet edging for the front. I planned on adding buttons, but I like the hairclip closure, or the ribbon..... (No, I didn't write up the pattern, but I know you can do it. Pick a motif you like, knit bottom up, join the sleeves that you made first, decrease in raglan till it reaches your neck and cast off. Really. Play around.)

The neckline was an experiment, but I like how it turned out:


And from the back:


Our camera has this function where you can program it to take 10 rapid-fire pictures. This feature lends itself to hilarity, especially when you go back through them and realize that your wife was standing behind you NOT MOVING, looking exactly like this, for ten shots, and you didn't know it.


Yep. Good times.

Stolen! June 11, 2007

Also, I wore my new stole (the pattern says it's a capelet, but it feels more like a stole in the wearing):


It used 2 skeins Lambs Pride bulky, I think I used size 13 needles to get gauge. Took about five minutes. I found the brooch in my jewelry box (I don't really have one of those -- I have a bunch of places where I keep costume jewelry, but I like to say that I do), and it worked out perfectly as closure:


And it went with my outfit:


And a bonus shot, since the camera was set on sepia when I started shooting:


Cabley ChickamiApril 10, 2007



You all probably know how much I love the Fabulous Bonne-Marie's pattern, Chickami.

I had to whip up this sample version this week, since the old pictures of me workin' this tank show me with some crazy old haircuts. (Back to dark -- I like this new haircolor (Loreal Feria 51) much better.)

And oh, my god, I'm in love (again) with Rowan Calmer. This stuff is all right for lace, but PERFECT for cables.





LilacFebruary 21, 2007


I wanted a new throw-on knock-about sweater. I chose a nice yarn, and decided to make it super simple. But I wanted a little bit of the guernsey about it, so I threw in some traditional patterns, lifted from Knitting in the Old Way. I chose three patterns I liked, and threw in a cable on either side of the main motif. (It is understood that this is not Traditional and therefore not a Gansey, but I call it my gansey in my mind, and that's okay.)

It's knit in the round to the armholes, then the sleeves are joined, and I made a simple raglan decrease every other round (and threw another cable in at the raglan line, for fun).

It's a good knock-about. I can't get a good color-match with our camera -- it's not periwinkle like this -- it's really a true lilac with a pink undertone. I love the color.

Pattern: my own, inspired by Knitting in the Old Way
Yarn: Lang, Soft Shetland, 8 balls, 130m to each, color 701.0046/1057


Kyoto ScarfFebruary 20, 2007


I also had to finish the scarf that is so gorgeous I will wear it in summer. And I don't even usually wear scarves, but I made it with Kyoto, which is the most stunning yarn in the universe, seriously. It absolutely glows, and it's the softest stuff, and you must get some. I had some random balls lying around. I've never made anything with it, but when I go to ArtFibers, I usually end up walking out with one precious ball. Just because. And I'm glad I do that, because I got this:

I used Stephanie's one-row scarf pattern, and I threw in stripes where I felt moved to do so. I swear, it was practically religious, and I usually hate knitting scarves. Highly recommended.

As if that weren't enough fun, I finished up a baby sweater that had been done (as has the baby, as of last week) and only needed buttons and a bit of lace. I'd learned about the Ribbonerie last week (how did I not know?) and stumbled into the store, amazed. (I also stumbled out, as I happened upon their 10th anniversary sale, and as soon as I entered this amazing ribbon-wonderland, they pressed a glass of champagne into my willing little hands. Now, sitting in the sunlight, sorting through antique buttons and scraps of lace with champagne to hand? What could be better?)

I left the store with two old mother-of-pearl buttons and a half-yard of ribbon that was quite literally worth more than the sweater, but don't they look nice together?


Specs: 5 hour baby sweater pattern, free (bootie pattern there, too)
Yarn: (Wait for it) Caron Simply Soft, color wine, NO DYE LOT. Gotta love machine washable.

Pumpkin SpookOctober 24, 2006


Pattern: None, just used Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting without Tears, using her seamless hybrid suggestions (Brooklyn Tweed reminded me of this sweater with his fantastic version). I threw in a cable I found in a book somewhere (I think it was Walker, but I can't swear to this) on the sleeves, and ran them up the middle. I planned on steeking it and making a cardie, which I might still, but right now I like it like this.
Gauge: 4st/inch
Needles: 5US
Yarn: Mega Stoppino Fuso 603 (darker) and Mega Stoppino 208 (the lighter orange) by Lana Grossa. Probably used about 10 balls total, 900 metres.

I LOVE the color. Here's a pretty true shot of the color:



Venice Buttons and Cashmere


From the back:


And a rather blurry shot of the FABYOOOLUS buttons I bought in Venice, y'all. I knitted most of this on the trip, and I was able to walk into a notions store that Lala spotted and bring out a front piece to try them against.


Pattern: Interweave Knits, Fall 2006, Sienna Cardigan by Ann E. Smith
Yarn: 100% Cashmere, from School Products, their heavyweight coned stuff. Mmm.
Needles: 4US
Gauge: 16st/4in (loose knitter, the loosest)
Mods: None. Great pattern.

I love this sweater. It's a little boxy but I find I'm liking that. I have enough totally form-fitting sweaters that this one makes a nice change.

And before I forget, here's the shawl I made Christy:


And a detail:


It's just like the wedding stole I made (scroll down in Finito), same fit, although it uses different side panels.

Formula: Pick yarn you like (this is Karabella's silk/cashmere blend, can't remember the name), pick two designs you like (I chose the Twin Leaf Panel and Totem Pole, Barbara Walker Second Treasury, p.235 and 254, respectively). Cast on enough stitches to support the panels plus a 4st-garter border, with 4 purl stitches between the panels. Then I usually do about a 8 row garter-stitch border. Go for as long as you like or until you run out of yarn (I usually use 4-ish skeins), and then do 8 more garter-stitch rows and cast off. Voila.

Pink VeniceOctober 17, 2006

AND, well, I finished another one about two weeks ago. I think I mentioned I botched a sweater? I made a Debbie Bliss Lara with this yarn I picked up in Venice. But it turned out toooooo small. Not incredibly small, but annoyingly so. So I added a bottom band, and I'm going to put in a zipper, so that it will just go tightly over a tank top. Throw-on-and-go beater sweater, it will never be. But it's cute-ish. Must put in that zip.


Central ParkOctober 1, 2006


Pattern: Central Park, Knitscene (Interweave Press special issue), Fall 2006, PATTERN HERE
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Chunky, color 123, ten balls used.
Size: 44 bust
Needles: 5US


It knit up in about a minute, and the yarn was on sale through Webs, and I love it. Fits perfectly. The hood fits, and actually lays extremely nicely, seen here blurrily:


The cables are the easiest in the world -- the whole sweater is simple stuff, and if you've made anything beyond a scarf, ever, this would be a good next project.


I LOVE the buttons I got at Lacis. They're from the 30s, and they're vegetable ivory. Huh. I thought that was just a fancy word for plastic, honestly, but according to wikipedia, it's the tagua nut from the South American rainforest. Learn something new every day.




Roman SnugglyMay 18, 2006

Ecco la:

    The Double-Barrelled Em. (click for big)

    The Oh Jayzus I Hate Back Pics Pose


My camera is giving up the ghost, finally, but you can see more of the detail here.


Pattern: Vogue 2006 Spring Summer, from Roman Holiday section. Watch the chart, it's kinda ballsed-up in a few places. Use common sense.
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly. Don't laugh. It's washable and cool, yo.
Size: Largest size, 44 bust I think. I've forgotten already and I'm too lazy to check.
Needles: 4US
Mods: I didn't add that twee little collar, because while on twiggy there in the mag it looked great, my cleavage needs no further attention drawn to it.

Conclusion: I love it! It's lightweight, comfy, and cute. I'm gonna get a lot of mileage out of this one.

Wedding StoleApril 3, 2006

    You asked for it -- closer detail on the alpaca shawl.
(Design: sorta my own,  traditional double rose leaf with little bippy thing on the sides. Lace panel patterns taken from Barbara Walker's Second Treasurey. Yarn: old hoarded Cascade Indulgence, two balls.)
Photo courtesy of Rachael Ashe.

Handspun WhatnotMarch 23, 2006

Wait. Did I ever show you the handspun sweater that I DID finish? No? Sigh. I didn't think so. I finished it about three weeks ago, maybe a little more, during the throes of moving hell, so I wasn't in any mood to hurry and blog it. Plus, I didn't really like it when I finished it. I just kind of knitted it, no pattern, throwing math-like numbers on a piece of scratch paper when I felt like it, which sounds so very blase and don't-I-know-what-I'm-talking-about, and I was prepared to feel all proud of myself when it was done, but I wasn't because it kind of sucked. Okay, it didn't SUCK, but it just wasn't quite right. The back was the problem -- there was a lot of room back there. It was as if I had made the sweater for a person with boobs in the front AND back. Just kind of hung weird. When my shoulders moved, the back draped and swung, lifting the hem, showing the back bottom of whatever shirt I was wearing (or the top of my low-rise jeans, which while I understand that's the style for the kids today, I personally feel a little nekkid showing that particular area of skin). It was weird. Bell-like. (What's this I hear about reverse-ease and making a sweater with the circumference taken from under your armpits and not the chest? Anyone?)

But then I washed it (yes, washed!) in the machine (yes, machine!) and blocked it somewhat on the table, and it's okay now. Lala said now it looks like a normal sweater, and it's nice and warm, but I'm going to have to get over the initial disappointment I felt upon putting it on. I've only worn it once since I finished it.

Anyway, your patience will get you everywhere. Here you go:

Blurry, but you get the gist of the fit.

More true to color -- it was a merino two-ply I made of a green/blue and a brown/orange, obtained at Deep Color in Kensington.



Dylan's SweaterMarch 3, 2006


I made her a wee matchy one for the baby, and she tried it on her belly for size the other night. It seemed to fit. (Made it up as I went along, sorry no notes -- I tried to make it so that it would fit an 8 month old, so he can wear it this next winter.....)

    Horseshoe cable for the son of a whoreshoe.

    Anchor buttons for the son of a sailor

Same yarn as Joni's, below, pattern mine, made up as I went along....

Lace Shawl ThingieDecember 8, 2005

    Digit says he's never been fed, ever.


Yarn: Mine! Woot! It's a blend of merino and silk, about 80/20, I think, hunted and gathered at Deep Color in Kensington, spun into very thin singles and plied into a sockweight yarn. I loved the pinks mixed with the greens.
Pattern: Mine! Well, with a liberal dose of Barbara Walker, volume 2. I just pulled out two lacey things I liked and put 'em together, garter at edge and borders. I didn't write it down, I apologize, but you could totally do the same kind of thing with similar results.

    Why, hello!

A longer shot:

    What you can't see is the lace skirt with cowboy boots.

    Yes, this is after dinner. Thus the blurredness.

SailorSeptember 28, 2005


Pattern: Mine. Wheee! 40 inch chest, raglan shaping until the sleeve cap ran out, then a k2p2 neck rib until I liked the look of it.
Yarn: Peruvian Highland, from Elann in Malt Heather, 14 balls used.
Needles: 4US


Shown: Both front and back of sleeves. I like the underside of the sleeves -- I wasn't sure how to fill in the space as I increased the sleeve width, and I was too lazy to deal with fudging another cable pattern, so I threw in k1tbl separated by single purls as the space allowed, stopping at a total of 11 k1tbls. Makes for a cushy elbow.


And on Joni, the  giftee:


Doesn't she look adorable?


LaraJuly 31, 2005


Pattern: Debbie Bliss's Lara, size medium
Yarn: Handspun Rambouillet (came predyed)
Needles: 3US


Truer to color here:


July 23, 2005


Handspun targhee, fiber bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, fabulous pattern from fabulous Greta to raise money for autism, go HERE to purchase.



HoedownJune 23, 2005

La3 La3_1

Pattern: Mary Maxim's Hoedown, out of print
Gauge: 12 st/4 in (HA!)
Yarn: Lamb's Pride, bulky

This was made for Lala's birthday, and oh, does she love it. It's crazy-wacky, and it's warm, and it's so her. See?



Kool-aid HandspunJune 8, 2005


My first handspun sweater! I wear the bejeezus out of this one. It's from Blue-faced Leicester, and I dyed it myself with black cherry kool-aid, skein by skein. No pattern, I just kind of winged it (wung it?), pieced raglan.

I love it. Have I mentioned that?



FlameMay 4, 2005


Pattern: Flame Cardigan from Vogue Spring/Summer 2005
Yarn: Old stashed merino/angora I think?
Gauge: 32st over pattern repeat
Needle size: 6US

And from the back:


I chose to not add that funky crochet bit between the ribbing and the upper pattern, and I lengthened the ribbing, 'cause I'm just not a cropped kinda gal. And you remember when I messed up that sleeve pattern? You can't tell. If you see me at the Sheep and Wolf Estival, you might pick it out, but not from a trotting horse. Or as Janine says, "If you're that close, you'd better be putting money in my garter belt." Or something like that.

And the Iris:


This is, without a doubt, my favorite sweater I've ever made.

Handspun HatApril 6, 2005


Hats NEVER look good on me, and I do mean never. The next hat I make from my own yarn will go right to Dulaan, but I've got my greedy little fingers in this one, and I can't let it go.

I'm just going to jot down the pattern I used for the hat, since it worked well, and I don't want to forget it:

At 5st/inch, on size 6 US, cast on 100, join, work k2p2 for six inches, then k7k2tog around, then one row in pattern, then k6k2tog around, then one row in pattern, continue like this until just about done, k2 around, yarn through remaining stitches twice, pull, weave in ends. Bam. Hat is done. Now your head is warm, right?

HeartsMarch 8, 2005

Here's a little something I made out of Wool-Ease, can you believe it? Like twenty bucks for the whole thing.


Pardon the hair, we've just cleaned the house. I added some hearts to the sleeve, since that's where I've been wearing mine lately:


Ooh, almost forgot:
Pattern: Retro Prep, Interweave Knits, Fall 2002
Yarn: Wool-Ease, pink and some kind of tan/gray, 3 skeins each (with some left over)
Needles: 5US, to gauge

Artfibers AlpacaFebruary 18, 2005


Yes, it's rather a cleavagey sweater. I did have that in mind when I made it (nice side note: At Stitches, Interweave Knits' Sandi said she liked it and would like to see something from me! Woot! I don't know if I'm up to the math, but there are programs that would help with that, I'm sure.... What's your favorite?)

Yarn: ArtFibers Jadis, alpaca -- It was made as a store model for them.
Pattern: Made it up, and took the fair isle design from an out of print book called Fabulous Fair Isle.  Kira at the store will be able to use their software to design the same pattern for you iffen you want, and I'm going to write a page of mods for the fair isle/crochet bits.

The obligatory, and rather manic, Rachael (I was running late for work, as usual):


On the bed:


And a close up of the actual color:


Yep, that's a crocheted border edging that came out of desperation. For some reason I thought a three row moss stitch border wouldn't roll. And then it rolled (surprise! gotcha!) and I freaked out, thinking, oh, man, this was free yarn, shop-model yarn, I better fix it. So I slapped the crochet on, and it's the part that people seem to like best. Who knew? I'm pretty happy with it.

DixterJanuary 17, 2005

I made a sweater for Lala!


She's doing the Rachael! (Well, yeah. Heh.)


Pattern: Dixter, Jaeger JB20
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Primo, Gravel Grey, 15 balls
Gauge: To pattern, 5spi, I think. Maybe 4. Pattern's in the car and I'm lazy.
Needles: 8US. Dude! 8!! I haven't used 8s in forEVER.

Cropped GanseyDecember 6, 2004



Yarn: Handspun wool from unremembered vendor at Maryland Sheep and Wool, worsted weight.
Pattern: Silver Creek Classics, S-806
Gauge: 5st/inch, on 2(US)

BomberNovember 24, 2004


Pattern: Rowan, Denim People, pattern: Bomber
Yarn: Paton’s Classic Merino, to gauge
Size: Bust 38


ArtFibers CardieNovember 17, 2004


Yarn: ArtFibers, Bolero, in dark purple. I'm sure the yarn has a real color name -- I just can't remember it. Yep. Huh. Kira'll know.
Pattern: Kira wrote it for me using their store pattern generator. And if you buy the yarn from her (even over the phone), she'll write one for you, to your size and gauge.

See? There's your commercial for the day. ArtFibers rocks.

And Digit had fun, too.


Kalea's PonchoOctober 25, 2004

The poncho I made for my wee friend Kalea:


I loosely used the Harlot's poncho pattern (cast on 34 stitches on size 15 needles, and went till it was a good length).

And dude, the yarn? Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky in color 16009. (Edging was Mountain Colors Mohair Loop in Indian Corn). Yum.

CromartyOctober 18, 2004

She is finished. Hot damn, she's freaking done!


Pattern: Alice Starmore's Cromarty, from the book Celtic Collection
Yarn: Koigu Kersti merino, in a shade that has defied duplication (trust me on this one)
Needles: 1(US), because I'm out of my mind.
Yarn Provider: The Threadbear Boys.

I'd show you the back, but it's just more of the same. I tried to get the obligatory lying in on bed shot, but this is all that wanted to show up. The camera kept getting all the squiggles confused.


And a few more friends, because after working on this off and on (as yarn allowed) for eight MONTHS, it's just 'bout time to break out the bubbly. The Double-barrelled Em:


Some little thingsSeptember 22, 2004

Christy's birthday present:


It’s the Yarn Harlot’s wonderful, incredibly easy pattern, found here. And the stripe is inspired by this fabulous poncho. I know, I was once a poncho mocker, too (and that’s just so fun to say; try it! Poncho mocker). And I still can’t see myself wearing one. I am just not That Cool. But my sister Christy looked great in it. Take my word for it.


And I gotta show you Lala’s gift. She’s one of those who feels the cold easily, and she works in a building where they keep the temperature at a comfortable forty-six degrees Fahrenheit, so she deserved these:


(Gauntlet patten: IK Winter 2003; Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca, one ball made both gauntlets. Wait. Are they gauntlets? They might just be fingerless gloves. Whatever. I like to say gauntlet, too.)

Do you appreciate my fine duplicate stitch skills? Do you? Nah, I don’t either. Screw that. Yesterday I sent to Christy a picture of the first banjo I painstakingly duplicate stitched, and she confirmed what I believed—it looked more like the female symbol. Or a crop circle. Or a crop circle summoning female aliens. I ripped it out twice, swore a hell of a lot, and then just roughly embroidered that damn banjo on. The La was fun, though.

Brick JoyJuly 20, 2004


Yarn: Fairy Hare Softie: Merino/Angora blend, 4 skeins
Pattern: Debbie Bliss pattern, Cotton for all Seasons
Size: 38in
Gauge: Let’s call it 20st/4in, since I’m too lazy to look it up (to pattern specs).
Needles: 5US

Digit tried to help with the photo-shoot:


She ain’t being modeled, not for any shyness factor (you know me better than that) but because she needs a zipper, and I haven’t got around to picking up one yet. And I might not today, either.

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