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Philosopher's Wool Fairisle Kilim Jacket


This was a bitch to make, and to finish. Better known as the Damned Fairisle, I'll never do another PW project - not because it isn't beeyooteeful, but because it's just not my style and I don't live anywhere near the snow. But I'm proud of it.


Love all the beautiful things you've made! The yellow hooded sweat looks great . . . and, yes, I would like the instructions for the Hot Water Bottle Cover. Thanks! K.

Damn. I've never scrolled through all your finished projects before. I knew you were a knitting fiend, but... damn.

My Lord. It's grand. I can believe the bagillion hours. Your work is astonishingly beautiful, you are so very talented. I'm not sure how I ran across you... but I'm very glad I did!

Do you know any sites where you can "Search" for a needed ... discontinued skein of yarn? I think that's how I found you. Looking for a red heart "Green Ombre" worstered (actually my best friend is looking for it ... I'm not much for Red Heart!!! LOL)
Again, spectacular work!

Wow. You should frame the Philosopher's Wool Fairisle Kilim Jacket (just the name deserves its own written novel) and sell tickets.

WOW. Thats a lot of Knitting. Beautiful stuff. And great modeling. Really beautiful stuff. And good names.

I just took a Philosophers Wool class this weekend and learned how to fairisle. I can't wait to start my first project.

Totally LOVE this did a great job!

You know, I see your site on the blogroll of almost all the blogs I read and I thought I should actually come and check out your blog. You make some great things! I still have never started a sweater but it seems to be a majority of what you make.

Lovely Work!


Your work is exquisite!! The fit of all your garments is perfect. I knit well, but the fit never seems to get right :(. I really enjoyed peeking @ your work.


The Philosopher's cardigan is stunning...absolutely gorgeous. I would never attempt it myself because a) YOU say it's hard and b) I apparently suck at fair isle knitting. But it is a magnificent piece of art, even if you never wear it.

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